Green Cloaks Meeting

Source: Original post on The Fourth Wall of the old AO forums.

Green Cloaks Meeting (GCM)

  • What: An out-of-character meeting for players active or interested in AO roleplaying. The meeting is open to all factions and level ranges.

  • When: Saturday at 18:00 GMT, on every second month (Jan, March, May, July, Sep., Nov.). An after party with GSP follows at 19:00 GMT.

  • Where: Reet’s Retreat, in the fireplace room.

* Actually wearing a green cloak is optional!
First meeting of the resurrected Green Cloaks took place on Saturday November 4th.

We had an awesome Green Cloaks Meeting today, thank you to all who came out. Following are a quick synopsis and then logs, broken down by agenda point so the forums let me post it.

Meeting Agenda:

  • Zagadka’s “what can we do”
  • Player engagement in story lines.
  • Improving communication between casual and dedicated RPers.
  • Roleplay bots, and their use.
  • ARK Event Team’s one-off social events.

Meeting Synopsis:

  • More small, single-plot events, organized at a regular time.
    -> Taking suggestions for event ideas, will likely make it 3rd Saturday of every other month in the same month as GCM.
  • Make the Green Cloaks a bi-monthly event with an OOC RPers party afterwards. Next GC meeting would be January 6th, 2018 at 18:00 GMT.
    -> Need to check and organize this with GSP.
  • ARK Events team will figure out which events can be announced ahead of time and which ones will be kept secret.
  • ARK (Mmir) will contact FC about setting up a Newsbot NPC
  • We will re-start the Omni Board of Directors meetings, details TBD. (Try and bring the Omni RPers out of hiding. )
  • We will re-start the Newland City Council meetings, details TBD (Give Leil some more paper work.)

Full Meeting Logs

Agenda Point 1 & 2

Hilfy: holds up a sign saying “GC October 2017 Meeting” start
Hilfy: We have an Agenda, and I have no efficient way of organizing meetings so will see how this goes.
Hilfy: Point 1 & 2:
Hilfy: First point we have is Zagadka’s “What can we do” thread. It’s been on the forums for a while, and is the main reason we’re having this meeting today. The 2nd point of player engagement is in-part related to this.
Hilfy: So, Zagadka. All you now!
Hilfy: smiles
Zagadka: Oh, hm
Hilfy: makes note to maybe warn someone before dropping the first part of a meeting in their lap
Zagadka: Well, this is something we’ve been working with since year 1… my first event was the Tir River Cleanup swim… this was before ARK Events was established IIRC
Zagadka: Since then we’ve been trying to work around the game system to find ways to engage
Zagadka: Way back when we could use PvP for that… otherwise city raids, other elements to get players to interact with RP
Swiftwing: The river does still look nice…
Zagadka: Unfortunately, we’re somewhat limited in that. Most I was able to do was things like Clan Day.
Zagadka: PvP is pretty out of the question now. But we have to follow game rules - which is where ARK works, though there are limits to what even they can do, as I understand
Feynrose: nods
Rainys: nods.
Zagadka: The thread is more of looking for suggestions, because I’m really out of ideas that don’t require using RP imagination and pretend rules
Feynrose: In some ways we’re more limited than players.
Zagadka: Yea, doing anything “official” or harming players is pretty out of the question
Zagadka: Anyway, that is where we need to brainstorm. Hopefully what we talk about today can continue on the forum… but we have reaction things like the hacking storyline going through CoT right now
Zagadka: That just takes a lot of organization
Zagadka: So… I’m running out of ideas.
Kittiefixie: raises er hand
Zagadka: I’m done, go ahead
Hilfy: Go ahead Kittie.
Kittiefixie: What happened at the last CoT meeting? Did the information I sent you before help move stuff forward any?
Zagadka: Last meeting was a little unexpected
Hilfy: nods
Leileena: Oh, good point, things happened but most of it is classified and thus not released as public minutes
Zagadka: Several things came up
Zagadka: I kinda relaxed what I redacted. Covered up some stuff but not all, just to keep people following
Leileena: nods
Kittiefixie: I managed to piece a bit together, but also had help from Fya
Zagadka: It was a nice wrench in the system
Kittiefixie: At least we have my brother back too, which is nice.
Kittiefixie: I should be around more now. I was recently very sick
Kittiefixie: If there’s anything I can do I’d be happy to do so.
Hilfy: Zagadka streatching or have something to add?
Zagadka: Was going to talk about our ability to preserve an instance and warp/key people in. One of our best powers is beacon warp, frankly.
Zagadka: The other big challenge is finding level-appropriate content
Zagadka: Just listing out the walls we keep running into…
Zagadka: And remind me to talk to you afterwards, Kittie
Zagadka: Done
Hilfy: raises a hand
Hilfy: looks around
Kittiefixie: Affirmative!
Hilfy: Ok.
Hilfy: To me RP was always based on the use of imagination to work within the boundaries of game constraints.
Hilfy: There is much on Rubi-Ka that is not used, but could be utilized for RP.
Zagadka: nods
Hilfy: I think if we try and be creative enough, it would add a lot to the rp we can come up with.
Hilfy: I still maintain that the main impetus for rp should falls to the players.
Kittiefixie: We have all the hidden rooms in the cities!
Hilfy: We can rp without sitting around waiting for someone to make sparkles or spawn mobs for us.
Zagadka: And tons of NPC camps no one visits anymore
Kittiefixie: Yeah
Hilfy: Also, I do really appreciate Feynrose being willing to speak to me OOC at the last CoT meeting. It opened the possibility of getting more story bits for rp during and after the CoT meeting.
Leileena: I, for one, like rhinos
Hilfy: I’ve always leaned towards more ooc-open forms of RP where you can go “Hey, am I following this right and what would happen if my character attempted to do a scan reading of this or that?”
Leileena: Oh yeah, that was really nice to have a bit of live feedback
Zagadka: I see the limit in that we need to attract people to RP who want to have interactions… they aren’t always willing to suspend belief, but we need to introduce people to our world
Hilfy: nods
Hilfy: Ok, done.
Leileena: I’d second that
Swiftwing: raises her hand
Hilfy: Go ahead Swiftwing
Leileena: I personally find RP more fun when it’s somewhat hands-on gameplay wise. I prefer to smuggle an actual object in my inventory to emoting I have one for example
Hilfy: Agreed.
Zagadka: nods
Hilfy: Will let Swiftwing speak, then back to Zagadka.
Zagadka: shuts up
Swiftwing: Thank you. This is kind of a new format for me, but I’m a roleplayer from way back. Created this character at launch and have held the torch ever since. People are changing, and not for the better. If we want to pull folks in we need to offer them some compelling reasons to step outside their boxes. We spoke about poetry night before the meeting started. Those events are great, but nobody has them anymore. We should at least plan a couple, get the word out, and see what happens. We can always ajust later to draw more in, but right now we don’t even know if they are out there. Roleplayers that is
Hilfy: nods
Swiftwing: I’m not saying we need to establish rewards for attendance, but we need to learn what the players want.
Hilfy: Aye, and this is in part moving into our second point on the agenda.
Swiftwing: This meeting was well advertised I feel, and look for few showed up… I love all of you for being here, but we may well be alone…
Swiftwing: Done
Swiftwing: winks
Leileena: Possibly our third point as well
Hilfy: raises a hand
Hilfy: Meep mee…ok goin.
Hilfy: As sad as it is to admit, AO is an old game and the population is not what it was.
Hilfy: For RPers as well as all the others aspects of the game. It’s hard enough getting people together for anything so I think it’s great we still managed to get his many people and ARK all in one room at the same time.
Gimpyline: raises a hand
Gimpyline: Often small plots are the best way to go. You can have a Rubi-Ka botanic classes. Yalm classes for advanced flyers. Pet a Leet day. Smaller events instead of storylines are often the way to go with less people than it was on the old days.
Kittiefixie: I could make a lot of small eventls like Gimpyline suggests
Leileena: nods
Rainys: nods.
Kittiefixie: I think time zones is a problem too
Hilfy: nods
Zagadka: Ugh
Feynrose: raises a hand
Swiftwing: nods
Hilfy: In relation to small events, I had started that the fist year I was Clan Rep. I spent many events, allone with an alt after advertising on the forums for weeks.
Hilfy: Even when we have small, one off events which players had long ago mentione wanting. We still run up a small RP community population that is split across many time zones.
Hilfy: *run up against
Zagadka: And sides…
Hilfy: That too. Though I have been trying to poke Omni and Neutrals to get them invovled in stuff as the reps are mia. Clan RP gets borring with no other groups around.
Zagadka: nods
Hilfy: Ok, on to Feynrose.
Kittiefixie: nods
Feynrose: If you appreciate the OOC feedback, please do feel free to email us… since we’re not always around, and time zones and all that…
Gimpyline: Is anyone still around om Omni side? I havent seen anyone since I came back and all the old org channels I used to know is dead
Kittiefixie: My ‘brother’ is technically on OT sde
Leileena: I’m terrible at emails though :confused:
Hilfy: Sometimes, you have no idea if that email reached everyone.
Feynrose: So if you’re planning an investigation for example, your DM can send us an email beforehand and we can let you know what you might find.
Zagadka: I’ve been looking for Omni leadership for a while. Since we also looked for neuts with more success…
Hilfy: *anyone not everyone
Feynrose: I know we have issues with communication. That’s one way we can help you navigate though our stories though
Zagadka: I could write up a report and send it to ARK a week or two before a Council meeting, if that would help
Feynrose: Zag sent an email to search CoT records
Feynrose: And Kittie contacted Sirroco by emailing us for example.
Kittiefixie: And got info about other stuff
Feynrose: Yeah. You sent an OOC email too.
Kittiefixie: Yes
Feynrose: It’s an easy, if slow - I know, way to communicate.
Hilfy: E-mail for ARK had been updated on the forums, so at least we now have the right palce to message you.
Feynrose: That way you can do your owen events inside our storylines without us being around to spawn things for you, like when you went to Wine after the Co#T
Feynrose: Hehe. Good!
Feynrose: I’m done.
Hilfy: looks around
Hilfy: Ok, anyone have more to add to the first agenda point?
Gimpyline: What is the Ark email adress nowdays. Is it still that gmail adress?
Gimpyline: ah ok
Hilfy: Ok. I’ll move us on to the next part then. An bear with me as I have a long spiel to start with.

