I have lost access to all my dlc items

After the latest update i seem not to be able to craft any of the previously PURCHASED dlc items this includes weapons armors and building pieces. anyone in the same situation?

I’m not, but can think of one basic thing to check - if you’re on steam/pc - on the Conan Exiles page of your steam account, scroll down to DLC and click ‘manage my dlcs’ (circled in red on the picture below) and it should bring up the window I have in the centre. If they’re all unchecked, then checking them should solve it (though wouldn’t explain how they got that way, lol). If they are all checked, then at least you’ve verified that isn’t the issue. I hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thanks they are all checked still i have this problem. But thank you.


I know some people on Ps4 have had to renew their licenses to get Dlcs to work .


That would prevent them from crafting, but not showing as locked in the feats.


@Tephra , True, I was late to see this and I was ready to delete post :rofl::rofl::rofl:, that’s bad, why do you think it happens!

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What is the platform that you play?


If you haven’t done so already, you should verify the integrity of your game files;

Library > (right click) Conan Exiles > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Files.

Hope that helps.


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