MEGAversary Faction Photo Shoot


I’m hoping to gather as many players as possible for a Faction based photo shoot in Agartha. This is part of the MEGAversary and will be a way to commemorate faction pride in SWL.

WHEN: July 9th 13:15 EDT
WHERE: Main platform Agartha in frony of Faction Hubs
DETAILS: Players are requested to dress in Faction colors (pvp uniforms if you have them) and will gather in front of there corresponding Faction Hub.

This is completely open to discussion and all details are subject to change based on what is suggested. Thanks!

I will be taking several screenshots mid air from the jump pad that goes to that platform. Photos will be with all ui turned off and first person mode on ultra settings so hopefully should get a couple nice snaps.

The MEGAversary 2018: 29th June - 14th July

Little update here. I cancelled the early time slot due to some real life stuff that I didnt account for but will be doing the later time slot and possibly moving the earlier time slot to Monday (tmmrw).


All right. Lets see what If we can make this happen :slight_smile: 8pm EDT is the time ill be shooting for which is ~1.5 Hours from now. It will be after Talos. Would like to get 40-50 ppl at least. Expect ~30minutes to completely gather and organize everyone with the actual photo being take no later then 8:30 EDT


Photoshoot will be in the same instance of agartha as DJ-Danyangel while he puts on his show :slight_smile: so feel free to tune in at and check it out also on the second level of Mallgartha


A full instance for it! That was a lot of fun, thanks for getting folks together for this. Great turn out!



The MEGA Crowd!!!


Great shots all around HolloPoint! Well done!


The records of insanity:


Also very nice! Thanks for this. Im gonna try to get a more Ariel photo mid jump on the jump pad tmmrw.


Edit: Took me a while to do, but this is at 4K with a slight fix to the start.


This is from my PoV:



I tried to pick the best ones out of the bunch. Feel free to take them and edit them or if you have some of your own or video footage feel free to upload :slight_smile: Thanks everyone!

And my apologies for cutting a few ppl off in the bottom of the group one. The mid air pics sadly didnt work as it took too long to render that many ppl.