MEGAversary 3 Bike Race 1: Saturday 27th June 2020 - 2:30pm Eastern US Time 8:30pm CEST Time

This is the announcement that the First MEGAversary 3 A Very MEGA Sequel Bike Race will be held on 27th June at 14:30 Eastern Daylight Time, 20:30 CEST. It is advisable to show up a few minutes early, allowing for Talos destruction.

All participants will be asked to line up in London at the start point and to follow the route posted below. We may start about 30 minutes after the hour if there are hourly Boss Killings in Agartha as it was with last year.

All Bikers MUST follow the route below at SPRINT 4 and NO BOOST BIKES. No deviations from the route. If you are knocked off your Bike you MUST remount.

The Prizes have yet to be finalised.

Please note the Decisions of the Marshals are final, please do not go above SPRINT 4 or use BOOST BIKES. Follow the route exactly and as fast as you can for your chance to win!

Edit: No Teleportation please.

The Route is:

Please download and study this carefully before the race. Lighter green is the first leg, darker green second, return leg. It’s a good idea to have a practice as well :slight_smile:

There will be a second race more in line with US times, if that suits better you the following week.

Prizes for the Bike Race are:

1st Prize: Route 666 Biker Outfit, Radiant Cold Silver Dice, 10 Red Kaidan Keys, Ifritian Despoiler of Energy MK III
2nd Prize: 10 Gold Kaidan Keys, Intricate Fierce Glyph, 20 Elaborate Glyph Imbuer Fragments
3rd Prize: 30 Purple Kaidan Keys, 10 Elaborate Glyph Fragments

The may be some adjustments.

Remember SPRINT 4, NO BOOST BIKES! NO TELEPORTATION! Let’s tear up the tarmac!


Are their any ability/gear restrictions? Like If I get “knocked off” my bike by Fey Line and then remount is that cool?

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No gadgets for teleporting or anything Drenneth, there is a spot where if you cut it too close in Darkside the corner dismounts you, if that happens you’ll need to remount. Sprint 4 and hope for no-lag :smiley:

Ah ok, no ability activation’s during the race to I assume, and all players mounted on there chosen non-boost mount prior to race start.

Just plain simple pedal to the metal.

Gotta go fast!

I just wanted to clear up any grey areas so i don’t make a fool of myself at the start while I proceed to Flicker>Flicker>Fey Line>Supreme Harmony>Active Dodge(quickness proc)>Then jump on my motorbike.

“Hey Bee’s, 30 minutes past!, get those motors gunnin’ ‘cause Hel is a comin’!”

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I only have the one picture, but it should be halfway decent, right?