American in Guangzhou, China: Looking for an English Language Community (join/start)


I’m a foreign professor living at the Higher Education Mega Center (HEMC) in Guangzhou, China. I recently purchased CE from Steam and am interested in either joining an established English language community, based in the South China Sea area (mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan) or maybe start one if there is an interest by others in this community.

I’ve been following CE since it was announced and am an original AoC player (until the F2P conversion). I was even a GM for FunCom once upon a time as well as friends and family member back in the day to give an idea of my commitment level.

I’m mainly interested in PvE but not opposed to PvP with the right community. Additionally, I own a TS server (70 slots) but am not locked into any particular tools communication wise. Furthermore, I’m open to the idea of a private server if the community wants to go that route as well.

Essentially I want a solid, serious and stable [English] community to explore the Hyborian Age as an exile.

If anyone knows of a current community please inform me or if people are interested in starting a community lets make that happen.

This is really cool. I can’t help you because I’m in San Diego and also on Xbox, but I wanted to chime in and say that I hope you make this work.

Thanks. I’ve tried several Asian servers but all the players are none English users sadly.

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I live in Jiangsu, been playing SP ever since I brought the game two weeks back. Might as well join you, if you find /create a friendly server please let me know.

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Nice. And so it begins…

Considering the price tag you mentioned, and that you might not be able to always connect to a US West server, here’s a thought. PC launch will be big enough, but the Asian pop from PS4 sales will probably open up a lot of interest for new server providers in Asia. I say this as a PC/PS4 player, eagerly awaiting access to more styles of enemies and teammates.

We’re so close to launch it’s almost inevitable a few more servers will open in your region. For my 20-slot with TS I paid $6.50/slot, and for my 40-slot I pay $2 per slot because it is a converted application server. Are you permitted to host a game server from within your university’s personal network space, or within shared community space?

I really hope you share your experiences here. I think you might even meet people IRL who will play from the university. Cheers!

I don’t imagine I would be allowed to host a server here especially as a foreigner frankly speaking.

I hope if FunCom does not host English language servers in this area to either find a small community or simply build one while looking for a regional hosting service likely in Hong Kong to use for the community.

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I set up a basic Steam community page. The URL is:

Hi Spartan :slight_smile:

I feel you. I was an expat in Hong Kong for 14 years.

You should “recruit” Austrailians, Kiwis, Malays and Fillipinos.
Especially the first two are English speakers who are native to your general timezone.
Malaysians and Fillipinos seem to exhibit a popular proficiency of various levels in English.

Those also happen to be the strictest countries when it comes to game censorships though. Not sure if Conan Exiles is even allowed in those countries.

But yeah… most realistically and the least amount of work is finding an Austrailian community.

I live in Japan and have a similar problem. I tried west coast USA servers, which do okay, but I miss most of the action.

No doubt. Well, you are more than welcome to join us. I lived in Tokyo for nearly 15 years before moving to China. Please feel free to join the Steam group.

Regarding the server, I made a post on the support website for the official server partner asking about an Asia option a couple days ago but they have not responded yet sadly.

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I’ve had good experiences with Nitrado. Do they offer Asian servers?

I don’t know anything about Nitrado. I went to G-Portal the official partner for Exiles.

Update: I just checked and while the price is about the same they also don’t have any servers in the area.

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