Cannot redeem the new Debaucheries of Derketo Pack

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug | Misc]
Region: [United States]

I am unable to redeem the Debaucheries of Derketo Pack, I have already bought the year 2 season pass and cannot download this DLC

I have tried restarting my PS4 and try the Restore Licenses option, and the store page still says add to cart and pay the standard price

I’ve had this same problem with the Treasures of Turan Pack before and the Restore License fixed that problem, but it isn’t working for the Derketo Pack

Also worth mentioning is that Year 2 Season Pass does not list the Derketo Pack and the DLC after that in the product description on the PS4 game page

And the weird thing it that it says “Take it Online” in yellow text, from the PSN Derketo DLC store page instead of it saying Download, it’s telling to sign up for PS4 Plus which I already have

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Visit Derketo Pack DLC Page under Conan Exiles Home Screen
  2. Unable to redeem, only add to cart option is given
  3. Restoring License option does not work this time

Hello @Xexyz145, thank you for reaching out!

Our team is aware of this situation and its being looked into, apologies for the inconvenience.

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Same here. It wants to charge me and I have year 2 dlc pass

Ps4 user: Daylight_Warrior

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Continuing the discussion from PS4 Patch (08.10.2019) - The Wine Cellar, new animations, Debaucheries of Derketo and more!:

Game mode: [Online | multiplayer
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Bought the year 2 season pass for ps4, and for some reason it’s not letting me access the DLC. I had trouble when I first got it but I got the blood and sands dlc pack no problem.

Fixed. Thanks Funcom

I was able to fix this issue by restoring licenses

Yup it’s fixed … awesome !!!

Still not fixed on mine. Season two pass holder but still no debaucheries of derketo. PS4 btw

Bought it today, doesnt allow me to download

It doesn’t actually download when purchasing just unlocks. Was downloaded with update. I purchased renewed license and it was working. My wife did the same thing. We had purchased all the dlcs separately not season pass.

I have the PS Plus download of Conan Exiles, and bought the new Debauchery dlc today, but doesn’t seem to be added in my game, do I require a full purchased game to use dlc add on’s?

Ok so I just tried restoring licenses on my PS4 and checked in game for new dlc, and it worked, so I guess the free PS Plus version of Conan Exiles does allow use of dlc. Thanks Funcom :slight_smile:


Why there is no DLC Debauchery Derket in the Russian psn store

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