League of monster slayers non musical musical chairs 2023


So anniversary time is on us once again and to celebrate LOMS are getting involved with the community content side of things we all enjoy so much during this event,
and after the success of last years musical chairs event id like to run it again to give people the chance to join in and win some prizes.

The event will be held once again at the fire pit in axels up the slope at the centre of the world tree in Agartha

please have a watch of last years event to get a feel for how the event works to cut down on explanations but ill also post the rules below for clarification



  • all participants must stand and dance on the white carpets indicated in the picture
  • have your chat channel set to general so you can see the command to run and sit
  • anyone can play sign up is not needed but a head count and check of names will be done prior to starting anyone that randomly appears once the first round has started will unfortunately be discounted so be around on time
  • the use of teleports or gadgets is prohibited for sportsmanship we will also ask politely to adjust your sprint to a set level on the night
    also dodge may give an advantage so running only please
  • when its time run forward to the fire pit and take a seat all participants that didn’t get a seat please move as far as you can to the left or right to spectate the rest of the game you are out !
  • please stay seated until you are asked to return to the carpet to give us time to move people and remove chairs for the next round
  • some spectators will be asked to come and stand on a seat to indicate it is no longer in play if anyone is sat in a seat with a player standing on it it will not count you can try to move to another unoccupied seat

The showdown will be when two players are left and one chair remains,
the last player sitting will win themselves an Amir Dossier and we have some pets for second and 3rd place to choose from

hope to see you all there :slight_smile:


Wow this sounds like fun, will deffo be joining in on this one!


Sounds like fun! Include 1 Serressia in the signup!


grats to serressia being crowned non musical chairs champ

nobo very nearly winning two years on the trot with a close second place
and many thanks to everyone that joined in
not the smoothest event with buggy chairs and my brain fog made the event take a lot longer than i was expecting but we got there in the end
video to follow when i get around to uploading



event footage edited a short as i could get it :stuck_out_tongue: