Animal Pens are too big!


animal pens are way too big: Placing them can be a real pain in the butt. I tried to place one upon 10 x 8 foundations but it didn‘t work.
Please reduce them in size (and cost) and allow us to place them on a much smaller place (~3x3).
Of course their slots also need to be reduced then, but that‘s definitely worth it!


Perhaps something like the stable? Much smaller in size, but only has one slot for a pet.


There are some dead threads here that help a lot with placing pens.

Here is one: Roof support and stability again about those animal pens

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They mention in stream back in Nov or Oct? I forget… they know we want one…was sorta mention we would get a small one.

I didnt happen with horse update like we hoped. Hopfully no forgotten.

I’d be happy with single pens, This way I can easily place and point them…


Something that coexists with what we have now. Only for taming pets not really for farming materials.

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Dyslexia made the header… more interesting. :wink:

But I agree I would also like smaller animal training pens.

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