Looking for Players! Brandon's Better Conan: A Better Alternative to Official Servers

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Do you love the thrill and excitement of official PvP servers? Enjoy dodging ganks? raiding buildings? owning the Alpha and established clans? Fighting in the open field, preparing for war? Crouching in a hidey-hole? Are the hackers and exploiters getting to you? Do you love Conan Exiles, but hate the fact that meshing and bomb duping is still in the game? Or maybe you like building a fortress worthy of royalty, or RPing in a hostile world worthy of the name Conan Exiles? Do you enjoy having the space to RP, but are tired of the super low-stakes and easy gameplay of most RP servers? Are you looking for new experiences and unexpected encounters? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Brandon’s Better Conan (BBC) is the Server Hub for you.

Come and compete for the title of alpha on the first no-wipe server of the BBC hub, with an active admin and admin tools that monitor for exploits and hacks. If being the alpha isn’t your cup of tea, compete or cooperate with other groups to make it on the Economics or Builder’s scoreboard. Bring your clan and compete in our first season (upcoming in May–scoring changes by season, but the server is not wiped).

Join our discord for more info: Brandon's Better Conan. Mod And Server Community
Server Info:
Official Better Conan #1: (BASED IN TEXAS: For good ping across continental U.S. Can also easily be accessed from the server browser.)

Server Features:
-Daily backups and a promise of no full wipes.
-PvP with 4:30-9:30pm PST/ 7:30-12:30PM EST raid time (subject to tweaks based upon player base–considering using Dynamic Building Damage).
-Actively Administered by a professional Game Engineer (I play on the server as the manager of the first RP hub. So I’m not involved in conflict, but I have a vested interest in securing the database and keeping it clean and functional).
-Transfers from Official Servers are allowed, but only on a manual case-by-case basis (mainly just because the ServerTransferWhitelist feature is non-functional). Hopefully transfers will be allowed freely between BBC servers in the future.
-Live updates to server mods which include bug and exploit fixes to the base game
-Siege damage tweaks to balance raiding slightly in favor of defenders instead of overwhelmingly in favor of raiders. (Meaning that raiders have to actually be good to succeed. Not just offline with a ton of bombs).
-Unique, one of a kind items to secure for your clan with interesting mechanics and scoring potential.
-Live managed economy supplied purely by the actual players on the server. Admin Spawning is only ever used to correct for bugs or troubleshooting issues.
-Avatars Enabled; So keep your bubbles up!
-Lightly modded by the server admin. Other than Pippi, all mods are created and maintained by server admin. (I don’t bloat the game with a ton of extra unnecessary content, though new content will occasionally (and thoughtfully) be added).
-Modestly sized safe zones with RP hubs for RPers and PvEers. (Enforced by actual gameplay mods, not just admin rules). Players with buildings in safe zones are not allowed to raid.
-Earn through gameplay, or server support, your right to an RP safezone with quests and merchants. Again: players with buildings in safe zones are not allowed to raid.
-Noob AND Veteran friendly.

As of yesterday, patch was added to the server to remove the bomb duping glitch introduced in the last patch.

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DC invite is invalid.

@DawnbringerHU Thank you so much for the info. I’ve updated the link. Sorry you weren’t able to get connected right away.

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