Lighting in my building seems really dark

So I have a room in my main craft hall on Siptah. In the day time, it is just fine, but with the new dark nights, I have a light source every 2 tiles and the room is still almost too dark to see in. I feel like when nights were darkened, it was a dimming of all light sources for night hours and not just the outside ambient light? Is this how it is intended? I may have to just eliminate night on my server and have extended dusk/dawn periods.

At the time the new dark nights were patched in, I did not have any completed buildings to notice my own light sources being so dark, until just recently.

Anyone else notice this?

which light sources?

I find all the ‘wall mounted’ torch style lights to be pathetically dim. torch, mounted glow stick, radium, etc)

The Kitian lamps are a bit brighter.

Standing torches (and equivalent) are brighter still.

The various braziers are in general the brightest IMO.

Sad that the mounted torches seem to cast less light than hand held versions.


Yes, but on the other hand, light sources like the torch or the standing torch are way too bright.
I like the lighting from the wall mounted torch, but i would appreciate a bigger radius.

Something seems to have changed. Wall torches seem very dim.

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I love the dark nights, also moody illumination in my base. I avoid for myself some lightsources because they look to bright to me.
Sure, i know this from experience, some players don’t like darkness.

Again, can claim it more, i love the dark nights, and there enough light sources to set-up in a base to see clear.

Then again, check out your gamma-settings and if it’s on default, if realy neaded, rise them !

Ok, it seems my wall mount torches are the problem then. I’ll pop some brasiers in and see how that does. I’ve traditionally used them in the past, but the new Siptah building material just seemed to beg for wall torches. Those seem good for about 1 tile of light.

Thanks all for the input here!

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Turan brazier for the win! I just used 1/4 the number of those in place of all the wall torches and khitan hanging lamps I had before. My brightness is up about 4x what it was at night. I may even cut them back to half of what I have now. Guessing they are good for about 4 tile radius. I should probably make a lighting chart that compares every light source. I make way too many conan spreadsheets.

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