MEGAversary 3 Bike Race 2: Saturday 4th July 2020 - 5:30pm Eastern US Time 11:30pm CEST

This is the announcement that the second MEGAversary 3 A Very MEGA Sequel Bike Race 2 will be held on 4th July at 17:30 Eastern Daylight Time, 23:30 CEST. It is advisable to show up a few minutes early, allowing for Talos destruction.

All participants will be asked to line up in London and to follow the route posted below. We may start about 30 minutes after the hour if there are hourly Boss Killings in Agartha as it was with last year.

All Bikers MUST follow the route below at SPRINT 4 and NO BOOST BIKES and NO TELEPORTATION. No deviations from the route or the Zombies of London will chew off your tires!

There will be a Special 1st prize and some additional Kaidan Key Prizes as well as a Second and Third Place Prize.

Please note the Decisions of the Marshals are final, please do not go above SPRINT 4 or use BOOST BIKES. NO TELEPORTATION! Follow the route exactly and as fast as you can for your chance to win!

The Route is:

Please download and study this carefully before the race. Lighter green is the first leg, darker green second leg. It’s a good idea to have a practice as well :slight_smile:

Edit: No Teleportation

Prizes for the Bike Race are:

1st Prize: Route 666 Biker Outfit, Radiant Cold Silver Dice, 10 Red Kaidan Keys, 1 Balde of the Seventh Son of Alacrity MK III
2nd Prize: 10 Gold Kaidan Keys, Intricate Fierce Glyph, 20 Elaborate Glyph Imbuer Fragments
3rd Prize: 30 Purple Kaidan Keys, 10 Elaborate Glyph Fragments

The may be some adjustments.

Remember SPRINT 4, NO BOOST BIKES! NO TELEPORTATION! Let’s Race Through Space!

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“Oi, yo Bee’s, 30 minutes past!, get those motors running like Cthulhu is a comin’!”


Tomorrow is the last race, folks :slight_smile:

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Hi, can we just show up in london? No sign up somewhere, I mean?

No sign ups Shaoti… you’ll have to meet up on me after the Talos if you are doing it, I’ll be in london at the route start. Line up with the others and set sprint four a few times to make sure, sometimes it sticks. No boosts and no teleportation, might want to run route a few times :slight_smile:

I will be giving a shout out at about 10 past the hour.

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1st place: Lunaticly!
2nd place: NeuroPsych!
3rd place: Xaoti!

Many thanks to all of the bikers!


A View of the finish of the bike race :smiley:


Thank you for hosting the race!


Is there a Plan B for a final race -even without rewards, just for the fun- after all the bees get their “Plan Bee”-s this week?
Just a buzz around Tempie-town…


Hey, Hobolas, I suppose we could do a Wacky-Races run on the Saturday coming, I’ll ask the other organisers to see what they think.