Conan Ragnarok Casual PvP Server Looking For Players

Greetings Barbarians! Our new Casual PvP server is looking for members.

Discord: V7hXjtT
Server Name: Conan Ragnarok - Game/Life Balance Server
Server Location: US - Chicago, IL
Server IP:

We understand that people have lives and want to chill out on their days off or when they have a little free time. We are offering a full PvP server with weekend raid windows and a generous build limit. Exploiting and abusive players will not be tolerated.

  • New Server as of 12/4/2022
  • Full PvP and Weekend raid windows Saturday/Sunday 4PM to 7PM EST.
  • EVENTS! We plan on hosting events with prizes that can include Conan DLC as well as other great things!
  • 3x rates so people can get established or rebuild easily.
  • 10,000 build limit in a 50x50 area, no foundation walls or claiming areas not used for base with foundations.
  • All Obelisks have a Map Room.
  • New player friendly server, sweats need not apply.
  • During raid times, no foundation wiping a base and no destroying crafting tables. Locked containers are fair game.
  • Cheating, exploiting, or abuse will not be tolerated and can and will result in a permanent ban.

We currently have no mods though we may add some at some point. Mods will only be added by community vote and only if they do not cause lag or any other issues that would impede the smooth performance of our server.

Come join us and have some fun. Message me for further details or just connect to the Discord or the game server directly and start your journey!