The MEGAversary 2018: 29th June - 14th July

Hi folks! This is to announce that the community organized MEGAversary is a go!

From 29th June to the 14th July we’ll be bringing you as a community to the community as many events as we possibly can! This is just the main detail with links going in to the events that are already announced in the community corner. As more events are added, we will make additions here, with links to the community corner.

So Watch this space!

On 24th of June we will publish a PDF Schedule for everyone to see and possibly add to the events just before opening! As long as you see an open spot, just say what you can do and when and if it can be fitted in it will be added to the event list schedule we have.

We’re doing Mega Bosses, we’re doing Bike Races, Stories, a special ARG, Warping Songs, Retrospectives and many, many radio events!

The links to events will come below.

This is in addition to Funcoms magnificent celebrations, we hope that all the community will be busy bee’s for the next month and more!

Most of the MEGAversary events will have prizes, which will be detailed in due course. Every winner of a First, Second or Third prize will be entered into an overall draw for a MEGA Prize from the organizers!

Thanks to you all for making Secret World Legends such a marvelous game and such a fantastic community. Best wishes… for the Future!

This is the Schedule for the MEGAversary, so far. It is now open for people to suggest events and times for the events and we’ll do our best to add into the duration of the run.

You can send, based on the above limitations, events and times to or post below. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can :slight_smile:

This is a link to a google doc with links to each forum post relevant to the events listed in the cells :slight_smile:

Prizes for the placing events from the MEGAversary will be added soon as well. That is those events we have listed with 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings.

Thanks again all and of course any questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

The Main Events for the MEGAversary are:

Please keep your Antennae twitching for more information, soon :slight_smile:


This is also a link to The Secret Buzz - Issue #7 which is just Buzzin’ Fantastic! Please have a good read through folks!

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The schedule for the MEGAversary has been added above!


ARGh? Will Thar be booty?

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There will be, Black-Exalt… some prizes from us and a costume item from Funcom :slight_smile: We’re just finalizing things.

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Lets celebrate Top up babes? :wink:



The time is nearly at hand for the MEGAversary! Free Keys Weekend by Funcom!


It’s time. The events for the MEGAversary will start today!

The first opening radio show kicks off at 2pm - 4pm EDT (9pm - 11pm UTC) by Club Catharsis. Tune and give a happy grin :slight_smile:

This will be followed by the first of the MEGA Boss times at 2pm EDT (8pm UTC) and the second at 7pm EDT.

Another opening event radio show will follow for the US Based time zone people, by Club Catharsis.

Here is a handy time converter link:

I hope you all have even more of a wonderful time in Secret World Legends for the rest of the Anniversary!

Thanks to you all from -



In addition to the prizes for the placing events during the MEGAversary… there will also be an overall Raffle for winners of the prized events. So all winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes will go into a Hive and Bee drawn for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th prizes in the MEGARaffle!

1st Prize - Dawn of a New Age Robe From Funcom, 15 RED Kaidan Keys, 15 Yellow Kaidan Keys.

2nd Prize - Albino Draug Lord Puppy From Funcom, 10 RED Kaidan Keys, 10 Yellow Kaidan Keys.

3rd Prize - Cultist Robe Red and Black From Funcom, 5 RED Kaidan Keys, 5 Yellow Kaidan Keys.

4th Prize - Winter Outfit (Complete) 20 Purple Kaidan Keys.

More Prizes may be added.


A Special prize based on one of the pictures done for the MEGAversary is to be given as overall prize in a Raffle. The winner will be drawn from all who message me in game through the mail system or on these forums. Just say “Art Raffle” and your in game name and a link to the 4K resolutions of these pictures will be sent to the winner :slight_smile:



The art prize has been modified a bit, but please if you are interested send me an in game mail or a forum message to be entered into the prize draw :slight_smile:


A wonder you made no art prints out of those. They look amazing. <3

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Thanks, Leogrim… that’s really appreciated :slight_smile: I could send prints to people, but that would involve a bit of expense (not too much to be honest) but it’s better for any winner to just get a print done on their own I think. 4K resolution should be enough for a good print out.

The original picture is about 5K though, I could dropbox the PSD file and people could use that.

I’ll probably do something for ExtraLife when it comes around. I’m getting a bit better at these, maybe offer some for people who donate.

Since my new shirt arrived today, I wanted to take the chance to wish you all a happy and fun Megaversary, full of all those sweet bee puns! A warm thank you to all the people who are making this event even more enjoyable in their free time :sparkling_heart: Take care and never forget:
You are all
(credits to my PotatoCamPhone)


There is a new event, coming Thursday at 7pm British Summer time, 2pm Eastern Daylight time :slight_smile:


Art Raffle

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