Agenda Point 3

Hilfy: smiles and holds up sign with “Point 3: Improving communication between casual and dedicated RPers.”
Hilfy: So, most of us communicate through the 4th wall forums, rp chat bots, Discord or Skype, but there are few of us on those.
Hilfy: We do have the rp tags, and I’ve been chatting to people I see with =names=. So far I have found that there are many players who have no clue what the tags are for, what RP is or that there is rp in AO. They use the tags because they are pretty.
Hilfy: There are also players who are casual RPers. They might occasionally rp, get involved on the fringes of a story line or small, social RP events but their main focus is on other parts of the game. Finally, I’ve come across the players who mainly rp and game with their own small, group of friends.
Hilfy: Both of these player groups don’t seem to actively seek out the major Story Line events, and rarely (aka possibly never) participate in the RP chat bots.
Hilfy: So I think I can say there are more rpers out in AO than the small group we are actively part of…we just rarely cross paths.
Leileena: nods
Hilfy: Hence the issue that was brought up earlier, of better communication between all of us.
Hilfy: Done.
Kittiefixie: raises her hand
Hilfy: Kittie, go ahead.
Kittiefixie: I actually have a thing to say about this.
Gimpyline: raises hand
Gimpyline: When it comes to =name= I follow playboyfixers (if any of you remember him)rule. If they have = = I roleplay. If they dont like it, they can turn it off. As long as they have it. I consider them to be in carracter and anoy the hell out of them
Hilfy: nods at Gimpie, and keeps waiting for Kittie to speak her turn.
Kittiefixie: There are many players out there who aren’t very good at RP but kind of want to do it but are very nervous and shy. I will occasionally just hang out and RP to myself in character and not rarely people will kind of just… tag along. And they often seem very happy to, even if they are never at RP events. Sometimes they are OOC in the beginning but when I stay IC they pick up on it really quickly.
Swiftwing: nods
Kittiefixie: I’ve had people thank me for it afterwards, and then actively seek me out when they see me around
Kittiefixie: So that’s a thing I tend to do when I have the time to
Hilfy: nods
Kittiefixie: And I find that rewarding too.
Kittiefixie: Done
Leileena: Yeah, I have similar experiences with my ToTW char
Leileena: I RP him as a Reverend in ToTW and give out mini quests and stuff in character, a lot of people really like that, and it’s kind of an unexpected place for RP too
Kittiefixie: That’s really cool
Hilfy: Awesome.
Leileena: (I also have cultist outfits if anyone wants to join ))
Feynrose: Nice.
Kittiefixie: Leileena: COUNT ME IN
Hilfy: Awesome! I’m in.
Hilfy: Most successful “RP” event I’ve run recently was going around OA in leet form asking people if they have a milkshake for my org mate. If they said no, we got them to join us in a leet parade looking for milkshakes. We had a pretty large group of leeted people by the time we hit Bore. They all told me they had fun. :stuck_out_tongue:
Swiftwing: That is real cool
Kittiefixie: Hilfy: That sounds adorable
Hilfy: Also…
Hilfy: holds up her hand, “I have an idea I wanted to throw out quickly, this might be a good point to do it at.”
Hilfy: The idea is to make the Green Cloaks Meeting a bi-monthly event combined with an “OOC RPers party.” We can have it with GSP, in the fireplace room after a short Green Cloaks meeting.
Hilfy: Omni Pol used to have their monthly ooc party and it was great.
Zagadka: nods
Hilfy: It might help bring people together, and make the RPers more visible as a community. Give people a chance to get to know others ooc, and maybe feel more comfortable trying to rp with people they are somewhat more familiar with.
Kittiefixie: It was!
Leileena: That sounds great actually
Hilfy: …and done. Zagadka?
Zagadka: Just wanted to comment that regular, scheduled meetings are always more effective.
Hilfy: (I’ll see what I can get organized with GSP in that case. )
Zagadka: And GSP is a great tool to use
Zagadka: Done
Gimpyline: yes it is
Kittiefixie: I would like having stuff every month, alternating with the CoT meetings. They will always have my primary loyalty
Zagadka: nods
Hilfy: Would a regularly organized day for RP help? Like, “On this day every month something RPish happens?”
Kittiefixie: I think it might
Hilfy: …in relation to small, one of events people can participate as Gumpie mentioned.
Zagadka: I like that idea
Hilfy: We could have people send in idead, and then we work through them as a group. Like we all can be cultists for one day and so on?
Hilfy: *idas
Hilfy: *ideas
Hilfy: gives up on spelling
Leileena: A cultist may take some prep, but I like the idea
Kittiefixie: Spelling is overrated
Zagadka: nods
Hilfy: Well, best on the spot example I could come up with. :stuck_out_tongue:
Leileena: nods
Gimpyline: Could be something like a dinner party in that area outside Neuters or something like that. Dont need to be anything big, Just a gathering
Hilfy: Agreed,
Mmir: smiles
Feynrose: Hi Mmir
Hilfy: Oh, hello Mmir.
Kittiefixie: We had a potlucj once, that was nice
Leileena: Maybe Solis can host an actual party
Swiftwing: Hi Mmir
Rainys: hi Boss
Kittiefixie: Good evening, Mmir!
Feynrose: Sorry Sy had to dash. But we found a replacement.
Mmir: Hello, sorry I’m late
Hilfy: I still thing that would be awesome, gives us a reason to wear those fancy princess dresses from Maria’s Fashion.
Leileena: Psh, I wear armour
Hilfy: eyes Mmir “Are we safe? I have to admit I have an urge to run for cover seeing Mmir.”
Mmir: I left my trigger finger out of the room
Rainys: eeh he is safe, like a puppy.
Mmir: beams
Kittiefixie: He has some sort of branch, it might be olive
Hilfy: grins
Hilfy: Any more additions to Point 3 for improving communication?
Kittiefixie: If we die, blame me
Mmir: Ah yes, it is
Feynrose: raises a hand
Hilfy: Go ahead Rose
Feynrose: Obviously we have some issues with communication in ARK. So we really appreciate it when you guys share info with each other.
Feynrose: So when you decided not to redact CoT minutes, that’s really helpful for us.
Feynrose: So thank you for that. I’ll try to keep the summaries coming, but please do talk to eachother about what we’re up to.
Feynrose: Done.
Hilfy: raises a hand
Zagadka: raise a hand
Hilfy: Ok, go ahead Zagadka and then I’ll go.
Zagadka: We used to also post unredacted minutes in a subforum for Council use, would give you access to that… forum doesn’t exist anymore but I’ll forward them to you via email
Zagadka: Done
Hilfy: nods
Hilfy: In RUR, we rarely kept secret discussions and tended to leave the story bits out in the open for anyone to come across. Kittie and I have been trying to do the same with this hacking story so if anyone wants to jump in the story is there for them to work their toons into.
Leileena: raises a hand
Hilfy: Done. Go ahead Leil.
Kittiefixie: raises hand for later
Leileena: That is one of the things I noticed. By nature a lot of the events, and I suppose life on Ka in general, is all a bit cloak and dagger. It’s good to find a balance between on one hand having that secrecy, and on the other hand always having a way for people to get involved.
Leileena: I also thought maybe we could attempt to set up some things that won’t turn secretive by nature, but I haven’t really come up with anything myself yet.
Leileena: Done.
Hilfy: nods, “Go ahead Kittie.”
Kittiefixie: As a participant in the ‘hacked’ conversation that is happening on the forums, I too really hope that it being open will help other people keep track. And considering it’s about hacking it feels like a natural thing that they would be subjected too so it felt pretty perfect as an idea.
Hilfy: nods
Kittiefixie: And it would be cool if people used it for information gatherings too. Hannah has no idea this is happening
Kittiefixie: Maybe more like this can happen with ‘secret’ correspondance, at least about this thing?
Kittiefixie: Done
Hilfy: nods
Kittiefixie: (That way things can be ‘secret’ but still public!)
Hilfy: Anything else to add before we move on to the next points?
Gimpyline: studys her nails
Hilfy: chuckles
Zagadka: Hm
Hilfy: Ok, in that case I vote for a 5 min break. Stretch your legs, go fill up your coffee, water, scotch or what not.
Zagadka: Maybe keep a record of major ongoing storylines
Mmir: looks around for his digit
Leileena: I believe there is such a record in the all in one thread
Zagadka: nods
Zagadka: With a better description to keep people up to speed at least
Zagadka: ./break
Kittiefixie: Okay, I will take a short break and be right back!
Mmir: puts one of Kittiefixie’s Antlers on the fire
Mmir: Cold in here Brrr
Mmir: heh!
Gimpyline: Move closer to me and Leileena and you will feel heat
Leileena: snuggles
Mmir: I have one but I think it’s a pvp one.
Mmir: So I’ll pass
Leileena: I have 3, including the pvp one :stuck_out_tongue:
Mmir: nice heat!
Hilfy: chuckles
Hilfy: Good thing, my coffee was getting cold.
Kittiefixie: I am returned!
Feynrose: This is what happens when ARKs get bored.
Feynrose: Everything is fire.
Kittiefixie: Mmir, be nice!
Hilfy: Ok, before Mmir kills us for the entertainment value of it. Lets move on!
Zagadka: Nah, I remember Giant Skeleton Cosmik

Agenda Point 4

Hilfy: holds up a sign saying “Point 4: Roleplay bots, and their use.”
Hilfy: This is a point that was brought up by Ragunn, in regards to the RP bots. It has now been in part solved when Tyndall very kindly set up an RKRoleOOC bot. The full use of what the com channel is, will forever be up for debate as some see it as typed or voice or at times both.
Hilfy: Anyone have suggestions or ideas in relation to the bots?
Hilfy: Done.
Mmir: raises a hand
Hilfy: Go ahead Mmir
Leileena: I remember the nature of the channel being debated back in the ch42 days
Mmir: Ah thank you, this relates to the last point really, just a brief thought
Mmir: On Comms
Mmir: Is there any scope for releasing news items to current and existing orgs do you think and is it even possible? As in asking orgs to disseminate to members? I know it leaves individuals out but it was just a though
Leileena: raises a hand
Hilfy: Go ahead Leil.
Leileena: Most orgs I know are either too inactive for a top-down communication to work well, or not at all focussed on RP enough to even accept such messages given to the president.
Mmir: nods
Leileena: So I’m not sure it’s feasable
Leileena: Done.
Hilfy: raises a hand
Mmir: Thanks Leileena
Leileena: Go ahead Hilfy :stuck_out_tongue:
Hilfy: I think it could be possible in The Red Brotherhood, as the president and a few members are quite open to RP. Not sure about many other non-RP orgs.
Leileena: nods
Mmir: nods
Hilfy: considers loging in Doc to represent TRB here.
Kittiefixie: raises hand
Hilfy: Go ahead Kittie.
Kittiefixie: When I use any ‘open’ channels like that I just tend to be very open in whether I use voice or text. I use both but will specify if it’s voice messges or tect messages.
Leileena: nods
Mmir: raises a hand
Hilfy: Mmir, after Kittie is done.
Leileena: Troughout history it was never really established what open channels were, despite the question coming up every once in a while. Mostly winging it seemed to work for me.
Kittiefixie: I assume that if I send a text message to someone wanting it spoken there are text to voice plugins even here in the future as well. But sometimes written messages work better, like when talking ‘secretly’ under a meeting.
Hilfy: nods
Kittiefixie: So that way people at least know how I use it from time to time
Kittiefixie: Done
Hilfy: Alrightly, Mmir, go ahead.
Gimpyline: raises hand
Gimpyline: oops
Gimpyline: raises hand
Hilfy: smiles at Gimpyline “Will get you after Mmir speaks.”
Mmir: I see an idea which might work but it would need FC to do it, … an npc Newsbot stationed in Arete filled with such info taken from say a live feed website, just a thought, I think I might try and pursue the idea through Ark with FC if no-one objects?
Hilfy: May I quickly add to that?
Mmir: nods
Hilfy: I had the idea of making a bot that disseminates RP information. Something like the recruitment bots or the Arete landing quest help bot. I can easily compile information. I tried making the bot and must admit I lack the technical knowledge to get it to do what I want it to. So if someone can get something like you are suggesting to work that would be awesome in my opinion.
Hilfy: Done.
Mmir: Okay, it’s a workable solution to reaching everyone maybe, we just point folks to it sort of thing
Mmir: Do we want to set up a working group on that?
Gimpyline: sounds great
Hilfy: Aye, sounds good.
Hilfy: What would you need from us, Mmir?
Mmir: If anyone sets it up I would be happy to join and do what I can
Kittiefixie: Maybe it could also be awailable at ICC or some other place people can get to after leaving Arete too?
Leileena: I’d sort of be interested in joining a working group on that, but I’m also somewhat in a lot of working groups at actual work, so I’m not sure I can participate.
Mmir: I can ask Ark to promote it to FC as an idea, small outlay for a new twist perhaps
Mmir: yes, ICC sounds good
Hilfy: ICC may be a better spot.
Mmir: It’s in FC interests
Mmir: done
Hilfy: Thank you Mmir Gimpie, go ahead.
Kittiefixie: I’d be willing to help with this if I can, on some non-technical part
Gimpyline: When it comes to oocbot I think voice is fine. Might be harder when it comes to IC. I doubt that I. 50 year old 2x grandad can be a convincing 20 year or so Opi so I think IC text, ooc voice
Gimpyline: done
Leileena: Oh no the bots are all text based, it’s just how they’re precieve IC that’s the question.
Hilfy: Oh, it never occured to me to use actual voice chat. This was more in relation to when we’re on RKrole, is it a channel our toon hear or read on.
Gimpyline: ah. I guess I miss understood. I thoughtn it was a Discord chanel or something like that
Hilfy: An ic discord channel may be in the future, we haven ooc one now. Personally I never liked RPing in voice chat.
Gimpyline: same here
Kittiefixie: I would not like IC voice chat
Zagadka: Voice can be complicated
Hilfy: So all the out-of-game chat things have always been text for us…unless were running a raid ooc and trying not to die.
Leileena: We did an OOC skype thing every once in a while, that was fun
Hilfy: nods
Hilfy: Anything else in regards to chat bots?
Kittiefixie: shakes her head
Hilfy: Ok in that case…

