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Hello everyone,

We have started our own pvpve server. I have posted the settings that have been changed from the normal settings. Under them you can see the few rules we have.

I hope to see more people on the server, so we can have some fun times together. You can always message me on the discord.

[Weekend Siege and pvp]
Please keep in mind that this is a pvp server and you can get raided in the weekend. If you are not ok with getting raided and that you then have to find a new place to rebuild. Then i suggest that you should find a pure pve server instead.

It is understandable that starting a new server and getting people to join it can be rough, when the community is not that large but i hope i can build something form a reliable and strong server setup :slight_smile:

Server game settings:

Clan Max Size = 10

Player Xp Rate Multiplier = 2.0
Harvest Amount Multiplier = 2.0
Thrall Crafting Time Multiplier = 2.0

Day Time Speed = 0.5 (Longer days)
Dawn/Dusk Time Speed = 0.5 (Slower switch)

Purge Level = 6
Purge Delay = 10 Min
Purge Time Weekdays start 18:00 and End 22:00
Purge Time Weekends start 18:00 and End 22:00

Time-Restrict PvP Building Damage:
Weekdays buildings are safe all day (Monday to Friday).
Weekends Start 16:00 End 22:00 (Saturday and Sunday, +1CET).

Discord & game Rules:

  • Chat is English only.
  • Racism and Sexism will not be tolerated!
  • We do not tolerate cheating, hacking, exploiting in games.
  • Unprovoked rude behavior is not allowed, don’t be a mad kid.

Not respecting the rules can get you a 24h ban.

If you are caught breaking the rules continuously, then you can be banned form the discord and game server.

Join the Discord:

Server advertisement:

Hello guys, tell me if you like the server settings? :slight_smile:

If you guys have any feedback for me please add it here :slight_smile:

We have decided to change the rule a little on the server.

Time-Restrict PvP Building Damage:
Weekdays buildings are safe all day (Monday to Friday).
Weekends Start 15:00 End 23:00 (Saturday and Sunday).

Buildings are now safe all weekdays, this is to give people that have been raided time to build up again and to give working people less stress to be on every day.

You can still do open world pvp all day everyday :slight_smile:

Hello everyone, to help the server get more people please go and vote for it on this link:

We now have 25 characters on the server and 9 clans :smiley: Be part of a great adventure, join now :wink:

We are still rising in people on the server. You can join us now if you like :slight_smile:

We had a really good Sunday where 20 new people joined the server. we had a max of 25 people on at the same time :slight_smile:

you going to add some mods maybe?

I am always looking but for the moment i dont think i want to add mods. I fear that some mods might get bugged and stop working or they change to much away from the main game.

i was thinking about some little mods like fashionist, kerozard paragon leveling (u can balance pve at server settings and this mod allows u to do more char builds) and pickup+ (allows u to pick up thralls and some building pieces)
it’ll be awesome, i’m really looking for server with weekend raids and only little modded like that

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I have created a mod-suggestions part under the servers-and-request group on discord. Please put the links for the mods in there.

Check out our server :slight_smile:

We just had an epic weekend with some nice pvp :slight_smile: If you like that then you should join us now :smiley: