The Debaucheries of Derketo and Season 2 Pass issue

Game mode: [Online & ]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [USAe]

The Debaucheries of Derketo is still showing $9.99 on the PSN store for me. I have had the Season 2 Pass since it was released. I did restore licenses and that did not fix the issue.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Have Season 2 Pass purchase on PSN
  2. New DLC still showing $9.99, even after adding to cart and going to checkout.

Hello @Carrissis, thank you for getting in touch!

Does other Season Pass 2 DLC show a download option in the store and is working as expected?

We’ve poked our team about this so that they can look into any possible issues with the DLC’s availability.

I having exact same issue and yes my other dlcs working nicely I have also restored licences loaded game and closed game and restarted ps4

I have the same issue. I restored licences, restarted PS4, deactived as primary then reactived and restored, “downloaded” the year 2 pass again to try to force it to be recognized as well. Still says $9.99 and is added to cart if I try that button. All other DLCs work fine. I purchased both DLC bundles, but I have the game from PS+ membership. I didn’t have any issue with any other DLCs.

I’m having the same problem . Purchased the pass a while ago arena dlc worked fine , this one won’t let me use it

Same here. Never had a problem with the other DLC’s for the season pass, but this one is trying to make me pay for it again.

Yes, the Season 2 Pass shows a download option, which I used. I currently have all released content for Conan Exiles.

I originally purchased CE day 1 when it was released on PS4. I have purchased all DLC since then when it came out.

I did not have any issues with any DLC until this one.

It looks great and I am looking forward to using it.

Thank you for clarifying, the team is looking into this as we speak.

I excited to finally build a cool tavern … hope this gets fixed soon

Same issue on PS4. Purchased a season two pass but none of the new derketo stuff is showing up. I have admin rights on a Gportal server. The pieces show up there but I’m unable to spawn them.

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