Prospective new player questions

I’ve got a question or two about the current state of the game, firstly are there still Roleplay GMs who’s job is literally to play a character in the game and are always in character?

How much part does roleplay still play in this game? It was one of the selling features at one point, and the RPG elements and complex systems and customization. This all still a thing?

Yes, there are still Advisor of Rubi-ka (ARK) led events happening regularly. I don’t know where else they are announced, but the AO official discord has an In Character channel where they provide details of upcoming events.

I’m not an RPer myself, but if you join the discord we can put you in touch with some of the regulars who can provide more information I’m sure. Link to discord server is on the game launcher.

Hello from Omni-3, ZeeHero.

Roleplaying does still exist, albeit to a lessor extent than say in 2005-2007, if you recall those days.

The ARK Events Team does still exist, and they are still actively engaging with the advancement of storyline and arcs. The Team is currently headed up by Rainys.

From the player side, the Clans still do have their Council of Truth meeting, and we’re slowly working up some activity on the Omni-Tek side. The next time you’re In-Game, send a tell to RPNet with !info to learn more about how to engage inside of Anarchy-Online.

Outside of the game, please join the Discord as Auctoria_RK1 suggested. We’re often active there and more than happy to answer any questions you have in real time.


If you mean arks that walks around in carracter, Like it used to be, then no. They are holding some events from time to time but it has nothning to do with roleplay. Most of it is more of the “Spawn a boss to kill” sort of thing.
As for roleplay, There are still roleplayers in AO, but I haven’t seen any roleplay or done any roleplay in years. There are some meetings on clan side from time to time, but thats pretty much it. It might be some activity on clan side, but on Omni side it’s completly dead.

What about Neutrals? and I assume picking a faction happens after character creation at some point. Neutrals right now are more appealing to me for most of my concepts, either neutrals or clan.

I was not asked to pick a side at all yet.

Neutral is a completely viable alternative to being a Clansman.

Please Note: The Omni-Tek Lease on Rubi-Ka considers all Neutrals to be Omni-Tek Employees for the purpose of planetary census, Public Relations and most law enforcement.