Y2 DLC feats not letting me download

I downloaded the Y2 DLC pack and it’s put alot of the items in the game for me, but I can’t learn certain feats like master Mason or specialist builder. I’m level 30 and things have a point cost of 0. I’m not sure what I can do to fix this? Any help would be appreciated!

Did you learn the vanilla feats first? The DLC ones only unlock if you know how to craft the vanilla versions.

Do you have to learn every single thing in journeyman mason before going to master Mason?

The building pieces for the dlc are tier 3 so you must unlock the basic ingame tier 3 building pieces to unlock them


Yes to your question

Pretty much, yes.

If you put your cursor over the feat you want to learn, look to the right and it will display which prerequisite feats are required. Green background means you learned it; brown background means you haven’t learned it yet. Its like a tech-tree; if you can’t build a cheap foundation, you won’t be able to build a more expensive one. So you learn the vanilla foundations (sandstone, stonebrick, and reinforced) to unlock the DLC (which are gained when you learned the reinforced building pieces).



Okay, so I have all items under journeyman and apprentice Mason but It still is not letting me learn master Mason. A brown box appears over the journeyman mason box when I hover over the master Mason box. Any idea?

Are you sure the dlcs are installed? On you home screen click start button over Conan Exiles then go to game management something like that and see if dlcs are installed … if you bought season pass the dlcs don’t install automatically you have to go to management and game and installed it manually

I’ll have to check to see if they are, but it gives me options for y2 DLC like Arena stuff and poitain armor, I’ll have to check when I get home.

What if they are installed though? Is there another thing I can do to make this work?

Well, you should now be ready to learn the Master Mason items which are crafted from your inventory. Be sure you are looking in your inventory to craft them and not some workbench (they don’t show up in the inventory of workbenches).

T1 Sandstone Foundation → T2 Stonebrick Foundation → T3 Reinforced Stone Foundation (and DLC Foundations)

Can your character craft a T3 Reinforced Stone Foundation? If so, your DLCs should be available, too. If not, then your character hasn’t “learned” something yet (or worse, as @Strider5599 suggests, perhaps your DLC isn’t loaded).

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Yeah my Xbox says that they’re recently installed. And still when I hover over master Mason a brown box appears on the outside of the journeyman mason box, which the background of the journeyman box is green.

Every box under master Mason has a red background with a green trim on the outside when I am hovered over master Mason

Though it did say I needed to learn steel pick axe or something. Maybe I’m just being derpy haha

Yeah, the Master Mason feat requires that you have unlocked journeyman Mason, as well as the Steel Tools feat.

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