Agenda Point 5

Hilfy: holds up a sign with “Point 5: ARK Event Team’s one-off social events.”
Mmir: ooh
Hilfy: Rose started a thread listing the events ARK has been running. As usual, it lead to the “OMG Why didn’t I know about it!” from a few players. So, I’ll hand this one over to our friendly neighborhood ARKs.
Mmir: looks at Rainys
Rainys: looks at Mmir
Swiftwing: smiles
Feynrose: I’ll go then!
Hilfy: chuckles
Mmir: grins
Feynrose: So yeah. I wrote some summaries of what we’ve been up to here:
Feynrose: We can’t post to Editor News any more and the IRRK newswire is long gone, so I hoped it would let people keep up with current affairs and get ideas for joining in…
Feynrose: But the main feedback has been that people don’t know the events are happening in the first place…
Feynrose: We’ll be talking about it a lot internally, but I wanted to hear what your thoughts are on preannouncing events.
Feynrose: To be clear…
Feynrose: We do occasionally announce events ahead of time, but not often. We’ve traditionally felt it’s not usually appropriate or doable.
Hilfy: nods
Feynrose: Would you like to see more preannouncement? Or would you rather stumble into events?
Zagadka: raises his hand for after any other comments on that
Kittiefixie: raises hand
Feynrose: Done
Hilfy: Go ahead Zagadka, then Kittie. And then me.
Leileena: The thing about stumbling into events is that I never seem to do so.
Zagadka: I’ll go after you two, my comment is tangential
Hilfy: Ok, Kittie.
Swiftwing: (If I happen to nod off, please forgive me. I am making dinner)
Gimpyline: raises hand
Qlyck: giggles
Hilfy: (Kittie, Me, Gimpie and Zagadka. Ok?)
Mmir: raises his hand
Hilfy: adds more names on sticky notes across the top of her monitor
Kittiefixie: I love the idea of stumbling into things, but truth is it can be very difficult to actually do the stumbling. Things like alien attacks to cities? Definitely cool not to be warned about in before. Some events would probably do well to be advertised, even is supposed to be more ‘spontaneous’ IC or OCCly. Even if it might be something vague like "There will be an EVENT here at LOCATION at TIME’, giving nothing away, but people who are curious can stumble into it there.
Feynrose: nods
Hilfy: nods
Kittiefixie: Some things might be advertised more, and recurring events might also help people plan. AND! If there /are/ more planned or stumbable into events, holding more secret unadvertised ones would be less like missing out on what little there is
Kittiefixie: Done
Hilfy: Pretty much what I was going to say.
Hilfy: So moving on, Gimpie, go ahead.
Gimpyline: Problem is. How is RPers suposed to be involved in a story line iif it isn’t anounced? You cant investigate if you dont know about it or just get half the story. Some anouncment would be nice
Gimpyline: done
Feynrose: nods
Feynrose: If I can interject…
Hilfy: Ok, quickly Rose then Zagadka.
Feynrose: Thanks!
Feynrose: Okay so the main storyline at the moment is very much happening based on player initiative. The hacking stuff, the CoT meetings, emails etc. If you have an idea what’s going on from following the summaries or asking around, you can get involved…
Feynrose: There are some flavour events around the edges where it doesn’t matter if you were there or not, like the Omni raids on Old Athen and Wine, but those were impromptu really and hence weren’t preannounced.
Feynrose: But yes, it might have been better to pre announce them.
Feynrose: Done.
Kittiefixie: Heads-up: I need to leave in twenty minutes or so to have time to go to the store, just so you know.
Hilfy: Ok, Zagadka?
Zagadka: I’m going to kinda withdraw my question. It was about knowing if a Legacy character is available for organization (like Radiman for the current story), but I suppose that isn’t practical to release to players like us.
Hilfy: nods, “Ok, ty Kittie.”
Zagadka: So that’s it
Hilfy: Alright, go ahead Mmir then.
Hilfy: …and sorry but I need to quickly afk…ferrets are being creative.
Mmir: Okay, Zagadka, can I refer you to Rainys for your question?
Mmir: …
Mmir: I very much love the way folks are thinking here, we are all thinking along the same lines. I must admit I like the idea of announcing some Events, I think it’s a balance, some we could because they are going to be a lot of fun, some we would’nt because that might lead to being a sort of spoiler so I think working out which type of Event for example, could be announced before it happens, would be an excellent step. I’m all for player immersion but the players do really need to know when to be and where so to speak. This newsbot idea keeps popping up into my head and it would be good for this too, I really want to explore this with FC and if not possible, then to do something ourselves to make it happen. Just my thoughts. We are lucky we currently have some very exciting Arks active in Events at the moment, I’m excited for the future to be honest.
Mmir: …
Hilfy: nods
Mmir: The Alien raid events will always be random. Fun to be a part of, fun to find some loot and maybe aixp. We do have fun events which are clearly in the area of we could promote before, take for example, Partypopper advertising parties.
Mmir: It shows they work. Ark Events are planning a meeting to try and define what events we can pre-advertise so to speak.
Mmir: done
Kittiefixie: Sounds great!
Hilfy: raises a hand
Hilfy: I believe we talked about making the GC meeting a bi-monthly event with a GSP party afterwards, just thought you could always send Partypopper out for it if ARK wants/can.
Hilfy: Done.
Mmir: Oh how lovely!
Hilfy: looks around
Hilfy: Do we still have Rainys to address Zagadka’s question? Or was that passed?
Zagadka: Doing that in PM
Rainys: yeah i had to poke him in a tell, as i was unclear of what he ment
Hilfy: Alright, anything else from anyone then?
Hilfy: nods
Zagadka: raises his hand
Hilfy: Go ahead.
Zagadka: Er, in general or on that topic?
Hilfy: Anything!
Mmir: I’ll pursue the Newsbot idea with Ark and FC
Hilfy: Or ok, go ahead Zagadka. Then anything.
Zagadka: Sigh, I was going to comment on how we need to kick start Omni groups, but that kinda falls under the umbrella of getting news out. But maybe we could duplicate the CoT thing of regular meetings and hope people show?
Hilfy: Actually, yeah. I have started a small RP Omni org and have been poking about. Would love to see the BoD active again.
Leileena: Hmm, possibly. The Newland City Council was I think what got me into the RP scene all those years ago. It’s quite hard to get faction meetings going though
Hilfy: Other than Gimpie, I have seen one regular RP-org name pop up.
Hilfy: Would we be willing to start those up, even with the knowlege that it’s likely to be nothing more than maybe three of us and ine ark for a year before something happens?
Gimpyline: I would love to get back into BoD again
Kittiefixie: I have two OT characters. One of which I hate and just want to see suffer terribly, but neither has a group
Zagadka: Don’t think I have a spare Omni left, but I can roll one. A new character sounds fun.
Leileena: I have a bunch of low ranking scrubs, nothing that suitable for the BoD meeting. Maybe if I get Deredo his rank so he can actually follow orders…
Swiftwing: (All these years and I have never created an OT character)
Feynrose: raises a hand
Leileena: I’d be up for it whenever I can, but I can’t really guarantee much
Hilfy: I have been plotting a stupid, RUR quality idea that could be turned into something.
Gimpyline: hehe
Hilfy: Go ahead Rose.
Gimpyline: I miss RUR rp
Kittiefixie: I feel people are too kind, most often. I’d like some true unkind horror occasionally… but that’s a topic for another day.
Feynrose: Storyline-wise I’m very aware that we’ve focussed on the Clans recently…
Zagadka: (attack of the mutants!)
Gimpyline: Those damn Leetbots are still stuck in the schredder
Feynrose: I don’t want you guys thinking that’s because we’re all clanners though!
Leileena: is entirely too kind for horror
Hilfy: RP used to be all Omni focused, especially Omni-Pol.
Feynrose: It’s just because we’re reacting to initiative and that’s come from clan players.
Gimpyline: I dont have any clan carraqcter
Hilfy: When I first came back, people were complaining about the lack of Clan rper, hence Hilfy’s clan.
Leileena: Yeah, it sort of shifted over time
Feynrose: There’s also a minor issue of not finding any Omni players in Omni cities. They’re all in ICC or Bor these days…
Gimpyline: I remember a few years ago the problem was oppesite. No clanners around
Feynrose: So if you do set up any Omni or Neutral things like meetings and whatnot. Do let us know and we’ll do our best to support it.
Rainys: nods
Mmir: raises a hand
Feynrose: Don’t wait for us!
Hilfy: Go ahead Mmir.
Feynrose: Done.
Mmir: The more we know the more we can serve …
Leileena: I’ve not seen my colleague ministers in ages
Mmir: I have an Omni in a cupboard in my office. I also have a Clanner in a cupboard next to that one, oh, I also have a Neut I found in the Desert in another cupboard. I’m working on some recipe at the moment which I hope will combine all three into a new monster for EVENTS! Wish me luck
Mmir: done
Hilfy: blinks
Rainys: The cupboard of corpses… mutters
Hilfy: Good luck!
Mmir: Thank you!
Hilfy: …at least he said monster and not dinner?
Mmir: I don’t eat people
Kittiefixie: Okay, I need to go in five minutes! If you’re not done by then, please email me log and time for next meeting!
Hilfy: nods
Rainys: glances over at Mmir and mouths the word “Lies”
Hilfy: If no one minds, I’ll post the logs on the 4th Wall meeting thread.
Leileena: Sure!
Kittiefixie: No objections from me!
Mmir: nods
Hilfy: Awesome. In that case, I think we are done for this meeting.

January 2018 GCM

Meeting Agenda:

  • Potential ways to lock the CoT meetings or move their location.
  • Progress on Mmir’s NPC Newsbot in ICC.
  • Stand alone RP events, link to old forums .
  • Speculative brainstorm for what we could do if FC starts us all on a new server.

Meeting Synopsis:

  • Potential ways to lock the CoT meetings discussed, and defered untill we know who the new Speaker for the council will be.
  • Idea of an NPC bot shelved in favour of a Newsbot type system for announcing events.
  • Stand alone RP events could use more event suggestions, and Art Auction is the next event.
  • General concenssus that the RP community is too small to be split up, and will deal with the issue when/if it arrises.
  • Brainstorming over ways to revive Omni-side roleplay.
  • A dance party with Gemi and many green sparkles followed! :sparkler:

Full Meeting Logs

Agenda point 1

Hilfy: I’ll start off letting Zagadka go over potential ways to lock the CoT meetings or move their location.
Zagadka: Ah
Hilfy: points at Zagadka “…and, go!”
Zagadka: Yea, we were discussing it on Discord, just throwing around the idea. The Tower is kinda hard to work with, security-wise
Zagadka: I know that isn’t reliable for ARK to lock down, and even then it is kinda iffy
Zagadka: We’re currently just going to ask people inside to go outside and check in with Kittie before entering
Zagadka: What we were discussing was locking the meetings. This would require some code from FC, so not likely in the tower
Zagadka: But what we used to do in private guild meetings was use a backyard or mission to dupe keys to and control enrty that way
Zagadka: We were then talking about where we could go, and reasons we would vacate the Tower, since it has been our base since forever
Zagadka: Done
Feynrose: raises a hand
Hilfy: Go ahead, Rose.
Feynrose: So from our side there’s a couple of things we can do to help…
Gimpyline: raises hand
Feynrose: We can lock the inner door during the meeting if there is an Events Coordinator online.
Feynrose: So for example, Kittie can emote locking it and we’ll actually lock it and broadcast a playfield message
Feynrose: There is something else that you might have fiugured out but I’m very reluctant to do…
Feynrose: The panel outside the tower actually teleports you to an uninstanced version of the tower if you have a keycard item
Feynrose: The problem is you can’t get back out.
Zagadka: laughs
Feynrose: So I don’t want to give out the keys and risk people getting stuck in the tower.
Hilfy: chuckles. “That itself has some interesting RP potential.”
Feynrose: Done, by the way. Sorry
Hilfy: Ok, Gimpie?
Gimpyline: I’m a bit out of the loop since i dont play clan. Are you over run by greefers? If security is a problem i’m sure Omni-Tek could send a few troops top secure the area
Gimpyline: done
Hilfy: We haven’t had greefers, maybe Zagadka can fill in the details. I wasn’t on Discord lately.
Zagadka: I don’t think we have a problem with that, no. It would mostly be a RP requirement, so all of this isn’t vital to function… just that we have had a bunch of “secret” topics lately
Gimpyline: ah ok
Zagadka: So it wouldn’t be too hard to just roleplay the permissions. It was just something we were discussing.
Zagadka: The moving out of hte Tower thing was a storyline we were floating. Dunno how that would play out, though, since we have a couple of stories going already
Zagadka: Done
Hilfy: That could be something to look into once we know who the new CoT Speaker is.
Zagadka: It would also be contingent on getting more attendance, so…
Hilfy: nods
Hilfy: Any other questions or additions to this?
Leileena: none here
Hilfy: In that case I will move on to the next totaly secret agenda point…mainly as I forgot to post it.

Agenda point 2

Hilfy: Point 2: Mmir, is not here but maybe someone else knows. Any progress on Mmir’s NPC Newsbot in ICC?
Sywyyn: raises hand
Hilfy: Go ahead Sy.
Sywyyn: Nothing yet. I am trying to get in touch with someone who knows a lot more about Budabot configuration than I do (or the admin or AQuest). So far I haven’t had any luck on that front.
Hilfy: nods, "Ok. So we can leave that till next meeting and see what develps over another two months.
Sywyyn: We’re not likely to get an NPC coded into the game, unfortunately, but a chatbot that broadcast in the 3 OOC channels would be the next best thing and we could get updates to it frequestly with both player and ARK admins
Leileena: You could try Lucier. I don’t know if he has time but he runs some pretty custom budabots
Sywyyn: I will do so. Thanks
Sywyyn: I’m all done with that update, but I will keep you posted on progress.
Hilfy: Awesome. The bot idea seems like a simpler and more accessible solution.
Feynrose: nods
Hilfy: Any other additions?
Gimpyline: raises hand
Hilfy: Go ahead, Gimpie.
Gimpyline: What about talking to vhab. He made the vhab bot. I’¨m sure he could be helpful. I have seen him in the forum from time to time
Gimpyline: He also was a developer, so he knows a few things about the game
Sywyyn: I haven’t seen Vhab since the switch from IRC to Discord, but if I can get in touch with him that would work too
Gimpyline: done
Hilfy: nods
Hilfy: I guess Sy can let us know what develops.
Hilfy: If there are no more suggestions, I’ll move on.

Agenda point 3

Hilfy: Point 3: Stand alone RP events. We’ve had one with a rescue, and an art auction is coming up.
Hilfy: Everyone is free to pitch in ideas, I’d love to see what others start up as mini-events.
Zagadka: raises a hand
Hilfy: Go ahead, Z.
Zagadka: One thing I thought we could do, really simply, is hold protests or arguments regarding the Omega as standalone spontaneous things
Zagadka: Just rub the ideas into people’s faces, basically
Zagadka: Done
Hilfy: Maybe post in the forums when that “spontaneous” event will take place?
Zagadka: Razi would love to stand in ICC and scream at some Omnis
Gimpyline: have to get another painkiller. brb
Hilfy: nods
Hilfy: Consider this my poke for people to get their ideas and events posted to the forums. ARK is welcome to throw things out there too for stand alone events if someone has an idea they’d like to add and can advertise ahead of time.
Hilfy: Going to move on again, and it’s b ack to Zagadka.
Gimpyline: back

Agenda point 4

Hilfy: Z was looking to brainstom what we could do if FC starts us all on a new server. No idea what FC is planning, but I guess ideas don’t hurt. Suggestions?
Hilfy: wb Gimpi
Zagadka: (Going back a bit, it would be helpful if we had a few pieces of information about the Omega to argue about)
Zagadka: Oh, right, the server thing…
Zagadka: Worries me a great deal. I know it is a very speculative thing, but I wanted to hear what people felt on how we would deal with a split… all go to one server, or try to run two parallel, or leave the two independent of each other (complicated)
Zagadka: Done
Gimpyline: raises hand
Hilfy: Go ahead Gimpi.
Gimpyline: Realy bad idea. The population is alreadty low. Spreading it on several servers would be a disaster
Gimpyline: done
Zagadka: nods
Leileena: Nothing is really known about it at this point but I suspect if there’d be a new server it would be a challenge server like AoC got or some other novelty feature. I highly doubt it’ll be a second regular server
Feynrose: raises a hand
Zagadka: Yea, the concept is speculative. Just wanted to get an idea of where we would concentrate. Maybe come back to this when we know something.
Hilfy: Go ahead Fey.
Feynrose: I think since no-one really knows anything about it we’ll have to cross that bridge whe- if we ever come to it…
Hilfy: nods, “So moving agenda point over five years for FC action time.”
Feynrose: It could also be a vanilla AO server where we could reset the storyline… who knows?
Feynrose: Done
Leileena: nods
Leileena: If it has a RP purpose I guess we’ll be RPing there, but if it doesn’t really have it’s own thing I don’t really see the need to split up the community.
Hilfy: I think the RP community is much too small to split up. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.
Gimpyline: if it means reseting our toons it would be bven worse. People that have been building up their carracters over years have to start over. I dont know about others, but i doubt i would ever bring my paid account online again
Hilfy: Agreed. I’m good at never running Neretva Canyon again.
Hilfy: Anything else for today? General comments, ideas etc?
Zagadka: raises a hand
Hilfy: Go Z.
Zagadka: Two quick things…
Gimpyline: or 100 beast raids to get the buffing equipment
Zagadka: First… I’ve been meaning to have a meeting with Hilfy to contact ICC about Omega. So that should be incoming for ARK before the CoT meeting. Pourais already replied, thanks
Zagadka: Second, I’ve talked with Khuri at AO-U about doing RP news reports, since there isn’t much going on
Zagadka: Right now I"m thinking about a bi-monthly update (after Greencloack meetings) to cover everything that has happened. He offered to give me rights to post news, but I think I’ll just write a bulletin for them
Zagadka: DOne
Hilfy: Awesome.


