MEGAversary Bike Race: July 6, July 13



This is to announce the MEGAversary Bike Race! It will be held on the 6TH of JULY

The first Bike Race Euro time on Friday will be held at 6pm GMT (2pm Eastern Daylight Time), the US race at 11pm GMT (7pm Eastern Daylight Time).

Everyone will be asked to line up in London to race and follow the route posted below. Get your motors running and follow the route at Sprint 4 (No deviations or a Marshal shall shoot out your tires!). The route will be around and through Darkside (beware of ambushes and sirens luring you to destruction) and to the bottom end of London and then back to the start line.

There will initially be one race per prime time as we can make it (EU and US), more runs may be added. Dates and times will follow.

There will be a special clothing prize from Funcom and some additional caches prizes and Kaidan keys. 1st place will get the clothing item and some goodies and 2nd and 3rd will also get some gifts! The decisions of the Marshals are set in stone and this will be a fun event anyway :slight_smile:

The route is:

Please download and study this carefully before the race. Lighter green is the first leg, darker green second leg.

Any questions you have please feel free to ask.

It’s time… time to roar out on the by ways!

AND NO BOOSTS as well, sorry forgot to say :slight_smile:

The MEGAversary 2018: 29th June - 14th July

Ooh! When? Daily?


There will bee races on the Fridays 6th and 13th of July, rzgrrrl :slight_smile:


Damn! I have now read that in the banner. Sorry! :sweat:


I take it no boosted bikes allowed like the spiderbike?


No worries rzgrrrl, yeah no boosts allowed Leogrim… I should have made that clear.


The Prizes for the Bike Race will be announced very shortly!


As promised, here are the prizes for the Bike Race for the MEGAversary:

Per Race:

1st Prize - Rout 666 Biker Outfit From Funcom, 1 Intricate Fierce Glyph, 30 Future Tech Caches
2nd Prize - Intricate Devastating Glyph, 20 Infernal Caches
3rd Prize - 10 Halloween Caches, 10 Blue, D-oh Purple! Kaidan Keys.

There may be additions to these prizes as well.

Also all winners will be entered into an overall draw for 1st, 2nd, 3d and 4th Prizes in a MEGARaffle! Check out the main MEGAversary thread for details of these prizes.

Thanks all, and may the best bee’s win!


Blue kaidan keys? You mean purple? XD


Lol, I’m actually Blue/Green Colour blind Leogrim :smiley: I’ll change :stuck_out_tongue:


Please note everyone: There was a slight mistake with the day of the first run. It is actually 6th July. Confusion between date types for US and Scotland! I blame the whisky :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


At what time is this? GMT


The first Bike Race Euro time on Friday will be held at 6pm GMT (2pm Eastern Daylight Time), the US race at 11pm GMT (7pm Eastern Daylight Time).


do we need to register or just be there at race time


Just be there at race time, Belloric.

Make sure you study the route folks, perhaps even run it once on your own to make sure you know it. There will be Marshals to check people adhere to the route since the first prize is unique. We want the race to be as fair as possible.

This is the route again:

Lighter green first leg, darker green the return leg.


Can you ride on the sidewalks or do you need to stay on the main road?


Sidewalks are not a problem, you will just run the risk of being dismounted if you come close to an entrance to a building or maybe even lagging for a time. It’s the fastest way you can get back to the start point, with another marshal photographing the finish line, as people cross.


A bit more information: We’ll be using the event channel for the race, so /chat join event and set subscribe and talk to before the start.


A bit more information: Depending on how well this Fridays race goes, the MEGAversary may go all out for the Final races in terms of prizes and runs of the race, next week.

It’s a Friday the 13th! Shhhpoookeeey! Keep tuned for more bee-tails :laughing: