9S & LoMS Monster Bash! 17th October 2020

Come one, come all… but in your Halloween Costumes!
Nine Swords and League of Monster Slayers are teaming up to do a Monster Bash!

Looking for something to do this coming weekend? Come and join us:

9S & LoMS Monster Bash!
Saturday 17th October 2020

At various times during the day starting at 12noon GMT*!
Watch the LFG Channel for callouts from both of our cabals.

Our fearless tanks will be kept alive by our button smashing healers and will pass the baton over the period of this event and ensure lots of World Bosses are taken down so that distillates and signets are yours for the taking!

If you have no idea what a World Boss is:
World Bosses are spawned at the public raid portal in Agartha. There are 4 different World Bosses that can be spawned, but we will be bringing the bosses that we will be summoning, so you just have to bring yourself and the best pew-pew you have got! The jump pad to head over to the portal is at 500 x 230 in Agartha, outside the area where the bank and shop NPCs are situated.
Game mechanics only allow players at level 50 to enter a world boss portal. Each summoned instance, can also only have 40 people in it.

Nine Swords: https://www.nine-swords.com/
The League of Monster Slayers: https://lomsglobal.com/

*Assuming that there could be hourly Halloween portals opening, we will fit around those as best as we can depending on our availability!


This is tomorrow!
So far we have a pretty solid schedule from 12noon GMT to 18:00GMT
then the last time slot is scheduled at 1am GMT on Sunday (Saturday 9pm EDT)

Members of Nine Swords and League of Monster Slayers will be doing the announcements as usual in the LFG Channels.

As stated above, we will do our best to fit around the hourly portals for Jack.

See you all there! :slight_smile:


Incredible turn out over the last 3 hours, Bees!! Lots more to go. Look out for the announcements in Looking for Group channel after each Jack Portal completion :ghost:


Thank you to everyone that came along and had fun with us yesterday at the Monster Bash!

I am incredibly grateful to all our summoners, tanks and healers - but without all of you taking the time to come along… those fights would have been torturously long! So thank you to you too!

Special thanks to the fact we have a cabal bank space freed up winks