All Servers that start with 27 or 28 keep going off line

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [America]

All servers that start with 27 or 28 keep crashing…is this a West Coast problem only.

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I submitted a server report. I’m on one of the 28’s and its been offline now more than 30 minutes.

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Well its been over an hour and none of the 2700s or 2800s are back up…guess this is Funcoms way of saying move to other servers cause we are taking these down.

This isn’t an isolated issue. And it’s not just effecting one platform. My PlayStation server has been going down every night at 530 pm sharp and tonight it never came back online, I’ve sent reports, nothing is being done. At this point honestly Funcom should start passing out partial refunds since people can’t enjoy the “full release” game they paid a full release price for.
All servers beginning in 38 on Ps4 are going down daily as well and it’s geting quite frustrating.

Also in response to if this is a west coast issue, no it’s not. I live in Kansas and it’s effecting me as well all 28 servers are currently down on Xbox. Also just talked to a friend who lives in DC and he is having the same problem. Our ps4 server has been down for 7 hours. That’s right, seven hours. Get your act together people

Also sorry to post to this thread and talk about my problems on ps4. I understand that this is a Xbox thread, however I play on both platforms and I am experiancing issues on both Xbox and PS4. Wich honestly is kind of troubling

Hey there,

G-portal informed they had an outage in one of their nodes, but it should be resolved by now. Please let us know if this issue still persists.
Thanks for your feedback!

ayer servidores 2995 y 2985 deconectados sin previo aviso una falta de consideracion y respeto hacio los jugadores de diferentes partes de regiones

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