Allow building on a specific spot on the map

Just wondering if it would be possible to allow building on the spot where I am standing on the map.

I’m on a plateau and there is just a corner of if that I am not able to build on, probably because it is too close to sepermeru.

I don’t think it’s because too close to Sepermeru. I built my base closer to Sepermeru, just north of the natural bridge a little bit south from where you are. So I can dive from my roof right in the lake each time I want to swim.

i’ve tried building there myself a few times because i liked the view of sepumeru from that location and can confirm there’s a corner that can’t be built always wondered why myself.

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Also the outcrop just north of the black galleon doesn’t allow building on the tip, kinda dumb cuz my clan tried building there very early on and were halfway done but found we couldn’t build there

The “no-build zone” near Sepermeru appears to be irregular-shaped. I’m not entirely sure if it’s proximity to buildings or just a free-handed zone vaguely around the city that determines it, but I built a city between the cliffs just north and west of the player cursor on the OP map. The blue lines on this map show approximately the outer walls of my city:

(You can see my city as seen from the top of the northern cliffs HERE.)

Yes, that is an open area there. And you can also see in the image that my bed was able to be placed not too far from where I am standing. It’s just a very small corner on top of the cliff that is a no build area.

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