Anti-Virus blocking outbound connection from Conan Exiles as a "Trojan"

Hi Everyone,

I play on Official PvE Server 1017 in EU. Which I believe the IP address for that server is
I am able to connect and play on that server OK.
My anti virus says it has been blocking the following outbound connection. The date time below is around the time I started the Conan Exiles game and maybe the time I connected to the PvE server.

Date: 14/07/2020 16:00
Type: Outbound Connection
Category: Trojan
Domain: N/A
IP Address:
Port: 8889
Type: Outbound
File: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Binaries\Win64\ConanSandbox.exe

I performed a full scan just yesterday and there were no detections. I just ran a scan on just the Conan Exiles folder and it didn’t detect anything.

Does anyone know;

  1. should I be worried about this?
  2. Is this a funcom “thing” it’s trying to connect to?


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I get the same thing, occasionally. It’s a false positive in my view. I always let the AV/AM software do it’s thing and have not had an issue with the game as of yet.


Same as @Pugilist here, Malwarebytes online security reports a Trojan in the Conan-EXE file and blocks an outbound connection, but scans don’t show any threats.
The game itself seems to work without major problems.


Its the ip address for this server.

Thanks for the responses.

Please can someone from Funcom advise if IP Address is officially associated with Funcom or Conan Exiles and is it safe for us to permit ConanSandbox.exe to connect to that IP address?

I have no idea what IP Address is, I just know it is not the IP address of the official PvE server I connect to.

Answering the above will let us know if I need to take any further action to clean my potentially infected PC.

Thank you.

Thanks HonkyLips,

Seems a bit worrying that the game is trying to connect that server when I have never been on that server. Does the game try to connect to all servers official and otherwise to show the choose server screen?
Could it be that the non official server has some kind of malware and our antivirus is therefore correctly blocking the connection to


A little Google-search turned this up to be belonging to a private Russian Conan Exiles server that was reported dead and seemed to be running mods.
The IP can also be found with some mod (Spooky_Server_LivoniaMOD) in the Steam-Workshop…

EDIT: I see @HonkyLips found the same server already…

Thanks Starwalker,

When I put the ip address in my internet bar at the top it didnt bring up a google search like it does with other stuff I search for and I eventually got page cant be shown :frowning:

I guess we just let the anti virus keep doing it’s thing and don’t need to worry about this?

When you go to the server screen it searches for all registered servers.
Your av is probably picking up on the fact that your pc is trying to connect to another pc through a different port than the one specified for connecting to the server.
This in itself is worrying because that other pc is trying to connect you to something outside of the server it is hosting. What that is? Who knows.

As long as your av is blocking it and you choose not to play on it you should be fine.

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