Hilfy: That also reminds me, I started updating the Wiki to try and get more RPish info on there. If anyone else could peek at it to check over and add in information that would be great.
Zagadka: I’ve been meaning to add some things
Hilfy: I haven’t figured out how to get a good organization going for RP related information. If anyone had ideas please go poke it.
Zagadka: Need to go back over the timeline from the old AO site
Zagadka: Oh, also, thanks for the clan overviews on hte forums. I’m going to copy them over to the CoT site, that OK?
Feynrose: Of course it’s fine.
Hilfy: Oh, and someone poke Jacobi to get him to write his CoT Speaker comment.
Feynrose: grins
Sywyyn: grins
Hilfy: …we might have to organize a cigar shipment raid to get his attention. Hold them hostage.
Zagadka: Final thing I have… does anyone know anything about reviving Omni RP? I’ve been keeping feelers out for a while, very few bites. Frustrating.
Hilfy: check the time, “Six minutes to get your last comments in before Gemi gets to take over with music!”
Gimpyline: To be honest i was cheering for Omega during the war. Pourais… worst learder ever
Hilfy: We could see if there is some Omni reply to the Omega story arc?
Zagadka: Pourais replied to Razi’s rant, so there’s something to work with
Hilfy: Well, more of a player base reply.
Leileena: None of my omni chars really have enough autonomy to have an oppinion on the matter
Zagadka: Ah… if they are even aware of it happening…
Leileena: They’re very omni like that
Hilfy: For new players comming in, does anyone even know AO has a back story and LTCs?
Feynrose: raises a hand
Zagadka: Only if they read 4th Wall, unfortunately
Hilfy: I think that brings us back to somehow making a bot and letting people know.
Hilfy: Go ahead Rose.
Feynrose: I’ve said before I’m very aware things are clan-centred at the moment…
Feynrose: And even so, we’re stretched quite thin in ARK…
Feynrose: So personally I don’t want to rush into doing any exclusively Omni stuff. I’d rather work more collaboratively with you guys.
Feynrose: So if you want to set something up, let us know and we’ll figure out how best to support it.
Feynrose: Whatever it might be.
Feynrose: Done
Feynrose: Oh. That said, we are thinking of ways to help…
Hilfy: Totaly my personal opinion, but I still think RP should be mainly a player initiated thing and not something you wait on ARK for. I love that you guys support the random ideas that we come up with. What we are missing atm is active Omni players that do more than level and wait for someone else to start an RP event.
Feynrose: nods
Ophyr: nods
Leileena: that’s… one way to greencloak I guess
Feynrose: waves to the tree
Hilfy: Hello Dharzee!
Dharzee: waves
Hilfy: nods
Gimpyline: After I got back I noticed one thing. whats this thing about the new ICC? from the moment I got back I have the feeling they are running Rubi-Ka now. They are supposed to be just a few byrocrats sitting on their hands making meanless decissions
Gimpyline: sorry about typos. One hand typing
Zagadka: The war has kinda settled down, yea
Leileena: Yeah, they got a more prominent role with the whole NPE thing
Hilfy: I think most players view ICC as the Neutral faction now.
Zagadka: Not so much “Anarchy” as “Order”
Leileena: I guess it makes some sense after the Bahirae thing and ICC’s takeover of Borealis for them to try to get more foothold
Leileena: And yes, ICC being viewed as neutral has always been a bit of a problem
Zagadka: Even endgame… Brink missions, raids, etc are more neutral
Leileena: I say we give more power to Newland to counteract the idea of ICC being a neutral government
Leileena: hides
Gimpyline: Omni-Tek have no balls anymore. IO miss Zora
Leileena: dunno, he was a bit of a loon, like Silverstone grade loon
Zagadka: Loons can be entertaining
Hilfy: From a game mechanics perspective, with a smaller population having neutral end game makes sence. Less waiting for a team from your own faction. Stiry wise, we can have Leil take over NLC.
Feynrose: Sounds like you’re looking for a trip to Reform.
Zagadka: nods
Gimpyline: hehe
Leileena: You will never take me, I have diplomatic imunity!
Hilfy: chuckles
Leileena: I really want to take over Newland Desert though
Feynrose: Hi Mmir.
Gimpyline: Eva have turned clan lover, so I dont think reform is a problem anymore
Hilfy: And hello Mmir! Just in time for the party!
Mmir: Hello everyone
Leileena: It’ll be easy, just replace a few guards in meetmedere
Gemmikins: Hi Mmir, hello all.
Mmir: Sorry I’m late
Ophyr: hi mmir
Hilfy: Gemi already has some nice, mellow music going for us.
Zagadka: Maybe we can make a story wedge between Clan, OT, and ICC over outside threats (including Omega0
Feynrose: Well don’t forget she may have shook Montezuma’s hand, but have you seen Ruth since then?
Hilfy: I think the Omega story line has great potential for a tree-way conflict.
Hilfy: *three
Leileena: The downside of the whole Omega thing is that I don’t think a lot of players know what Omega are and why they matter
Hilfy: I blame that typo on Dharzee.
Dharzee: Indeed. #BlameDharzee
Hilfy: True, and with the SL story line most people are just “LOL! I soloed your CEO for loot. LOL”
Zagadka: Maybe get FC to push the Prophet PDF some
Zagadka: Or a condensed version
Feynrose: That backpack is phat.
Hilfy: Or we can push it ourselves. I can go poke Ty after this meeting and have him pin the PDF in Discord or something.
Dharzee: Sorry, I gotta bug out. Sister made it into town. Ciao all
Leileena: Still, even I will have to re-read it to get a proper grasp on it since it’s been like a decade
Leileena: adios!
Hilfy: Take care!
Feynrose: See you later!
Gemmikins: See you Dharzee!
Zagadka: Later
Gimpyline: see you
Dharzee: sets GSP player to record the show
Zagadka: Condensed version may be the way to go
Leileena: And tbh I don’t have time to re-read books just to play a game :stuck_out_tongue:
Hilfy: Alrighty. Then on that note I say we conclude the meeting and get to dancing. Can still talk while dancing too.

March 2018 GCM

Meeting Synopsis:

  • Nothing new on the locking down the CoT tower front.
  • An RP bot to announce events in General channel is in the works, and will be tested soon.
  • One more stand-alone Clan RP event is in the works, more news when details are settled. ARK and Omni side have much random plotting behind the scenes, so look for stuff happening!

Full Meeting Logs

Agenda Point 1

Hilfy: Ok, then first point.
Hilfy: We postponed the idea of locking the CoT tower until we see who the speaker is. As we have no Zagadka or Kittie with us today, anyone else have news on that front?
Hilfy: I’m guessing that falls to our lovely ARK reps to comment on.
Mmir: Ophyr? Sywyyn?
Sywyyn: Nothing new to report that I’ve heard on that front, unfortunately
Mmir: I’ve heard nothing
Ophyr: Got nothing to add on that…
Hilfy: nods “Ok, moving on then.”

Agenda point 2

Hilfy: Next up and again falling to ARK, the RP info bot or something. We’ve been bumping this idea around for a while now, any progress on the RP notice bot?
Sywyyn: Ooh, yes!
Sywyyn: This one is mine
Hilfy: claps
Sywyyn: I have a module that will announce events in the OOC Channels, but I need to test where the farthest reaching area is first.
Hilfy: I can volunteer to run out to all corners of Ka if that helps.
Sywyyn: I am waiting on final approval to include players with the ability to add events to the notice before rolling up the bot
Mmir: That is good news
Sywyyn: Really what I need to see is: if you enter the grid from ICC and speak in, say Clan OOC; how far does that reach? Does it go to OA and Tir or just ICC?
Leileena: It’ll go to ICC / Newland / Borealis
Sywyyn: Once I have finished that testing and received the final approval then I will get the bot going
Leileena: The grid doesn’t have it’s own OOC zone, so it takes whichever last one you were in, which is the neutral cities one
Sywyyn: That might be good enough, though I’d like for it to reach OA somehow if I could
Lessthan13: RPNet used a members list and /tell notifications. That proved fairly effective on Rimor and might also work in this future system.
Sywyyn: Will have to test, but the module is there and it works, so progress!
Sywyyn: nods
Hilfy: Awesome.
Leileena: If you want to reach the clan and/or omni OOC ranges as well you’ll probably need multiple bot chars with a relay function somehow
Mmir: If you can’t get it to work in OA …
Mmir: Ah, as Leileena succinctly put!
Sywyyn: nods
Hilfy: It would be nice to reach all faction’s ooc channels.
Mmir: Aye
Gimpyline: yuå
Sywyyn: That will add to the complexity, but might be possible. I will look into relays after the first bot is up and running, though
Hilfy: nods
Sywyyn: I know that a lot of Omni are in Borealis or ICC, so that might work there, but there are a lot of Clan players in OA and Tir
Mmir: something like this is a big revival
Mmir: beats my Shadowgates!
Gimpyline: There is also alot of Omni players in Rome, but I think most hangs around in Newland and ICC
Lessthan13: Guess I’ll turn off the pi I moved the RPNet code too now
Lessthan13: laughs
Sywyyn: If RPNet is up and running, we might be able to incorporate this into there instead or as well. We’ll have to test and see what works best
Lessthan13: It’s not really running yet, moved the code over but its from like 2007. Would need some shoehorning.
Lessthan13: Not jiving with PHP7, etc
Sywyyn: If we can help, let us know. I’m using Budabot for this new bot, but I imagine the modules can be converted if need be
Mmir: You folks completely lose me with this bot programming
Hilfy: nods
Hilfy: I think we can leave Sy and 12 to figure it out. Glad to hear there is progress on this. :smiley:
Sywyyn: nods
Lessthan13: 12 :expressionless:
Hilfy: Well, it’s less than 13.
Hilfy: Anything else regarding bots before we move on?

Agenda point 3

Hilfy: Ok. Stand alone RP events.
Hilfy: I’ve run out of ideas for Omni, or cross-faction events. If someone has something they’d like to run that would be awesome. Clan side, might try a dinner party at the Happy Rebel, maybe we can tie that in with the new CoT speaker somehow, like a Meet and Greet?
Hilfy: We do now have a whole TWO Omnis so that may help in starting up thing on Omni side. :smiley:
Gimpyline: hehe
Lessthan13: It only takes 3 to defeat the Cybermen
Gimpyline: I still cant play much, so one and a half. A few weeks more and the shoulder should hopefully be ok again
Hilfy: I’ll send an e-mail to ARK latter to brainstorm and see what could be done with a meet and greet.
Hilfy: Oi. Glad to hear that Gimpi!
Mmir: nods
Sywyyn: I would like to say that Omni RP has been on our radar for a bit, so we would love to see ideas come from that side
Hilfy: I have RP characters and an org there, but since I’m supposed to be Clan rep it feels a bit odd to be jumping in with Omni stuff. >.>
Lessthan13: I’m still a flywheel right now. I have an idea I am working on, but not sure how to engage :slight_smile:
Lessthan13: Was hoping Tyma was going to show up.
Hilfy: There is a forum post for stand alone events, feel free to add things in to draw people in.
Gimpyline: Ine thing there I would love to see is a event at Rosses portrait in galaway.Some kind of memory thing of the old great days
Lessthan13: One of them CR Arks moved my RP Thread over, so I can try to do that again. Just going out of town on Business for a week starting tomorrow.
Hilfy: The Art auction we had earlier this year was an awesome success. We had a few of the non-regular RPers pop in.
Leileena: nods
Hilfy: nods, “I saw that. Cool.”
Hilfy: I’ve been low on AO play time. Trying to keep computer time to minimum while waiting for nerves to stop acting up, but you can always message me on forums or Discord.

