Knights of Fury PvPvE Server#1 - X2H - [05-Dec-2019]


Hi People,

We have started a pvpve server with Siege times. This is a new type of Conan server that is build for people that game but also have a life outside the game.

I hope to see more people on the server, so we can have some fun times together. You can always message the admin Adam on the discord.

[Weekend Siege and pvp]
Please keep in mind that this is also a pvp server and you can get raided in the weekend. If you are not ok with getting raided and having to rebuild then this server is not for you.

It is understandable that starting a new server and getting people to join it can be rough, when the community is not that large but i hope i can build something form a reliable and strong server setup :slight_smile:

Server game settings:

Clan Max Size = 10

Player Xp Rate Multiplier = 1.0
Harvest Amount Multiplier = 2.0
Thrall Crafting Time Multiplier = 1.0

Day Time Speed = 0.5 (Longer days)
Dawn/Dusk Time Speed = 0.5 (Slower switch)

Purge Level = 6
Purge Delay = 10 Min
Purge Time Weekdays start 18:00 and End 22:00
Purge Time Weekends start 18:00 and End 22:00

Time-Restrict PvP Building Damage:
Weekdays buildings are safe all day (Monday to Friday).
Weekends Start 16:00 End 22:00 (Saturday and Sunday, GMT+1).

New Discord & game Rules:

  • Chat is English only.
  • Racism and Sexism will not be tolerated!
  • We do not tolerate cheating, hacking, exploiting in games.
  • Unprovoked rude behavior is not allowed.
  • No building structures on shattered springs! (blocking this part of the map will result in a base wipe!)
  • Attacking new players unprovoked is not allowed.(Player with a 30 lvl difference are considered new players)

Not respecting the rules can get you a 24h ban.

If you are caught breaking the rules continuously, you can get banned form the discord and game server. This will also result in a base wipe, if the offense is bad enough.

We have a discord for the rules and to contact the admin. The discord is also called KnightsOfFury. I am not able to link it directly here :cry:

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This server is awesome :slight_smile:

This wipe is happening in Dec when the new mounts patch hits the Official server network :+1:

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Thanks, we do do our best.

oh, i am a new user on the forum so i can not upload a picture on this forum.

Can i ask you for a favor and upload our banner so people can see it? I will send it to you :slight_smile:

Yep can do, this is the banner enjoy:


I think it looks good :slight_smile: Might be a little dark but i like the logo.

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The server has now been wiped and is ready for players. Good game and good luck to everyone! :slight_smile:

It looks like we have gotten a lot of new people but there is still room for more :wink:

Hello People, we still have a little room on the server :slight_smile:

Just a suggestion. Change the heading to not read “wipe coming soon” as you seem to have wiped the server already. You could add the date instead.

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Thanks for reminding me about that :slight_smile: I totally missed it :stuck_out_tongue: