Hello, Is there any English speaking Asian server out there?

Hi, I have been playing Conan Exiles since for some patches. All I know is the official Asia servers are mainly for Chinese players, in which they do their own thing. I don’t think it feels fair, since the language barrier means I can’t talk with them, and it is ‘almost impossible’ to have any clan.

I also think that Asian servers never clean, since the map is filled with a bunch of random foundations, and there are little to no land to claim.

I am seeking any global servers with latency that I can handle.

or I would request if it is possible for some Southeast Asian official server? or whatever region category it is, other than just ‘Asia’.

here you go : https://phgamer.enjin.com/servers

you can try to use a VPN to connect to server that are not in your region

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I will try it, but is that ok if I do not speak tagalog, cos im not from ph :smiley:

That is an option I have not tried

Hi kratratai! It’s not much of a solution. You could join my clan and I in server official server 855. Not sure about the ping for u. Right now it’s 3 of us, 2 Thai and myself, living in Japan. We communicate in English. Broken English to be more exact. Server will wipe on may 8 anyway, so if you like perhaps?

I’m tying to set one up in Taiwan because I live in mainland China. I have a thread here:

Have a server hosted in Thailand if you want he info

You can try here :slight_smile: :

Stitches direct connect IP
CPU Clock Speed: 4Ghz+ (Ultra Performance)
CPU Priority: Realtime CPU Priority


If you 3 are still going until the official release, I will surely join (that is if the group is dedicated) I will try to find you in 855. And I have a broken english too, orally.

Sound interesting, I will try and say hi.

Thank you for sharing, I will try every server that is dedicated and decide one upon them.

Hi Kratratai,

Our server is very playable from Asia and exclusively English language, we have a few expats living in Japan, Korea and Hong Kong who are regulars. Ping is decent for them and they’ve had a good experience since last year February when we launched.

Come check us out at Silver Sun Exiles -

I will be playing, not sure about my clan, there mentioned about being tied up with something and will slow down. Happy to have you on board. I may change servers, depending on ping. I usually go in small group, easier to explore and set up outpost. :smile:

Do u use steam?

Oh I am interested. I am living in Japan. Is it a no gods rule?

Yeah, we have gods/avatars disabled.

Yeah i’m on steam but we mostly use discord for communication, the whole community is on there (hundreds of people) If you log on to our game server, you’ll see the message of the day which gives a link for our discord server.

If I might cause problem for your clan, for the sake of stable server I wont interfere, I am from Indonesia

Hey, have you already found a server for yourself or finding one?
Coz i and 2 friends of mine are in a server filled with chinese and are recruiting clanmates
We are an english speaking clan so if you’re willing to join lemme know.
our server name: official #6202