The basic impressions/problems of my second time Part1 35h

Hello everyone,

[About me]
I have started my second play trough of Conan Exiles and i want to share my experience. First i will mention that i am playing on my own server Knights of Fury and that we are using the difficulty setting Decadent [Medium]. We are about 11 people on the server so fare and i hope more are to come :slight_smile:

As of now i have played 35 h, yes when i play a game i play a lot. I just started a few days ago :wink:

[The good stuff]
There are a lot of positive stuff that has been fixed since i last played. That map has been improved greatly and i see that thralls animations have been mostly fixed. Caves are looking really good and has a good feeling to them.

The variety of thralls spawns and animals has also been made better and they drop more exciting loot now. That is some good stuff. The spear combat has also become more realistic and you do small snappy attacks that are really good.

[The bad stuff]
However, there are things that need to be addressed because of it’s immersion breaking effects.

First off weapons and attacks. You guys have to improve the sword and axe attack moves. I cringe every time i do a freaking sword spin. Please look at Shadiversity youtube to understand how sword combat should work!

There is also a problem with creatures movement looking jagged and like it not fluent. There are some creatures that should be able to climb and swim. Creatures and humanoid should also have a fight or flight choice. If you are high lvl they should be able to see this or it could also be you equipment has a fear factor. Pleas look in to this!

[Need in the game!]
Please add a bola, two rocks and a string that root players to the ground! That is so needed in this game, against pesky naked players that troll in pvp and some creatures that are hard to catch. This is something I would add as a top priority for improvements for better mechanics and immersion.

Swimming is actually ok but when you run out of stamina you should start moving slower. The water potion should give you more stamina under water also.

[Bugs and problems!]
I have also found some small bugs in the game. When i load in my base, sometimes it does not detect the stairs and walls. My character becomes floating when on stairs and i can see trough the walls in third person. I can fix it by logging out and in again but this can be abused when raiding!

I am also aware of the problems with cheating and that there are poisonous people out there just trying to destroy the game by clearing out servers. I know you are a small team but i think you might have to address this also.

[Conclusion of the game, so fare!]
Okay, i think that was my impressions so fare. I would just like to add that i am doing this to improve the game. I am enjoying playing it right now and i think this good be good for a lot of hours. I am also hoping that this gives the devs some feetback they can use :slight_smile:

[Questions for you]
What do people think about this post and the content?
Should i continue to do this type of feedback?
I would also like to know if other people have experienced the same things?

Best Regards

The thing is, games cannot simulate realistic combat. There’s an infinite number of ways you can swing a sword.

So instead of going for realism, most games, Conan Exiles included, goes for what looks cool. Realistic swordplay tends to be somewhat minimalistic, which can look boring on the screen, which is why animators tend to favor exaggerated acrobatics and crazy pirouettes. It’s not just attacking, either - roll-dodging, double-jumping, etc. also have little basis in reality.

It’s a compromise of what works in a game and what looks cool.


That actually makes really good sense. I might just be thinking about it in a wrong way then, i just felt like you should be able to do combos that focus on tight moves.

I think you are right tho, it might be to boring if you go for realistic moves. For me it would be awesome tho, especially if i could chose.

[New bug?]
I also ran in to another problem. When you knock down a non player human enemy it can attack you back while it’s still knocked down. This must be a bug right? Like you don’t even see the animation of them getting up and then attacking. They just jump in to a attack animation and hit you! This was not broken in the old days, must be a new bug?

It’s been that way all year (at least for me). They go from laying on the ground to immediately up and attacking, no animation of getting up and entering attack. If I’m unable to kill an enemy before they can get up, I just back up. I felt like it was a way to prevent repeated interruptions of an enemy attack, but I’m not sure.

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The best way to improve the combat is to be able to move while swinging your weapon. The issue is that when you swing you are placed in one position, unable to move. This makes the quicker weapons an ideal choice for most engagements because their animations are faster and they have an forward movement animation i.e Daggers.

Adding sprinting, charging attacks and being able to move while swining will make combat a way more enjoyable and fluid experience. Me and other folks in the past have asked FC to do this, and we have talked alot why combat is clunky and terrible at the moment. Look at some other games you can move forward and backward, left and right while you swing and block, in CE we are placed in one spot, this makes melee users sitting ducks. As i said in a previous topic i was able to kill a 30sh level guy with his Khitan DLC armor and weapons while i was only with my stone daggers. I was able to walk around him and just spam the 1st LA of the daggers. He wasn’t able to do much.

His attacks were slow mine were not. If he was able to move while swinging AND if he had a charge attack then he would have a chance.

Look at Skyrim, Mount and Blade and even Witcher 3, combat is fast and fluid and you can move while swinging and blocking.

I don’t know how many times i have to write this for FC or someone to understand what i am talking about.

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Okay, i hope that is not why but since it been so for a long time. Then it might be true. It is just not a good fix in my opinion.

They should make a different mechanic that just knocks them back or something like that. Maybe make characters have a stability stat then if you get bashed repeatedly you get knocked down.

Yes, that would be really epic if you could move while doing the ctrl attack or the normal left click. You can easily have heavy attacks (Right click) be locked in place and do combo.

Also, add a damn bola to the game!

They totally forgot when they made the new combat system back in EA that you actualy can move while attacking and blocking, i don’t know why they haven’t fixed this for so long. Back in EA before this combat overhaul, when we didn’t have any of those fancy moves we could actually move while swinging and blocking, this was back when we had a functioning 1st person camera. Now we are missing both moving when attacking and a functioning 1st person mode.

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It does look like they don’t want to address this issue, for some reason? It should be really easy to fix. I would really like the devs to look in to this, because it’s a big part of the combat on pvp servers.

That’s two assumptions.

We don’t really know if it’s something they don’t want to address (ie. if they feel like this is how it’s supposed to be), or if it’s something they would like to fix but haven’t figured out how or have figured out but it would be too much work.

And we don’t know how “really easy” it would be to fix. Something that works in another video game, using a different engine, can’t simply be copy-pasted into Conan Exiles.

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Yeah, you are right about that. I did make to assumptions that i really don’t know.

The engine they are using is the same base engine as ark and atlas. It has been heavily modified and they use a database for safe files.

Just a side note, the game can write while you play, so there will never be a save lag or a rollback. This is amazing! Just saying :slight_smile:

However, i still think this might not be as easy to fix as i suggested and it also takes time from a small team :slight_smile: I know and understand. I just felt that it was impotent enough.

Is there a place we can see what the devs are working on atm?

Pst…it’s probably a cosmetic DLC.

Partially. Keep an eye on social media and Trello, where you can also vote:

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