Can't do things from dlc

Game mode: Online official | Single-player | Co-op
Type of issue: Other
Server type: PvP | PvE-Conflict | PvE
Mods?: No

I do not know how and when it happened, but I cannot make things from the purchased DLC.

will there be any help?

Can you provide way more information? There’s no details as to what your exact issue is. Provide screenshots if possible, and provide as much detail as possible.

how more information? I cannot make armor and buildings from purchased dlс

on steam , in your library , when conan exiles is selected you can scroll down , on the right side there is a ‘DLC’ panel , and you can click on “manage my DLCs” , can you verify all DLC’s are checked ? it should look like this :

All selected

what level are you in the game ? and did you unlock the related feats in your inventory feats menu ? ( for example many DLC buildings are Tier 3 and if you don’t have the Tier 3 construction feat unlocked , then you won’t be able to use it untill you unlock it , same for the armors and weapons , you first need to unlock the feat of the “non-dlc” version first

also , in my second screen above , you can see ( local files , under update and above languages ) , you can verify the integrity of the files ( if you already have the feats unlocked ect … )

Level 60. I deleted the game and I can not show a screen shot. Studying the 3 tier buildings are marked with a green background, but they are not in the inventory.
I checked the files, it showed that everything is fine.

in your inventory there is 4 icons on the top ( or 5 ) , one looks like a small sword ect , are they any selected ? , if you click on the icon selected it will de-select it , those icons are filters that will only show the type of " weapon " if the sword icon is selected ect … , can you verify that you don’t have any selected ?

filters do not interfere

honestly at this point , a screenshot of your inventory is needed :wink:

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I’ll do it in an hour

reinstalling the game didn’t help

What mods are you using

not using

Can you try a different filter? The little arrow in the right where it says “net” under the search bar. If not mistaken, this filter removes the dlc items from the crafting menu.

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filters don’t help

Ok. Show us a screenshot with a different filter applied because I see that your DLCs are unlocked in the feats.

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I understood what you wrote, thanks, everything works