Anthro Legacies Rp/Erp/PvE/18+

:feet: Anthro Legacies Rp/Erp/PvE/18+ :feet:

Hello everyone!
I have been working to build up an 18+ LGBTQIA+ Furry, and Furry Friendly, Conan Exiles Server!

This server is based on the Exiled lands with Age of Calamitous mod. All our information can be found withing our discord once you place in your consent sheet!

We’d love to have you, your friends, and anyone else who wish to join, come have fun with us and carve out your own journey! RP to your hearts content!

Transmog system including furry parts,
Full Adult Animation mod,
RP Flagging system and customizable floating character description

This server is brand new, as of this post, and under experienced ownership. You will be able to find the server details, mod list, and mod order after filling out the consent sheet in the discord upon arrival! With both the need for a server to enjoy, and the desire to have a enjoyable home for all of us, I have taken the opportunity to establish this server in Conan Exiles on the Exiled lands, so others have a place to hang out as well as have more time to handle IRL obligations together more fluidly. I have way too much time to spare lately so I figured I’d put it to constructive use! Also if anyone here has reliable administration experience, I am taking application for server staff!

Map: Exiled Lands
Primary language: English
Roleplay Method: Text Based

Features at a Glance

  • Discord required for server play
  • Daily Rewards
  • ERP friendly, but NOT centric
  • Player Markets
  • Transmog system including furry parts,
  • RP Flagging system and customizable floating character description
  • And more coming!

Some of our main mods are:
Age of Calamitous
Shani’s Stuss
Exiles Extreme (for rewards)
and much much more!


Mod List






Hi! Wanted to join to the Discord Server, but the link is broken. Hope you can fix that soon!

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hey is there a possibility to get a new link to the discord?

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