Witches & Warlocks Masquerade 2019

Announcing Witches & Warlocks Masquerade 2019
Saturday, 26th of October, 1900-2100 GMT!
2019-10-26T19:00:00Z β†’ 2019-10-26T21:00:00Z

See you there!


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Come dress up, dance to great music, compete in contests, and have a merry Samhain time with Nine Swords and DJ Drina of Happy (Evil?) Tentacle Radio!

Dress theme this year is witches, warlocks, and any sort of mage, come together in conclave to prepare the coming of the dark half of the year. Perhaps to conspire with or against each other. But also feel free to dress as any monster, historical or fantastical figure, or hapless interloper that you like! ((It has not yet been decided if there will be any β€˜official’ or overarching RP storyline at this event.))

The usual suspect trivia contest will also be present! Stay tuned for any other contests we might also come up with.


We are close! Only 03 hours, 12 minutes to go…

@ 2pm CT / 3pm ET


Had a great time! Thanks again to DJ Drina and for all the bees who came and enjoyed some chill, goofy Halloween times with us :smiley:

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