MEGAversary Bike Race: July 6, July 13



Congratulations to the winners! Quite a unique event and a very challenging race.

Also looking through the various vehicles for the race made me wish there was an Akira bike-style skin as well.

Here everyone is eagerly awaiting the results.

For some reason a giant billboard showed up as well.


Okies for the first Euro Race, the Winners are:

1st Leogrim
2nd Goge
3rd Sotanuija

Prizes will be going out soon and if you see me online and I don’t notice you, shoot me a tell.

The next race is in approximately 4 hours and ten minutes.


Congratulations everyone!! and \o/ to everyone that took part! Was fun!! Good luck with the next race!


This is the video for the first Race! I’ll produce the future ones a bit better, add some music and so on :slight_smile:

Edit: Added music to this one!


It was awesome! Thanks for organising!

P.S: I am, truly, a terrible rider. The last one to arrive that does not even appeared at the end of the video. Marshalls at Temple Hall will confiscate my license. :pensive:


Just finished the US race. Not sure what happened - stated 15 minutes late, not instructions, unclear how the start was signallled. A bunch of bikes left when fireworks went off. As far as I could see I won it by a substantial ammount, but there were no announcements or any indication of what happened.


I state several times in say, in general and in chat… and it’s stated this clearly in the forum thread, skyh. Sometimes chat is buggy though. But good luck on the next race.


Mystery solved - I missed the sentence saying we had to use Sprint IV. And I forgot that I had General chat turned off, so didn’t see it in the game.

Oops … I was wondering how I ended up so far ahead :rofl:

It is certainly easier to navigate on Sprint IV :slight_smile: … I practiced the course a few times, but I forgot to practice reading the instructions.


Winners of the US MEGABike Race are…

1st Goonshine
2nd Alphabethead
3d Rainwalker

Contact me when you see me for the MEGA prizes, I’ll get them to you ASAP. And you will receive the clothing item for 1st place soon, Goonshine.



Here’s the video for the second race:


Leogrim wasn’t using sprint 4. He left everyone behind on the first straight line just after the start. You can see his speed even at the start of the video, disappearing without the camera crew ever seeing him again before the finish line. Hollo+Crew said at the end they’d have to watch the video before announcing the winners, because atleast 2 had taken a shortcut through Pangea. Sadly, Hollopoint was the only one recording, and they didn’t have proof of the malice taken afoot. That’s why they let Leogrim walk away with the prices.


Not saying Leogrim or Hollo did this on purpose, it was the first race and it was hard to monitor.


Yeah it was more confusion with the first race, no problems at all with the winners, we have things sorted from here on in. It was just first time inexperience with the race.

The start and end point have also been changed to help out with things as well.

For the Friday 13th Races we will do 2 races per time zone and have plenty of Marshals. Also I’ll publish the revised prizes shortly, had some nice gifts in :slight_smile:


Was I wrong with anything I said?
-Not a winner here


If anything it was a problem with the marshaling, I stayed up at the front with the second race, so I had a better view of the leaders and if a higher sprint was used, as it was mistakenly by the first across the line in the second race. Also popping the flare to start the race, knocked me off my bike.

Due to the confusion with the early races, I’ve upped the number of races to two per time zone anyway, so at least there will be more chances for people to win a race.


It was an awesome event! I was logging in just to do a few practise runs around London, not just for some minibosses and some marks. Thank you!
I’m not asking for a reward or anything.


No worries, Wesqq, thank. I am aware that everyting should be above board as much as possible with every event we do :slight_smile: With the Bike Race it was just something I’d never tried before :slight_smile:


What I must ask though, in your opinion, did or did NOT LEOGRIM CHEAT? Yes/No?


Without me being able to keep pace and check for sure, I don’t really want to get into recriminations about that sort of thing, Wesqq. As I said, teething problems with the first race.