All in One Info

Based on the original All in One info thread started by Agentcora.

All-in-One Roleplay Info


How to reach us:

In-Game chat bots

  • RKRole bot for in-character, cross-faction chatter. /tell Rkrole !join for invite.
  • RKRoleOOC bot for ooc rper chat and planning, /tell Rkroleooc !join for chat invite

Out of Game


What’s Happening:

Faction Meetings

  • Omni-Tek - TBA
  • Clan, Council of Truth Meeting - 19:00 GMT in the Tower of Truth, first Saturday of every second month (Feb., April, June, Aug., Oct., Dec.).
  • Neutral - TBA

Player Events & Stories


Where to find us

The usual faction (and cross-faction for those wishing to brave ducking guards) hangouts in-game.

  • The Rompa Bar - Omni-1 Entertainment District, mainly Omni.
  • Neuters R Us - Newland City, all factions. Vendor area outside the bar is the Saturday & Sunday RP meet-up spot.
  • Reets Retreat - Last Ditch, all factions. Also the location of the bi-monthly Green Cloaks Meetings, an ooc roleplayers meet-up.
  • The Cup - West Athen, mostly Clan but can be easily accessed by anyone via the grid.
  • The Happy Rebel - Tir, mainly Clan.


Player Characters:

For official storyline characters please see the LTC thread. To get your character or organization added to the list, please post a reply to this thread indicating the character or org’s name and faction.

Omni-Tek Characters

  • Sheriff “Basley” Rooster - Omni-Pol
  • Amelie “Dookumi” Freeman - Omni-Med Xenobotanist
  • Graham “Grahamatic” Katsulas
  • Sara “Gumiho” Renard - RK Intelligence Operations
  • Administrator “Navarl” - Omni-Admin
  • John “Novagen” Wright - Omni-Pol
  • Cole “Phard” Weaver - Omni Agent
  • “Shalex” Kolarr - Omni-Pol
  • Hunter “Valandris” DeMarco - Omni-Pol
  • General “Vinele” Kosciuszko - Omni-Pol
  • Kevin “Wordy” Wordsworth - Omni-Admin

Clan Characters

  • Fylakas “Aggelos” - Shadowlands Resident
  • Rae “Ferretbelly” Dellamora
  • “Frozentime” - Shade
  • Sheperd “Grigg” Grigson
  • Fya “Hilfy” Hill - RMR Ltd.
  • “Ishabel”
  • Joni “Janellie” Browman - Clan ten-year-old
  • Bunny “Junkrabbit” Heglin - RMR Ltd.
  • Hannah “Kittiefixie” Katsulas
  • Cordell “Ragunn” Kirklin
  • Dr. Cindi “Razishlyat” Bolieu
  • Sandra “Redtricks” Lacroix - Assembly
  • Sara “Sadeia” Furlan
  • Obatsu “Sidereal” Junijiro - Nippontek Corporate Sohei
  • Lorena “Swiftwing” Kozar - Whisper’s Edge
  • “Tyndall”
  • Lucy “Youny” Barchus - Clan medic, The Red Brotherhood
  • Aleksei “Zagadka” Volya - CoT Clerk

Neutral Characters

  • Joe “Accellerator” Blackwolf - Dio perdona io rooh
  • “Breyd” - Shade
  • Cipur “Escoryon” Siyeg - Neutral citizen
  • Katelin “Falikos” Phare
  • Jay “Footer” Steel - Jay’s Gadgets & Misc
  • Janice “Gowski” - IRRK Reporter
  • “Jimony” - Neutral Merc
  • Miss “Leileena” Chan - NLCC (Trade Minister)
  • “Rameth” - Neutral Drifter
  • “Riiyan” Welding
  • “Satrie” Bolieu
  • Miss “Sephora” Jones - Bespoke tailor & wedding planner
  • “Vektria”- Neutral citizen



Omni-Tek Organizations

  • RK Intelligence Operations

Neutral Organizations

  • Shattered Dreams
  • Steadfast

Clan Organizations


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