Animals and thralls won’t attack

Was there a patch that stopped thralls and animals from attacking? I may get one or 2 animals to attack things attacking my base, but then they randomly stop and just let enemies kill them

Hello @Rlesley74, thank you for getting in touch!

Our team is aware of the issue with thralls and pets being too passive at times and it’s being looked into.

It would really help if you could provide further information, such as whether you’re playing in Single Player or Online, which specific pets are behaving as such and how often it occurs.

i have the same issue on xbox. it always happens when my thrall is wearing his head gearpiece. when i remove his head he works just fine. its spinas the marauder, he is wearing the godbreaker armor (maybe the sandstorm effect on the mask is affecting something). he is going backwards one step after another away from the enemy, not attacking or just standing there in fighting pose but not attacking… never tried with pets

Playing online official server and it’s happening with greater leopards, grater lions, greater tigers, greater panther, elephants, gorillas, bears, relic hunter thralls, and t4 archer from seru meru (or however it’s spelled). So pretty much any animals/thralls I place outside my base as guards. And it happens every time an enemy nox or animal come close enough to my base to aggro onto me or my archers engage

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Hell my t4 dancer begins to attack and then just stops and waits around while enemies beat her down. Tried with armor, without, with default weapons, with different weapons, even no weapons. Nothing works. Even the thralls around base will just stop attacking and stand there and get killed without attacking back

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