Animal heads for dress system

Hello new day, new idea… Today about animal heads and armors…

Soo i figured this out while making armors, i have full chest with animal heads whos only use is in pressure machine to get out blood and bones… But there is armors like Bear shaman, Kambujan shaman, Hyena fur, Pictish brave, Pictish warchief… Maybe more, but i dont remember them all

So for example
Bear shaman Headpiece - Bear head as ingredient
Kambujan shaman headpiece - Ram/goat head
Hyena - Hyena head
Pictish brave - Wolf head
Pictish warchief -White demon wolf head

soo next like

King elk head - New helmet ( Elk skull with big horns + 1/2 cold res )
Crocodile head - Helmet with heat res 1/2 like animal head

ihope u get the idea :smiley:


This headpiece from skyrim comes to mind, i really like the Forsworn headress

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I made this suggestion also… That the fabric of animals can be used in the clothes you make.
Tiger stripes, panther, wolf skins etc match the armour if you use that kind of skin.

I also wanted to see a snake skin bikini!

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