Any help, As to why it's doing this

Even after a small bug fix the spawn command in admin panel isn’t showing anyone it’s just blank and why is that will it ever get fixed?

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I’m pretty sure that it’s just because the bugs that were fixed in the latest hotfix had already been discovered on PC, so had started work earlier (and it was just a matter of converting the hotfix over to consoles). But the admin panel no spawn problem on PS hadn’t yet been discovered, so work couldn’t start on it in time for that hotfix. I’m pretty sure that it’s already been said they’re working on it (I’m sorry, I’m not sure which thread that would be in, but it should be in the Playstation section somewhere fairly recent), so hopefully the fix will be along soon.


Try to find similar reports and post in there. There are about 20 threads with the same issue. You do not help the community this way. This way they will have to search for hours and finally maybe loose other important reports too.


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