Agenda point 4

Hilfy: Ok, if nothing more for events. Last one from me!
Hilfy: I’ve heard a rumour that AO forums may be changing to the new FC forums format. Do we have any ideas on whom to poke for suggestions? I think the RP section could be better organized if it were to get a whole new forum.
Sywyyn: Last I heard there was no set timeline for AO to be moved, but it is coming
Mmir: I’ve heard it’s in the pipeline, that’s all.
Hilfy: nods
Hilfy: Hopefully they don’t forget to include an RP section. :stuck_out_tongue:
Sywyyn: With the move, we’re hoping to get more moderator access for some more ARKs, including those present, for RP and OOC forums


Hilfy: Awesome. That was all for the agenda. Anyone have anything else to add? We have 20 min before the GSP party.
Mmir: Just from me …
Mmir: I’m working on some ideas which involve aliens a little more. I’m also interested in a new type of Cyborg and some work with Mechs
Mmir: I’m quite keen to get a different angle on the Aliens rather than just kill and defend
Mmir: anyone remember the alien forward base they set up back along?
Mmir: all factions headed over to take it down
Mmir: Anyway. Done :slight_smile:
Hilfy: smiles
Gimpyline: I think I remember something ages ago, but I dont remember the details
Hilfy: Cool, will that be the random anounced events or a longer story arc?
Mmir: Might have to rummage for some screenies and repost :frowning:
Leileena: I remember there were a couple of them, one of them outside Newland city
Mmir: longer story really. I want to find a different Hive
Mmir: if there is one
Hilfy: cheers, “Sounds neat, look forwards to it.”
Hilfy: looks around. “Anything else? If not, wer’re done early and can dress pretty for the party.”
Lessthan13: In the Discord , before, You all were talking about the Omegas before. Where does that currently stand? In brainstorming, I find it difficult to plan as an Omni when such a cloud looming.
Mmir: Ophyr?
Mmir: sec, conferring
Lessthan13: Sure. I have a plan, Just want to make sure it jives before I pop off with it.
Mmir: hmm, seems there is still a lot of unknown mystery with the Omegas
Mmir: Would be fun to see it :slight_smile:
Lessthan13: They’re technically still, largely, an unknown entity as far as the storyline and outside actors are concerned, right?
Mmir: Ophyr?
Lessthan13: What I mean is, SOL doesn’t know they’re here and are about to invade and junk.
Lessthan13: something like that would complicate my situation.
Lessthan13: Make me need to change directions.
Hilfy: There was an ARK story line a while back where the Omega was revealed, was there not? If I recall it involved Tombak and that unknown virus that was going around.
Gimpyline: Its a bit strange that Max haven’t poped up or atleast left a word after his dubble ganger was killed
Mmir: We need to do some research so we can pop this on the next agenda?
Hilfy: nods, “Ok. Putting “Omega issues.” on next agenda.”
Mmir: We’ve been working in a slightly different direction so it’s good to step back and check
Hilfy: Next GCM will be in May.
Lessthan13: That’s fine. I’ll keep moving forward, since it’s at such a slow pace anyway. If we need to abort in the future I can do so.
Mmir: I’m sure we can work with you on this
Lessthan13: I am sure. I will PM you my SUPER SECRET DOCUMENT
Lessthan13: And you can review it
Mmir: looks up in horror
Mmir: Sure!
Mmir: grins
Gimpyline: Just remember that you have to eat it after you read it
Gimpyline: So it dont fall in to wrong hands
Mmir: Sywyyn can eat it, he’s bigger than me
Mmir: um, or it is
Sywyyn: hehe
Mmir: oh
Hilfy: How dfdo you eat it if it’s emailed, do you have to eat the whole lap top or do you print it off?
Mmir: giggles
Gimpyline: Yes, thats how we do it on Omni side

GCM Log for May 2018, in which we discuss the following agenda points, and also decide to have weekly RP meetings in Newland, see point three:

