Hauntingly Good Halloween Boo Bash


Happy Halloween!

Valheru Ascendants, a member of The AO Alliance, along with the Advisors of Rubi-Ka, want to share some screams and howls with you again this year!

Join us for our 7th Annual Hauntingly Good Halloween Boo Bash
Saturday October 27, starting at 5pm EST (10pm GMT) Coast of Peace. Grid area.

GridStream Productions will be playing some bone rattling jams! We’ll have prizes for various events and contests so:

BONE up on your AO trivia!

Wear your best AO Halloween Costumes

Join our “Draculeet Blood Drive”! (Bring us a FULL bag of ql 200+ blood Plasma and you might just get a BLOOD drippingly tasty bite back in one of our TREAT bags! (One bag per character).
and more…

Come out and have a Screaming good time with Valheru Ascendants, The AO Alliance and ARK!

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Sounds fun :blush: if only it weren’t in the middle of the night I’d have loved to come :crescent_moon: