Am I the only one having this issue with private servers

So for the past 27 days since the release of age of sorcery everytime I load in and try to open my inventory I immediately crash back to home screen and I would keep repeating this process multiple times and the same thing happens everytime everyday. I pay for a private server that I havent been able to play on for the past 27 days because of the crashing issue and I would like to know why this is still happening and why havent you guys done anything to fix this yet. You’re just stealing my money at this point. Fix this already.

Welcome to the Forum. If you’re sever is Siptah you may need to reload the Dlc. That’s been happening on ps4 official and private. If you are using a external drive re-download to that. Wish I could be of more help. Do others get on to your server? You can file a Zendesk report or contact Gportal support.


You should be a community manager lol


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