Agenda Point 1 – On Locking The Tower Hilfy: Ok, then...Hello all! And welcome to another GCM!
Hilfy: Our agenda today is mostly a rough catching up from last time and then whoever has something to add.
Hilfy: First, locking down the CoT tower. Anything progress with that?
Hilfy: Kittie?
Kittiefixie: No, I still have nothing on that. I'm not sure where elso to go on that.
Kittiefixie: Maybe I need to bribe someone.
Mmir (GM): We used to lock it didn't we?
Hilfy nods
Hilfy: It's mostly an IC choise atm, since many of the meeting were of a sensitive nature IC.
Kittiefixie: I've sent mail to Silverstone on here, and also to some Events email from Hannah about the new security protocols and asking about it, but no answer.
Kowari: Why not IC "lock" it then?
Kittiefixie: It's pretty difficult ding security when people literally fly their Yalms in through me.
Hilfy: Question: The security and lock down works for the active RPers, does it seem a bit exclusive and unwelcoming towards anyone not active and just currious to really, physically lock the doors?
Kittiefixie: Or appear afterwards when it's supposed to be locked.
Kowari locks the CoT tower from here with a really long key
Zagadka: Well, to go back.. 4 months... it would be ideal to have a key dupe system like it takes to get people into an apartment
Mmir (GM): hmm, let me check on any mails which should have come our way and get back.
Mmir (GM): Would be fun to lock it but you'd need a door person for latecomers heh
Kittiefixie: I don't think many people accidentally stumble in during the meeting, but I would not mind staying outside the whole time either
Anamelle: Frankly, I would feel put off if I haad an IC reason to turn up at the CoT and found the door locked.
Kowari nods Zagadka: Well, we can always post a pocket at the entrance to greet newcomers
Kittiefixie: I usually have an IC line open with Zag when I'm out anywhere, so I could still be asked about meeting things too
Anamelle: Do you get a lot of people flying their yalms in?
Zagadka: JUst so Kittie can come in :-)
Mmir (GM): Perhaps have it as an option in case of emergency? Or particularly sensitive meetings?
Kittiefixie: Ana: It has happened
Kittiefixie: Also, the Security rules says that latecomers san always poke me and I'll come let them in
Zagadka: There is the good point of a newbie coming along a bit late...
Zagadka: May not know the rules
Kittiefixie: Yes, definitely
Hilfy: We could say that IC, a guard must have looked their ID over and sent them in.
Kittiefixie: Yes, that too could work
Kowari: If you want more people joining though. Actual barriers is probably not the way to go.
Mmir (GM): If you start to advertise it more in the future which I can see will happen, it may be you want new folks to find it easy to get in initially.
Zagadka: Well, in RP terms, our database hack leads us to the lockdown
Mmir (GM) nods
Anamelle: I think there's a balance to consider between having the tower locked both IC and OOC and being encouraaging for new players who might not know all the rules etc.
Kittiefixie: As I say also, I would not mind staying outside most of the time to actually greet people and tell them about the meeting
Hilfy: Aye, the last time I did a Clan OOC announcement for it quite a few random people came out. Most also flew yalmahs in to the door. :P
Kittiefixie: And if I'm standing there, I could give out keys too
Kittiefixie: My security isn't very exclusive :p
Kittiefixie: And it gives people an RP interaction
Hilfy: Maybe we need a giant, blue named Snetinel to stand with Hannah?
Hilfy: *Sentinel
Kittiefixie: I might also make an alt to 'hire' to stand out there, if that would work better.
Zagadka: Well, for now, we can go for a IC lockdown, and leave an alt at the entrance
Kittiefixie: Okay!
Mmir (GM): I'm just wondering about a possible alternative but it would need one of us around. I'll look into it.
Zagadka: Blue name would help, yea
Mmir (GM): ah we are thinking the same thoughts
Hilfy: Awesome. So we can say we have new ideas and more options to consider for this. \o/
Kittiefixie: Mmir: I'm head of security for CoT, so if you need/want to talk to me about it later or something, I'm definitely up for bouncing ideas.
Kittiefixie: Or if emails have disappeared.
Mmir (GM): mhm, I think I have a good answer for it, let's talk later then Kittie
Hilfy looks around the group
Hilfy: Any last additions to this topic before I move on?
Hilfy: Ok, moving on!
Agenda Point 2 – On an RP Announcement Bot Hilfy: Topic 2: RP announcement bot thingie, any progress? Sy?
Sywyyn (GM): Nothing yet. I've been super busy lately and haven't had a chance to work on it
Hilfy nods, "Totaly understandable. Shelving it for the next meeting then."
Agenda Point 3 – On Stand-Alone Events Hilfy: Topic 3: Stand-alone events.
Hilfy: I was supposed to put a Clan one together I have totaly not had a chance to work on. Again, nerf real life. Anyone else have ideas feel free to plot something!
Mmir (GM): hmm
Kittiefixie raises hand
Hilfy: Oh no, Mmir is thinking. Everyone is insured, right?
Mmir (GM): is this where I say something about what we are planning? Or should I keep all that secret?
Anamelle: Just putting it out there, I've just returned to AO and I'll be more thaan happy to help with anything.
Hilfy: Up to you Mmir!
Mmir (GM): I don't mind mentioning a couple of things
Mmir (GM): I like transparancy and I'm not giving too much away because you won't know much about it
Hilfy nods
Mmir (GM): We are working on several storyline ideas at teh moment
Zagadka: Side note from a bit earlier (was afk)... announcements on Discord for events would be nice
Mmir (GM): One involves SL and omega
Zagadka: SL RP would be nice, yea
Trading with Zagadka.
Kittiefixie: I was just about to ask how to best advertise for player events too, because it feels the forum doesn't help much with reaching people.
Mmir (GM): Another one involves the return of the Dust Brigade in a way that hasn't been seen since 2007
Kittiefixie tries very hard not to say something about Dust Bunnies
Mmir (GM): As thuings are developing, with Discord and new forums, we are getting a sharp rise in what we as Ark are doing but it's great news because FC are investing in us, in the game and into the players.
Gumiho starts typing in an Omni HQ request for supper sized cleaning bots.
Mmir (GM): The Dusties are back! heh
Mmir (GM): Well, soon
Mmir (GM): So really,
Mmir (GM): It's just to let you know we are not standing back. The other line being looked at was something I might have mentioed before
Zagadka nods
Mmir (GM): Regarding Aliens but I won't mention that yet, suffice to say it will be very interesting.
Mmir (GM): done
Hilfy: Awesome.
Tarasque has arrived and will be immortal for 30 minutes.
Mmir (GM): Welcome Tarasque
Kittiefixie: At last, he returns
Hilfy: Immortality is such a short lived thing nowdays. 30 min only.
Zagadka: heh
Anamelle: Legacy of the Xan was released after 2007, are you saying this will be bigger than that? :P
Kowari: hehe
Mmir (GM): Noo, but we can change things in a way, while although temporary, gives a whole new feel to something for a while
Mmir (GM): example:
Mmir (GM): those shadowgates.. although a one off event, it was great fun and captured a lot of imaginations. FC included. I didn't tell them what I was doing so we had a lot of worried fc scratching heads but they loved it too.
Mmir (GM): tbh, almost all of that was effects
Mmir (GM): But I love visual drama
Kowari: Hello
Anamelle: Hiya
Hilfy: Heya Red
Kittiefixie: I saw someone had streamed it. It looked amazing.
Mmir (GM): hi ther
Kittiefixie: Hello Red!
Redtricks: Hello
Mmir (GM): yes, superb
Mmir (GM): Oh, other point, last thing
Hilfy: Oh! I was going to ask that might as well put it here. Anyone able or willing to stream some of the bigger events that ARK runs?
Mmir (GM): I'm working on a lowbie idea centered around totw. I wa there the other day and the place is heaving! So i thought lets get some action down that end in some way or another.
Zagadka: Or at least record the events so we can archive them?
Mmir (GM): That would be perfect
Leileena: I've done some events in ToTW a few years back, was quite fun
Hilfy smiles and stares at the tech guru little trox.
Mmir (GM): I do take screenies when I can for fourth wall but it's very hard if I'm spawning and buffing things
Zagadka: Just need a camera operator to film things ;-)
Mmir (GM): btw, the new forum has screenies up for the last couple we did
Kittiefixie: I would offer to stream some, but I honestly haven't gotten AO to work with any of my streaming software.
Kittiefixie: I might have to look into that too.
Zagadka nods
Mmir (GM): it's a way to capture new players
Hilfy nods
Mmir (GM): anything which is unpredictable is going to draw in people
Hilfy: Streaming and video seems to be what most people go for now, rather than reading long threads so it may help draw attention to AO's RP and events.
Anamelle: That would need some system for announcing events so the streamers can get there.
Hilfy: Discord?
Mmir (GM): yes, we really hope we can get that done one day maybe with sy's work later
Anamelle: Discord would work
Zagadka: We could also have streamers "register" to be notified
Kittiefixie: I'm a fan even of super vague announcements, like: 'There is a rumour of a thing around this area'
Mmir (GM): nice
Zagadka: Keeps the communication going
Mmir (GM): yes, those would be good. Thing is, with those shadowgates ..
Mmir (GM): They were up for several hours
Hilfy: The register idea for streamers is nice.
Mmir (GM): so lots of folks saw them before the event started
Mmir (GM): that was teh key for so many being there
Mmir (GM): Anyway, I'm shutting up :)
Kittiefixie: And that shadowgate thing was amazing in that. It was both an announcement and it got people talking and speculting
Hilfy throws a cookie to Mmir
Mmir (GM): mhm, some folks resubbed!
Mmir (GM): thinking we had a new pf
Mmir (GM) catches the Cookie and gratefully stows it inside his Large Metal Box
Kittiefixie: I hope that cookie was insured...
Hilfy: Anything else for events, big ones or small? Save a Leet lemonade stand?
Zagadka: Do we still want to do that extraction event for Hannah?
Kowari: Is anyone doing anything smaller, little reasons to log in on a weekend?
Zagadka: I want to address that a bit later, Kowan
Kittiefixie: How do we do usefully advertise events? Is it best to use Discord for it now?
Anamelle: Excuse me one moment
Zagadka: 123 people on right now, far more than read the 4th wall
Mmir (GM): Would be an idea to really push Discord to players as an option for more info, friendship etc
Kittiefixie: That sounds like it would work, then. Just a bit scared announcements would get lost in scrollback
Zagadka: And of course, I would think that working with GSP would be nice
Hilfy: Agreed, it gets more use than Skype too.
Zagadka: Maybe talk to SG and get a IC channel
Zagadka: Dunno how thyat would be organized, but...
Kittiefixie: I guess reposting announcements a few time too to cover different time zones?
Kittiefixie: I'd like an IC channel too, honestly
Kittiefixie: Like we have on here.
Hilfy: Same, he did mention having one planned but we'll have to poke him.
Kittiefixie: Like some sort of grid radio feed thing. :D
Hilfy: Yes!
Zagadka: We could call it Grid Strea- oh
Kittiefixie laughs
Redtricks blinks
Hilfy: GridChat?
Kittiefixie: I'm up for it
Dharzee chuckles.
Zagadka: We'll figure something out
Kittiefixie: With a grid triangle as a logo, with a speech bubble
Hilfy grins
Kittiefixie: I could draw that. :p
Kittiefixie: Best fictional chat app
Mmir (GM) looks at Dharzee with interest
Kittiefixie: All comms and datapads comes with it preinstalled :p
Redtricks: Bloatware?
Hilfy: So more progress on how to advertise events and RP outsid eof AO. Zagadka, you had something to comment on for stand-alone small events?
Zagadka: Just the extraction event thing. Or more like that.
Kowari: If SG doesn't make an IC channel. Would there be any interest in a separate Discord server for AO RP?
Zagadka: I'd say no, it would basically be us...
Redtricks: Isn't that the case now?
Hilfy: I would not mind, but it may be nice to keep it all in one spot. Again, make it more easily accessible to new people or those with a casual interest.
Kowari nods
Redtricks shrugs
Kittiefixie: Kowari: I wouldn't mind, but I'm not sure how used it would be. I'd be there, though.
Hilfy: We do have a Skype atm, but its getting little use lately.
Kowari: I haven't been around at all, just lurking, but do you guys do any regular social RP or anything?
Kittiefixie: Yes, Most people I know are on Discord or Telegram now. Few are on Skype now.
Kittiefixie: The CoT is a regular thing.
Zagadka: Forum, Discord, and ingame notices would probably suffice
Kowari: Hm. CoT is every 2 months, though. And only really for clanners.
Redtricks: There's the bots, and occasional social RP. I don't know, I'm either on when nobody else is or then I'm on and can't commit
Hilfy: CoT and this meeting alternate. We had talked about making a regular bar night or something but again, that was me and I never got to it. >.>
Zagadka: I wanted to talk about Omni (again) in another section
Anamelle: Is there a gathering spot where people go when they feel like doing some casual RP?
Kowari: What if there was a weekly time where everyone gathers at a bar, and perhaps every other week, someone DMs a small event?
Redtricks: Anamelle, I've a feeling that's Newland, since we have this statue sitting there most of the time for sure
Redtricks nudges Leileena
Leileena hides
Kittiefixie: As far as I know, different time zones is a big problem too.
Leileena: I'm quite busy lately so I don't have a lot of energy to play AO, but for a weekly sort of thing I might be persuaded to move to the bar for a chat or something
Redtricks: I pop by around in the Cup or Newland on the off chance
Kittiefixie: People are spread all over. It would help if the times differed too.
Zagadka: If we focused on one bar, that wouldh elp. When you have a dozen and people get spread out..
Kowari: What about weekends? We could probably find a time that suits most people. It'll never be perfect, but nothing ever is
Zagadka: Saturdays about right now seem to work best for everyone
Hilfy: Well, how about we just now vote for a coffee shop day or something at 18:00 GMT when we're not having a CoT or GCM?
Kittiefixie: Sundays would work the best for me
Hilfy: I'm good with Sat or Sunday.
Kittiefixie: Or non-CoT/GCM Saturdays
Zagadka: We could keep the same pattern with Saturdays
Redtricks: Why can't you do both Sat and Sunday for a while and see what works best?
Kowari: I'd be happy with saturdays
Anamelle: I'm good for Saaturdays
Kittiefixie: For a weekly thing Sunday works best, but if not either works
Anamelle rips the "A" key out of her keyboard
Redtricks: It screams so deliciously
Leileena: I on occasion get dragged along to a raid on saturdays but I'm usually available both days
Kittiefixie: Mmmmm
Redtricks eyes tha "A"
Kittiefixie: Weekly bar hang sounds nice.
Hilfy: Ok then, suggested location?
Kowari: Probably somewhere neutral
Anamelle: How about here?
Redtricks: Newland's obviously easiest. This place has charm
Zagadka: Newland might be easier for new people to find
Kittiefixie: Neuts? This place is so easy to get lost in
Hilfy: The food court area outside of Neuters R Us has been used a lot, could go with that.
Zagadka: Works for me
Leileena: I'm probably biassed in this :P
Redtricks mutters
Kittiefixie: It is pretty well established, yes
Kowari: Ooooh yeeeah
Redtricks: And Newland sales taxes win again
Anamelle: I'll share a drink with Dante while we're there.
Tarasque is no longer immortal.
Leileena: I have bills to pay!
Kittiefixie: Maybe Holly would like to come out an be social... :)
Kittiefixie grins
Redtricks eyes Kittiefixie nervously
Hilfy: So: Regular RP Meet-up, Sat & Sunday at 18:00 GMT in Newland food court.
Leileena: Oh can we check if all the NPCs work there though?
Kittiefixie giggles disconcertingly
Redtricks: How do you mean Leil?
Leileena: They break fairly frequently and there has been a party recently
Redtricks: Party?
Kowari: I can occasionally run RP missions after meeting up at Neuters
Leileena: Often the bartenders and food providers arn't interactable
Leileena: Yeah the RK day thing
Redtricks: Rocket salad squad there b0rked them?
Kittiefixie: Hilfy: I'm up for that schedule
Zagadka: Run, Tara, run!
Leileena: So yeah if any of them refuse service they may need a tactical nuking
Kowari: Sounds like a good time
Redtricks: Oh yeah, that thing
Zagadka: Keeping a regular schedule is best for getting new people... CoT doesn't have much new business, but the pattern keeps us ready for things
Hilfy: AGreed.
Hilfy: And maybe we can get an OT something going too.
Kittiefixie: I'll not be there tomorrow, because I already have plans, but... from next week. :)
Zagadka: OT discussion scheduled for later ;-)
Kowari: Would anyone be interested in occasional events and RP at those times, too? ie: meeting up at the bar and going on a little quest
Redtricks: Kowari, Anamelle, have these leetbrains told you about the bots yet?
Gumiho sticks her tongue out at Zagadka
Hilfy: I would be, Kowari.
Kittiefixie: Kowari: That sounds amazing.
Leileena: I'm often too tired to participate in events but I'd join when able
Anamelle: The bots?
Kittiefixie: I'm all for people instigating trouble
Redtricks: Oh dear me.
Anamelle: Are there OOC and IC bots then?
Redtricks: Yes.
Kowari grins
Anamelle: ooooo
Redtricks: ./tell rkroleooc !join
Kowari: I'll DM some when I can, then
Redtricks: ./tell rkrole !join
Anamelle: Thanks!
Kittiefixie: Whoo!
Redtricks: Pleasure, et cetera ad infinitum
Mmir (GM): ooh, are Anamelle and Kowari new erm, to us here sort of?
Anamelle: I'm a returning player, Mmir. It's been a few years.
Kowari: Sort of, I guess. We used to RP in AO lots, years and years ago
Mmir (GM): wow that's nice
Redtricks nods
Kittiefixie: Welcome back! :D
Hilfy: \o/
Mmir (GM): glad to see you both :)
Kowari: Thanks :)
Anamelle: o/
Anamelle: Thanks!
Redtricks: Welcome back indede!
Redtricks: Erm, indeed.
Hilfy: btw - The After Party part of the meeting has started so feel free to tune into Gemi's show!
Kittiefixie: Oooh!
Kowari: Jacked in and receiving in the earholes.
Hilfy: We're running over a bit, it's all good! Do we have more for the events part?
Anamelle: I missed GSP soooo much...
Anamelle: I just realised that.
Gemmikins: Awww.
Kittiefixie: GSP is amazing
Hilfy: <3
Kittiefixie: I listen to it a lot even when not even in AO <3
Redtricks: As you can see, they've just kept on staying awesome, Anamelle
Gemmikins: We try to.
Anamelle: Oh yeah
Hilfy: I'We had one last point for the meeting.
Kittiefixie: Hilfy: I don't think I have anything to add
Redtricks shrugs
Agenda Point 4 – On The New Forums Hilfy: Topic 4: New forums:
Hilfy: As most have noticed by now, we're getting a new home for those.
Hilfy: I've sent a request to have some threads copied over, and have made copies of a few others to remake them on the forums. Nice clean CoT post will be made with all the current times and rules.
Kittiefixie: Whooo!
Hilfy: Ooops, Zagadka had something to say about Omnis too.
Zagadka: Well, nothing new, just wanted to check regularly about getting an Omni player org going
Zagadka: Having an opposing force to RP with would be nice
Anamelle: I could roll an alt
Anamelle: To help out
Kowari: Yeah, obviously every story needs a villain :P
Gumiho adjusts her ID tags. "All are welcome if they want to be Omni."
Redtricks: Soap and shampoo
Zagadka: I had an alt and the intent to start something, but found no interest
Anamelle: I'll be sure to get a moustache to twirl
Kittiefixie: Graham isn't very OT kind of, but I have a few OT chars who might like an org
Zagadka: Was thinking of organizing a regular meeting, like CoT, and trying to get people to swing in
Hilfy: I've spent most of my AO time Omni. Don't mind playing the villain if that's what we need.
Zagadka: Anyway, that's my dead horse to beat. Maybe once hte forums move over we can get something going.
Kittiefixie: I am the villain wherever I go. Only Hannah being super pure, the sweetheart. <3
Kittiefixie: Yes please, Zag.
Zagadka: Anyway, done with that obligation ;-)
Hilfy: Is anyone from Omni-Pol still around?
Leileena: I still have chars there but I'm probably less OP than you are at this point Hilfy: Well, we can shelf resurecting OT till the new forums are up!
Kowari nods
Zagadka: Yea, if we get these new communication channels, we'll be better off
Kowari: We'll have fun without them.
Redtricks: Corporate restructuring in Q3
Zagadka: Anyway, back to what you were tlaking about
Kittiefixie: Communication is always a good thing.
Hilfy: Aye!
Kittiefixie: I'm hoping the new forums will be a happy place.
Hilfy: I said my 2 cents worth for the forums. Anything to add? Does ARK know if we get our own RPers section on the forums?
Sywyyn (GM): We will
Redtricks bites lip over music
Hilfy: \o/
Leileena: I believe that's already added on the unpublished AO part
Redtricks: I was just going to make a comment about ARK black magic...
Zagadka: Blue magic
Leileena: Odonoptera was porting stuff over
Kittiefixie: Whooo for RP section!
Redtricks: Whatwho insect?
Leileena: The community manager :P
Hilfy: I'm happy for an RP section. *puts away the voodoo dolls and chicken* Won't need those it seems...
Redtricks: Is an insect?
Leileena: I can neither confirm or deny that
Kittiefixie reaches for the chicken
Redtricks: Oh, okay. Flying thing anyway.
Hilfy: Awesome. Any additions to the forum topic?
Mmir (GM): Erm
Mmir (GM): reading up quickly
Hilfy looks around and waits.
Zagadka: Can I complain? My name is stuck at Razi ;-)
Kittiefixie: Not for now. I need to register there so I can have a look around.
Hilfy: Ok. Any other things and ideas to add in general?
Redtricks: I'm fresh out.
Kethend (GM) huggles Gemmi
Gemmikins huggles Kethend!
Mmir (GM): Agree with Sywyyn. new forums are looking very good. Anarrina is working very hard with her team getting things over from the old forums. Whjat strikes me as exciting are two things
Kittiefixie: Where do I put the meeting log after the meeting?
Kittiefixie: New forum? Old forum?
Mmir (GM): 1. FC are listening to what we want. They do feel tehy have left us a bit by the wayside and want to address that.
Hilfy: Kittie: Feel free to hold off on it till we get the new forums up.
Kittiefixie: Okay, sure thing!
Zagadka: Or post it on the old forum as well as the new, to bridge. But that is more work ;-)
Anamelle: Thanks evryone for the warm welcome. It's great to be back.
Redtricks: <3
Hilfy: <3
Kowari nods
Anamelle smiles
Kowari: Seconded
Hilfy: Look forwards to RPing with you!
Kittiefixie: Happy to see you back!v Mmir (GM): 2. The new forum gives instant links to all the fc games which is actually quite funv
Agenda Points are over, here people are winding down Redtricks shrugs
Hilfy: ...and it will be with a new RP toon latter on. Hilfy will be taking time off to chill with yuttos or something in a month.
Anamelle: Looking forward to RPing with you too!
Redtricks: Fresh injections of madness. Woop!
Anamelle: Chliing with yuttos is great. They'll sing to you.
Kowari: Drinking ottou milk and singing in Norwegian?
Redtricks grins
Hilfy: Why yes! How did you guess?
Kowari: heheh
Kittiefixie: Gemmi: Move further away from the fire if the heat is a problem!
Redtricks: Great minds. No further comment.
Hilfy: Ok. As we're now getting silly. I'll call this meeting done! Thank you all for coming. Now let's tune in and dance. :D
Kittiefixie: Thank you all for being awesome!
Kowari: Thanks all :)
Redtricks: Pass on dancing! I left my feet in bed.
Zagadka: Good hunting (and dancing)!
Kittiefixie: Thank you to the arks who came by too, as always!
Hilfy: Happy whatever you take up doing next!
Mmir (GM): Thank you for having us!
Redtricks pokes tongue at Leil
Leileena: :D
Redtricks: There, it's not Swimming Expertise, but...
Mmir (GM): It's rare I can come visible!
Hilfy: Ty for taking the time to come out ARK! It's great to hear your imput.
Kittiefixie: I'll try to take over meeting logging after Hilfy leaving us for the Yuttos Redtricks eyes Mmir
Mmir (GM) pulls out Redtricks eyes
Redtricks: That reminds me to scream and run around aimlessly when it sinks in you were here
Redtricks: ...
Redtricks [insert screeching]
Kittiefixie runs Systolic on Red
Anamelle: Hrm... all my dancing scripts are gone...
Kowari: Just type /chicken lots
Hilfy: Hmm, I guess new forums may need a dance script archive.
Anamelle: lol
Dharzee: You can get the GSP sample scripts at:
Kittiefixie: I'll end logging here :p
Anamelle: Thanks!

