Monster Mash Masquerade, October 20th 2018, 1800 UTC, Albion Ballroom

Announcing the Monster Mash Masquerade, taking place Saturday, October 20th, at 1800 UTC in the Albion Ballroom, hosted by Nine Swords and DJ Drina of Happy Tentacle radio. This is an open community event, an opportunity to get together, show off your awesome costumes, dance, and win container keys (and probably more) in a trivia contest! Come celebrate the Samhain/Halloween season with us!



You can win… definitely more! :smiley:
We have some pets, and an outfit… and we have come up with some brain melting ways of how you can get your hands on them!

See you there!


Oh boy I can’t wait

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i am DYING while waiting for the halloween festivities!

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Least you wont need a costume if you are already looking like a mummy or a zombie …. :ghost:

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i actually drummed up a velma, as close as i can get anyway :slight_smile:

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I feel like this could be called the Monster Mashquerade!


Will there be paper faces on parade?

Dunno. I’ve seen plenty of latex ones. If there’s paper that would be awesome. We’ll see how creative we can be with doing a conga line / parade around the tables :grinning:

IndigoHawk, you are worthy of all props.