Debaucheries of Derketo PS4

Just bought the Debaucheries of Derketo pack but it will not let me download. I click download and it just blinks. This needs to be fixed. What to do?

It probably is downloaded. Just go to game and it should be available.

its not a download thats why just buy it and open the game.

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@SindeeSyringe you’re right the dlc comes with update and purchasing unlocks it

I’m not seeing it in the game. How do you access it?

Have youever bought a dlc before??

Its all craftables you need to unlock the different craft types if you dont have it.

What exactly do you not see? Some stuff is in the craft bench others is in armor bench.

Go into single-player, Open Admin panel and try give yourself one of items.

Error code? Then go back to psn store and redownload. (which is technically just dlc key)
Still nothing, go to Settings, and renew licenses. (you shouldnt need to do this)

Also, it can take few mins for the game update save file when you log in. So don’t freak out super quick. XD

Online, I found it can take a moment for it kick in.

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