Always night in the Frost Temple?

Server: Official 1500 PVE
Client: Steam
Device: PC Windows 10

Is it me or does it always appear to be nighttime in the Frost Temple. Is that by design?

This is near the entrance:

This is a short distance in:

Dungeons/caves will be set to whatever time it was when you entered and then stay at that time indefinitely until you leave.

The Temple of Frost is light enough that it isn’t very important, but dark dungeons like Warmaker’s Sanctuary or Wine Cellar should never be entered at night. Wait until day to go inside.

I am not certain, but I suspect the case is that the changing of light is suspended upon entry and until exit because the passage of time should not affect an internal structure, however, the problem is that the lighting is likely being adjusted from its current value by a set amount instead of being set to a specific value.

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Except the time of day you see in the first screenshot is the time of day I entered. I had just entered in bright daylight. But thank you for the information. I did not know that about dungeons.

I disagree. I just went through Warmaker’s and it was pitch black outside of the radius of the wall torches, and it made it very entertaining, not using my own torch. Trying to orchestrate the fights so the skeletons/bosses were lit up, made for fun fights.

I have poor vision so that’s not really fun for me. I struggle to see things clearly anyway. The more light the better for me.

Understood, I’m sure a lot of people don’t share my preference. Just thought I’d mention that it’s something people could try if they wanted a different experience.

I feel like dungeons should have torches scattered around them that you can pick up and take with you. Not just sitting in chests, but take them out of wall sconces. Or extinguished ones next to braziers you can use to light them. Little things to indicate that you’re not the only one who’s been there.

Interactable torches that stay lit for some time are a feature of the Wine Cellar and could be added to other dungeons too.

I think all of the old dungeons need a revamping pass to make them more interesting, and updating the lighting at the same time wouldn’t hurt.

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