English speakers in Asia looking for a server to play one

Myself and several friends are based in the beautiful country of Taiwan and looking for a server in Asia to play Conan on again. Preferably The Isle of Siptah but we would be interested in The Exiled Lands as long as it has Age of Calamitous on it. We have played since Beta off and on and just wanting to check out the new game changes for a couple months. I’ve been looking for servers but seems the game has mostly died. PC

bumping still looking for a server

Have you guys found a server yet?

I am based in Thailand, and I gave up hosting a server because these two factors:

  • Most people english speaking people play in a server in a location with low latency for this region
  • The few who does want PvP which I dont really like but I could live with it

If people want to do it, I would help host a server in GPortal closer to Asia and Oceania, provided that it can run with no AoC mod, or mods that require Pippi. AoC I dislike and see reason for, and mods requiring Pippi usually adds latency, which is not a problem if you are in the west and host in Gportal, but here it really sucks up BW, because the latencies are already high as it is.

Dude, if u do, I’ll join in pronto. All i use for mods in our private server are fashionist, better thralls, thrall sidekick and hosavs ui