All Players muted? Is this a bug? [PS4 Private Server]

We are all players now muted on the server as default? Is this a setting I need to change on the server setting? It’s really hurting our RP server as no one knows about it. It’s also not normal far as I’m aware in games for this to be switched off by default. Any advice would help from the community.

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@Community any help you can provide. @Crom-00 it will probably Monday before you get a answer I have had a server for ps4 for years but have never used server wide chat. If I run across some one will let you know.

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It’s not server-wide chat. It’s all players mics are defaulted turned off. So local voice chat will not work until players umutes people

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I will have to check that. Not witch setting it is. A ingame setting or on gportal site? Is that the Vocal visibility Duration? Mine is at 0. We generally use group chat so I Not sure what that one does

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I’m positive this was intentional.

I suggest to change your privacy from “anyone” to “friend of friends”.

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I think you answered my questions. “I’m positive this was intentional.”, which is a crazy idea and really does not help RP servers at all. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my question all.


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