Quick reminder, the next Green Cloaks Meeting is coming up on July 7th at 18:00 GMT, followed by an after-party with GSP at 19:00 GMT.

Meeting co-ordinator: Kittiefixie
Agenda: TBD

I read that roleplayers look for someone that can invite to Omni-Pol. For the next few days I got a MP Squad commander in Omni-Pol that can invite to the org

Sorry I’m a bit late with the log, I went on a vacation and I didn’t have the time I hoped during it to put the log up (also, no internet, but the time was the issue). But there it is, and I apologise for the wait!

Summary: The time for CoT and the GCM will be at 18.00 GMT for a while at least to see if that time will work better for people. The regular Saturday RP event in Newland should also be at that time.

ARK Events will be asked about the bot progress and about where we can turn about maybe adding news to the game launcher. GridStream Productions are as always awesome and will also keep on trying to advertise events they know about.

The Council of Truth is looking for an MP for CoT Stuff still. Please apply.


Attendance Kittiefixie starts a log document for the meeting
Zagadka: Think that is it for attendance?
Kittiefixie: Could everyone here just... raise an hand for the log?
Escoryon: o/
Leileena raises a hand
Qora waves a hand in the air
Gimpyline raises hand
Accellerator raises a hand
Zagadka waves the half-eaten gingerleet in the air
Kittiefixie raises her hand as well
Dharzee hides in the background.
Kittiefixie: Okay, thank you!
Agenda Point 1 – When are things actually held, timewise?
Gimpyline: so is this the greencloaks or the afterparty s9ince we are an hour late?
Kittiefixie: The meeting
Gimpyline: ah ok
Kittiefixie: This is when it's supposed to be, as far as I know.
Kittiefixie: The same time as CoT is at
Gimpyline: Nope, check the forum
Zagadka: We can talk about that now
Kittiefixie: Yes, let us!
Gimpyline: 18:00 gmt, one hour ago
Kittiefixie nods
Kittiefixie: If you want to leave until the party starts, I could poke you after the meeting, Gimpy?
Gimpyline: hehe, no
Gimpyline: just pointing out that its an hour later than ushual
Dharzee started the music and will be DJing quietly anyhow as he hides in the background.
Kittiefixie: Who wants to lead the discussion on times?
Zagadka: We basically have 3 meetings; Greencloaks, CoT, and the regularly scheduled RP time...
Zagadka: What we were thinking would be that it would be easiest to use one time for all three
Zagadka: That being, 1900 GMT
Zagadka: Think we can run with that?
Gimpyline raises hand
Kittiefixie: I think that would simplify scheduling a lot
Zagadka: Gimpyline?
Gimpyline: If its moved one hour, I cant be here for the afterparty, it would be too late soince I have to go to work tomorrow
Kittiefixie raises an hand
Zagadka: We have a hard time finding good times for everyone...
Zagadka: Kittie?
Kittiefixie: What would happen if we moved them all earlier with an hour, then? Just as a thought?
Gimpyline: Would be good for me
Zagadka: So, do everything at 1800?
Kittiefixie: Would it be good with the US people?
Accellerator: would be ok with me
Zagadka: Should be. That would be 11 AM for daylight time.
Accellerator: Zagadka, you on eastern time
Zagadka: Well, let's roll with that then. I'll update the site etc, so post it around to make sure people get it - especially ARK
Kittiefixie: Then maybe we could try that for a month or two and see if it helps?
Zagadka: Pacific
Accellerator: ok
Zagadka: What's next?
Kittiefixie: I don't have an agenda. I've just been asked to keep logs and put them on the forums...
Agenda Point 2 – What about that bot?
Zagadka: Did we have any movement on the bot?
Kittiefixie looks around
Kittiefixie: Are there any ARKs here?
Kittiefixie: I think they were supposed to do the bot thing
Gimpyline: I think there was something about event bots, but no arks, so..
Agenda Point 3 – Where are the Omnis and Omni events? Zagadka: OK... anything with an Omni RP org?
Kittiefixie: Maybe they forgot about the meeting. We can send them an email after the meeting and then update the log post after.
Zagadka: Yea, having them just reply to the bullet points here would be OK...
Kittiefixie: Okay!
Zagadka: So, nothing on OT... is there anything else? We're kinda light here w/o ARK
Gimpyline: I have not seen any omni RP since I got back. I think the omni rp is pretty dead
Escoryon: I think a couple of people have Omni-Pol characters still?
Zagadka: Yea :-/
Gimpyline: I had a Omni-Pol member that could invite during the free week, but no one contacted me
Zagadka: Continues to be a problem...
Zagadka: Don't think we have a solution this month, then
Kittiefixie: If people are interested in OT RP, maybe there could be Omni aligned events at least? Could help draw people from that side in.
Kittiefixie: Or do we need Omni-Pol in particular for something?
Gimpyline: I can invite into Omniø-Mining, but I'm not sure if people are interested in mining events
Zagadka: Maybe if we had better announcement of events. Most players know nothing about current events
Leileena: Mining is awesome \o/
Zagadka: Oh, Clans and mining conflicts go hand in hand ;-)
Kittiefixie: I only did mining in EvE
Gimpyline: The recipie for a omni mining member is easy, just be a ***** bashing on clanners and be focused on proffits, hehe
Zagadka: It would be nice to have an Unredeemed representative in the investigations the CoT is doing...
Zagadka: That is another issue, for later
Zagadka: Getting ahead of myself, heh
Kittiefixie nods
Zagadka: Well, we'll ponder the Omni issue for another cycle
Zagadka: If someone does have an Omni event, we would be happy to play evil or whatnot
Gimpyline: By the way, I ran into Swiftmind during the free week, The founder of Omni Mining. A lot of old players got a taste of ao again
Kittiefixie: That sounds nice, Gimpy.
Gimpyline: Hopefully some of them will return
Agenda Point 4 – In which we bring up various ways to share news and reports Zagadka: Hm, it would actually help if FC kept an event log... any kind of news report...
Kittiefixie: Of their events and player events?
Kittiefixie: Didn't the Events team have a thred on the forum about theirs?
Zagadka: Yea. They tried the official reporter system and that kinda died down, so something officially recognized would help...
Kittiefixie: I'll point it out especially in the email.
Zagadka: Thanks
Zagadka: Anything else on Omni outreach?
Dharzee: Maybe see if they can put something on the loading/launcher screen for occasions when you have something big planned?
Zagadka: Launcher news would be nice, it is kinda wasted now, yea
Kittiefixie: And maybe GSP could help point it out as well, Dharzee?
Zagadka: Since they probably aren't going to add more to AO, news uypdates may interest some people in staying around
Kittiefixie nods again
Dharzee: Yeah, we can try. Even if we don't have an official promo to play on air I always try to give shout-outs to things I know are coming up, I'm sure the other DJs do too
Kittiefixie: Thank you.
Agenda Point 5 – The Council of Truth is looking for an MP Zagadka: Anything else?
Zagadka: The only thing Clan side is looking for a MP. No bites yet, I'd like to be able to move on that storyline next month...
Exeunt: I forgot my vegetables
Exeunt waves
Leileena: Esco is levelling his but I have no idea what his plans are with that
Kittiefixie: Just any MP, or any particular one, Zagadka?
Zagadka: Yea, doesn't *have* to be a MP, but that makes the most sense
Exeunt: I actually have a clan MP, but too many hats to wear
Zagadka: Then again, I should be a crat if we wanted to make sense
Gimpyline: Been thinking about starti8ng up LPA again.. Leet protection agency but without ark promoting leet fights like they did back in the day its sort of pointless
Zagadka: Yea, I was hoping to bring in someoene new for the position
Qora: Petition to start the Kyr'Ozch Preservation Society?
Gimpyline: hehe
Leileena: like in jars of formaldehyde?
Exeunt: You can hear Zag from the shade couch?
Qora: Yea ^^
Exeunt: Shade couch +1 !1
Zagadka: We seem to be sliding into after-party talk
Zagadka: So, any other issues before sending this off to ARK and the public?
Exeunt: Ah, dagnabbit.
Kittiefixie: Just a summary, maybe, so everyone is on the same page?
Zagadka: Sure
Exeunt: Please
Gimpyline turns the page
Gimpyline: yup¨
Agenda Point 6 – Where we have a summary Kittiefixie: Should I do the summary since I'll send the email?
Zagadka: Go ahead
Gimpyline: Sounds good
Kittiefixie: Okay, so: First of all, the time for CoT and the GCM will be at 18.00 GMT for a while at least to see if that time will work better. The regular RP events should also be at that time. Saturdays for all of them?
Zagadka nods
Gimpyline nods
Exeunt: Sunday hair of the dog bar crawls didn't pan out?
Exeunt adds hyphens
Gimpyline: sounds interesting
Kittiefixie: Second: ARK Events will be asked about the bot progress. I'll also ask them where we can turn about maybe adding news to the game launcher. They should at least know.
Kittiefixie: Okay, I can add Sunday to the Regular RP Event too
Exeunt shrugs
Zagadka: We dpm'
Kittiefixie: Third: We're looking for an MP for CoT Stuff still. Please apply.
Zagadka: We don't want to spread too thin on every weekend
Zagadka: So I think we should stick to Saturdays
Zagadka: ARK has their internal things on Sundays, as well
Kittiefixie: Okay, good to know.
Kittiefixie: Then let's stick to Saturdays for a while.
Kittiefixie: Anything else?
Zagadka: Alright, thanks everyone
Zagadka: Think it is bedtime ;-)
In which the meeting winds down Gimpyline: Ok gsp, lets party!
Zagadka: Have fun
Kittiefixie: Okay! I'll format the log and put it on the forums tomorrow! Have a good night and party, everyone, and thank you for the meeting
Dharzee: Goodnight Zagadka
Gimpyline: good night
Jezebelle: Okay! Hi everyone! Night, Zagadaka!
Dharzee: Hi Jezebelle
Kittiefixie: The next GCM is at 1st September at 18.00 GMT!
Exeunt: Oh, he is quick
Kittiefixie: Good luck out there!


