New Server dedicated for friendly People

I just restarted a Server and I’m looking for players to fill it :slight_smile: it is dedicated for a friendly community, preferably for people that speak english, i had to ban a lot of people that kept insulting people in different languages, which i only realized after someone pointed it out to me so new rule: English only in global chat, just for the reason that misbehavior and insults don’t go overlooked and i don’t have to use google translate to detect it.

If you want to report a Player for cheating or misbehaving in chat (that means racism, homophobia and such NOT because someone calls you an ■■■■■■■ after you raided him.)
you can do so by direct messaging me or via this post

Name: Conan Exiles Server En

Hi im looking for a new sewer and clan. Just basicly got the game and need some help on mechanics and such…pve is my thing, not much for pvp.

My console is ps4