New [US] PvP server!

Hello everyone! We are a new gaming community called Twilight Gaming coming into Conan. After reaching a little over 100 hours each, over a couple of different servers, we have decided to look into creating our own. Before doing so we would like to get a possible player count before launching it. If you are interested in a new fresh start, this could be for you. We are wanting to try and stand out and be different from other servers with slight changes from vanilla Conan and a more tight knitted community. We are also very open to suggestions with server settings and want your opinions. Before launching there will be a vote for finalizing any settings. However we are wanting to stay away from modding, extensive gather/xp gains, and it will not be an RP server(of course RP is okay). Also something we’ve noticed is that servers don’t wipe super often. We are looking to have 30-45 day wipes. All that being said, if you like what you see and are interested, please let us know what you think. Also feel free to check out our discord. Where we hope to grow and start doing community give aways. Thank you for your time and hope to see you there!

UPDATE: We are slowly growing our numbers each day and believe the server will go up July 24!

Server Settings :
Harvest Amount : 4x
Resource Respawn : 4x
XP Multiplier : 5x
ALL Survival - Stam, thirst, hunger, ect. : 0.3
ALL Combat : 1.0 (FF (Friendly Fire) : 0.1
Crafting Speed : 5x
Thralls : 5x
Purge : ENABLED 15 minute warning / Last 30 minutes / Weekends 7pm-11pm(CST)
RAID Times : Weekdays - 7pm-10pm(CST) Weekends 8pm-12am(CST)
Location : Chicago,IL USA
Slots : 50 (will be upgraded as needed)

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