Meeting starting Kittiefixie: Hello Dharzee and Leileena Dharzee: hi Leileena: hello Kittiefixie: Not many people here today it seems, but we'll see if anyone else shows up Kittiefixie: While waiting: Does anyone have anything to add to the agenda? Leileena looks around Leileena: Not really, I'm just here for the free drinks Kittiefixie: Okay Kittiefixie offers Leil a cup of tea Leileena: \o/ Kittiefixie: Okay, I'll give this a few more minutes, then bring up some updates and reminders, and then call the meeting over if nothing else is added Kittiefixie: Okay, another is on their way in Kittiefixie dances a little while waiting Gimpyline: My clock must be wrong. I was sure it was an hour ago Kittiefixie: I think this is the best we can hope for today, so... should we get started? This won't be a very long meeting, I think Kittiefixie: It happens, Gimpy Dharzee: hi Gimpyline Kittiefixie: Glad you're with us now Kittiefixie smiles Kittiefixie: Okay, let's get started! Kittiefixie: Welcome to the Green Cloaks Meeting for September Gimpyline claps Kittiefixie: Attendees are Leileena, DJ Dharzee, Gimpyline, and me, Kittie Kittiefixie: First of all, let's see if there are any updates from the last meeting
Agenda Point 1: Meeting Times Kittiefixie: Agenda point 1: Last meeting we decided to have all the scheduled events at 18.00 GMT. That is, this meeting and CoT alternating months, and the weekly free form meetings. Kittiefixie: How is this turning out? Has this been easier for people to schedule? Leileena: I believe the last CoT had to be canceled due to nobody showing up Gimpyline: I dont go to clan meetings, but this time is good for me Kittiefixie: Yes, I forgot it completely due to... real bad life things, and I'm sorry for that. Leileena: The time works well for me too, and it's nice to have the structure. Kittiefixie: Okay, in that case, I'll suggest we keep this time for now? Leileena nods Gimpyline: Sounds good Kittiefixie: Okay. Any other comments on this point? Leileena: None here Gimpyline: Just a sidenote. Kittiefixie: Go, Gimpy Gimpyline: The reason that I dont play clan is not that I dont want to. Its just that I dont want to know the inside things on clan since I have always been Omni, and I dont want to use things by accident that I find out in clan meetings in rp Kittiefixie: Aaaah Gimpyline: Nothing to to with scedule, but I have been asked why I dont make a clan alt Gimpyline: Thats all I had to say Kittiefixie: Okay, that's good to know. Kittiefixie: Moving on then...
Agenda Point 2: About that bot Kittiefixie: Agenda Point 2: About that bot Kittiefixie: Sadly, I don't know any new developments on the event bot stuff, and there's no ARK here to give any updates on this point, it seems. Gimpyline: yeah Kittiefixie: And Zagadka isn't here either, and I think he knew more about this than I did. I think Sywyyn from ARK was supposed to make it? Kittiefixie: But since we can't do much on this point here, we'll go on, if no one has anything to add? Gimpyline: nope Leileena nods Kittiefixie: Okay, then let's go on.
Agenda Point 3: Omni Side Events Kittiefixie: Agenda Point 3: Omni side events Kittiefixie: Does anyone know more about this? Are more OT people around now, Gimpy? You said some returned after the free period thing. Are they still around? Gimpyline: Sadly its quiet, but we have a new omni org ready that people can join if they want. We made a new org a few weeks ago Kittiefixie: Oh, that's great news! Would you like to tell us more about this org, for the log and the forum? Kittiefixie: And for us to advertise a bit for it? Gimpyline: Corporate Personnel Services. the name is keept open so people can make their own stories Gimpyline: Personell services can meen anything from leadership to help in a barbershop Gimpyline: I think there is 6 members at the moment Gimpyline: Sadly no bot or anything like that yet, but its a pretty new org Kittiefixie: Okay! You're in charge of this org? The one to refer people to if interested? Gimpyline: I guess they can contact me. I got a general in the org that can invite people that is interested Kittiefixie: Thank you! Anything else? Gimpyline: I'm not in charge.. Dont remember why was president at the moment.. Gimpyline: But people can feel free to send me a tell if they are interested in getting in Kittiefixie: Affirmative Kittiefixie: Anything else? Gimpyline: Not that I can think of Kittiefixie: Okay, then let's go on.
Agenda Point 4: Various Ways to Share News About Events Kittiefixie: Agenda Point 4: Various ways to share news about events Kittiefixie: Last meeting we talked about different ways to share news about coming events and events that has happened. Kittiefixie: I have noticed a bit more talk about events on the Discord, but the forum has been pretty quiet under the summer. Kittiefixie: There was also talk about whether or not the launcher could have news for events, but I know nothing more about this at the moment. Gimpyline: To be honest I dont think I have seen any events since I returned, so I am abit blank on the topic Dharzee: There was a wedding at the end of July that had a huge turnout. no idea how they put out word about it Leileena: Yeah, besides a few random encounters and the usual alien raids I haven't seen much going on either Kittiefixie: I saw Mmir post something about a hivemind last Wednesday. Kittiefixie: Let's hope things pick up a bit now when the vacations are ending! Kittiefixie: Any more thoughts about this? Leileena: nothing here Gimpyline: Mabye post things like that in discord and in the Buzz? Some might be in the forum and some in discord, if its posted both places its bigger chase of people seing it Kittiefixie: Good point, Gimpy! Kittiefixie: I know I used Discord earlier to make a call for the meeting, like two hours in advance, but next time I'll use the forum as well Kittiefixie: I would have given more of a heads-up, but as mentioned I'm not at all okay at the moment and almost forgot things entirely Kittiefixie: But it's a very good point Gimpyline: I have discord, but I only turn it on when I use it. The rest of the time I have it turneed off, so I guess thats why I didnt see it Kittiefixie: That's also very good to know Kittiefixie: I have discord on all the time, honestly, and I miss things said there anyway Kittiefixie: Maybe I should get better at using things like '@everyone' when making announcements and reminders Gimpyline: Might be a good idea Kittiefixie: Okay! Kittiefixie: Any other thoughts? Proelium: Hfff. Late. Again. Proelium: Hello. Gimpyline: hehe Dharzee: hi Proelium Proelium: Hey Dharzee Leileena: too late to vote on the timeslot matter! :D Proelium: Pfft Gimpyline: Guess you can tell alittle more about the new org Proelium: I leave voting to people Kittiefixie: Hello and welcome, Proelium Proelium: Hai Kittie. It is I, Ragunn and all other mad ventures Kittiefixie: OH! Kittiefixie waves frantically Proelium: <3 Kittiefixie: Do you have more to say about the new org? Proelium: What's been said so far? Kittiefixie: That it has been created and has a generic name to let people use it easier as a base Kittiefixie: Basically Proelium: Pretty much! Gimpyline: I have just told the basic idea, that the name is meant to be open to all kinds of rp ideas since the name can be anything from hiering out leadership to help in a shop Proelium: Yeah. It's sort of like return to work rehabilitation Kittiefixie: Okay. Proelium: Gimpy's description pretty much spot on Kittiefixie: I'll still add this under that agenda point or at least make a reference Kittiefixie: Any other thoughts, or should we leave this at that? Proelium: I mean, why would Omni-Tek retire people with experience fully, when you can put their expertise to some use at least? Kittiefixie: Good point Proelium: I don't think I've got anything else. I came to see you folks! Leileena: \o/ Proelium: No ARKs this time? Kittiefixie: No ARKs here today, just us Proelium: I guess Leil's brought in all the requisite green anyway Kittiefixie: Okay, then let's carry on so we can party later. Dharzee put green wings on since he couldn't find a cloak. Proelium snickers
Agenda Point 5: The Council of Truth and the MP Search Kittiefixie: Agenda Point 5: The Council of Truth and the MP Search Kittiefixie: Leileena, you mentioned that the last CoT meeting was cancelled. I guess no new development on this? Are they still searching for an MP? Dharzee: brb, need to reboot my computer Leileena: There did appear to be an MP willing to participate, but due to no one else being there it was canceled nonetheless Gimpyline: hehe, sounde4d like it Leileena: I'm not entirely sure how it all went down because I was only half way there myself Proelium makes a face Kittiefixie: Okay, I'll try to look into this and see how the CoT stands on this Kittiefixie: I hope it works out, but for now we'll go on? Proelium: I know Zag seems a little busy these days Leileena: the next meeting is planned according to the normal schedule I believe Kittiefixie: Okay, so, let's go to summary mode
Agenda Point - Summary Kittiefixie: Agenda Point - Summary Kittiefixie: 1: We decide to keep the baseline scheduled Saturday meetings (GCM, CoT and the freeform RP in Newland) at 18.00 GMT Kittiefixie: 2: We have no more information about the bot for announcing events Kittiefixie: 3: There is a new org for Omni events, called Corporate Personnel Services, accepting members Proelium: (Who you gonna call?) Kittiefixie: 4: We decided that it's a good idea to use '@everyone' on Discord when making announcements, and to use the forum more for announcements of events Kittiefixie: 5: CoT may or may not still be looking for an MP. The last meeting was cancelled due to lack of attendence.
Meeting Winding Down Kittiefixie: Times for the next GCM is November the third at 18.00 GMT Kittiefixie: The next CoT should be at October the sixth at 18.00 GMT Kittiefixie: Every non-GCM or non-CoT Saturday at 18.00 there are free form RP meetings in Newland City at the food court area

Kittiefixie: Thank you all for attending!
Kittiefixie: There will now be a party here
Proelium: Let there be cake
Leileena: And thank you for hosting! Despite only really being here to take notes
Kittiefixie: Well, I ended up holding the neeting too, and it went okay. I’m used to formalities. I love them
Leileena: You did well :slight_smile:
Proelium: Antlers of Magnificence imparting business gravitas
Proelium: Suit helps too
Dharzee: \o/
Kittiefixie: I have to go and log out and find a bed now. Thank you all for the attendence. :slight_smile:
Kittiefixie: Have a nice party and sleep well!
Dharzee: Bye Kittiefixie, hope you feel better soon.
Kittiefixie: Thank you!
Gimpyline: See you soon
Proelium: May you find a firm one, but not too firm while not too soft of squishy
Proelium: or squishy


Meeting starting
Kittiefixie: Anyway! Meeting?
Leileena: Quite
Leileena shrugs
Leileena: I'm only here for the free food, I don't really have any topics
Kittiefixie: Doesn't seem to be many more people coming for now, so I thought we could start.
Leileena nods
Kittiefixie: I don't really have topics either, I'm basically just the secretary.
Kittiefixie: I had hoped at least Zagadka would be here to talk about the MP he found for the CoT thing
Kittiefixie: Or one of the ARKs to talk about their end of things.
Leileena: Hm yeah
Kittiefixie: But I guess we can go through the agenda we have and at least update what we can
Kittiefixie: So let's do that.
Kittiefixie: Velcome to the November edition of the Green Cloaks Meeting
Kittiefixie: Participants are DJ Gemmikins, Leileena and myself
Leileena: I'm participating by eating the free food
Agenda Point 1: Meeting Times
Kittiefixie: Agenda Point 1: Meeting times
Gemmikins: I'm half here as I setup for DJing after. It could be people are early due to the time change for all but America
Kittiefixie: The times were moved to an hour earlier to accomodate some people's schedules. Last meeting we decided to stick to 18.00 GMT for the GCM, the CoT and the regular Saturday RP events.
Kittiefixie: Has this worked well for people thus far?
Leileena: Well it has for me but then attendence has been quite low, so perhaps people for whom it doesn't work just arn't showing up.
Gemmikins: Possibly? I made it at least without knowing a change since Dharzee did the other events recently.
Kittiefixie: I think changing it around too much will be unhelpful, so I suggest we stick to this time for now at least.
Kittiefixie: Does this sound good?
Leileena nods
Leileena: Good for me
Kittiefixie: Okay, then let's keep to it.
Kittiefixie: Moving on...
Agenda Point 2: About that bot
Kittiefixie: Agenda Point 2: About that bot
Kittiefixie looks around for any ARKs
Kittiefixie: Well, I think we can skip this for now since neither Zagadka or... Sywyyn I think it was, are here.
Kittiefixie: I wonder if anything is going on with that or if a reminder is in order.
Kittiefixie: Moving on...
Agenda Point 3: Omni Side Events
Kittiefixie: Agenda Point 3: Omni Side Events
Kittiefixie: I had hoped Gimpyline would have been here to talk more about the new organisation
they had made, but they seem to be lacking.
Kittiefixie: Just so it's in the log for this meeting for those reading on the forum: It was called 'Corporate Personnel Services' and while I don't know who the president is, anyone who wants more information can contact Gimpyline
Kittiefixie: Anyone has anything to add about Omni side events/RP and/or this organisation?
Leileena: None here
Gemmikins: Not me.
Kittiefixie: Okay, in that case I'm moving on...
Agenda Point 4: Various Ways to Share News About Events
Kittiefixie: Agenda Point 4: Various Ways to Share News About Events
Kittiefixie: We have had discussions on how to best make people aware of events taking place.
Kittiefixie: I know a thing I decided to do last meeting was to start using '@everyone' more on the Discord in order to make more people aware that something is happening, and also to use the forums more.
Kittiefixie: I did use 'everyone' for announcements of this meeting and while it may have been ineffective I'll keep on doing this.
Leileena: Yay!
Leileena: I am once again in ownership of a laptop so I'm back on discord at least
Kittiefixie: I haven't been able to keep up on the forum recently due to the things I told you before the meeting started, but this should improve now.
Kittiefixie: Yay for laptop! I hope it will serve you well.
Kittiefixie: Anyone has anything to add to this? Any ideas?
Leileena: Also yay for improvement
Gemmikins: That would be all I could suggest. We generally use discord/forums and facebook/twitter for our messaging
Kittiefixie: Gemmikins: Yeah, I don't think we can do much more than that.
Kittiefixie: I hope that the bot idea will work out, but until then...
Kittiefixie: If you have any ideas how to better spread news about events, feel free to get in touch with me.
Kittiefixie: I know GSP does a good job here
Kittiefixie: I actually helped check what time the event was partially through the upcoming events thing on the GSP website.
Kittiefixie: But okay, moving on...
Agenda Point 5: The Council of Truth and the MP Search
Kittiefixie: Agenda Point 5: The Council of Truth and the MP Search
Kittiefixie: I had hoped Zagadka would be here for this, because last CoT meeting he mentioned an MP had been found, but I don't have more information than that about it.
Kittiefixie: There were a few Blues at the last meeting who seems to be up to no good, but we'll see where that leads. I was supposed to help do a security thing, but... yes, that Thing that happened. I need to get on this.
Kittiefixie: I'll try to do that this coming week at least.
Kittiefixie: Since Zagadka isn't here, I guess that's it for this point.
Leileena nods
Agenda Point 6: Open Floor Time
Kittiefixie: That moves us on to the Open Floor section of the meeting.
Kittiefixie: Does anyone have anything they would like to bring up?
Gemmikins: Not from me or GSP. Dharzee hasn't mentioned a need for anything from us so I think we're good here.
Kittiefixie: Okay, Gemmikins!
Kittiefixie: Leileena?
Leileena: None here either really
Kittiefixie: Okay.
Summary Mode: ACTIVATED
Kittiefixie: Then we move on to summary mode!
Kittiefixie: 1: The meeting times remains the same (18.00 GMT)
Kittiefixie: 2: The bot has apparently been more or less abandoned to its cruel fate and we'll see if we can get that project started/restarted
Kittiefixie: 3: For getting access to the new Omni organisation, poke Gimpyline
Kittiefixie: 4: Let's continue the experiments with using 'everyone' for Discord announcements about events. Once again, try to use the forum more.
Kittiefixie: 5: The CoT seems to have an MP now, but I'll try to get more information out of Zagadka
Kittiefixie: 6: There was nothing for the open floor
Kittiefixie: Anyone has any comments or corrections to the summary?
Leileena: Looks good to me
Kittiefixie: In that case I'll call the meeting closed!
Meeting Winding Down, Only The Party Remains
Leileena: \o/
Kittiefixie: I need to go find something to eat, so I hope you'll all enjoy the afterparty!
Leileena: Queue people showing up in 10 minutes because timezones! :P
Kittiefixie: I'll try to post the logs on the forums in a day or so. If people show up then, please direct them to the forums and they can add comments and amendments there!
Kittiefixie: I'd really welcome that.
Leileena: Sure thing
Kittiefixie: Have a good night, everyone!

Impromptu Greencloaks Meeting

This Saturday, March 16, we will be holding a special Greencloaks meeting at the usual time of 1800 GMT, usual place the Reet Retreat fireplace room, on the old server

The topics will mainly include how we schedule and announce RP events, as well as agreeing on details of the timeline on the RK2019 server

Hope to see everyone interested there!


Threw up a quick log of the meeting on CoT letterhead. Hail clans.

We’re waiting for feedback from FC/ARK for our proposals.