Admin panel thrall spawn broken

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I am having the same issue. After the patch, the field that usually shows the NPC names stays blank no matter what I do.

I’ve attempted to search by exact names and partial and nothing shows up to spawn in NPCs. Please advise!!!


The same for me.

I’ve tried several letters, familiar names, and phrases like Taskmaster_4. Nothing.

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Also have the admin panel issue with not being able to see let alone spawn anything. Also the orb of neural shuts the game down locks it up.

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Hey there,

We’re aware of the admin NPC spawn issue and our team is looking into it.

Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the frustration.


For the admin spawn and orb of Nergal problems can we already count on solving them with 2.5.2 already released on PC or do we have to wait longer with a 2.6 future?

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These two issues are not solved in 2.5.2.
You can see the list of changes coming in 2.5.2 on the PC patchnotes. They are virtually identical for consoles, other than an additional crash fix addressed for the PS4 Japanese version of the game (Conan Outcasts).
We don’t have information we can share yet on when these fixes are to be released.


Oh I understand, I thought that since these are graphic bugs they would be solved very quickly. You still haven’t solved them internally, have you?

Glad I found this thread! I thought we were being ignored! Lol

Both of those issues sound pretty big and you should actively try to fix it immediately. Your taking away portions of the game. You need to let people know when you’ll address problems. Your game is missing parts that you sold it as having. It’s not a okay we will fix it in a week, you’ve taken the money. Fix it immediately. I’m a returning player and looking at the past 2 updates is ridiculous, you guys are patting yourselfs on your backs for fixing problems you’ve caused… Absolutely crazy man lol.


Have to say it’s rather frustrating how long this bug has been around. As said before it’s taking large chunks out of the game and in some areas making it unplayable. For example when playing on PS4 single player offline, I made my way to the volcano boss and for the second time, in a new playthrough, after beating the ghosts, the serpent boss didn’t spawn in. Literally wasted over half an hour standing around waiting. So I’m standing there, holding my sword, looking around like an idiot… Frustrating… Previously I was able to counteract this by using the admin panel to spawn in the boss and have a little scrap. But now, and for at least the last two weeks, I haven’t been able to progress in the story and beat the damn lizard. Can still spawn in the trapezohedron, but without fighting the boss there goes the enjoyment and achievement. Please fix your game. Lot of good areas, it’s an amazing game, but please, fix this sh#t.


Yeah we have had enough. We closed our server after 2 years with a 250person strong community. Can’t spawn in thralls for events. Thralls glitch through walls and doors. Invisible thralls and the list goes on and on. We had issues with server crashes and gportal would say its a funcom thing, funcom will say its a gportal thing. We love the game but I mean… there is only so much you can take before you fed up.

Funcom: fix the issues (lag, admin panel, broken thralls) and keep the dlc’s coming. Remember 2019, dlc after dlc. It was awesome. This is how you keep a player base. If you guys haven’t noticed, the game is very quiet right now. We have seen servers 700 to 900 community members close with the same issues.


Well golly gee, imagine my surprise.

Just…give me some time to attempt to cultivate it.

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I am also not able to spawn thralls from the admin panel, using PS4 in offline mode. Also my characters progress has stalled. No progress for actions. Very sad…

List of reductions from latest update on PS4, playing offline:

  1. No admin thrall spawning
  2. No player progress from completing tasks / fighting
  3. No progress on thrall conversion in activated wheel of pain.
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Yup, same issue here: cannot spawn in any NPC via admin panel. I just returned to CE after an Assassin’s Creed hiatus to find more issues.
Rather disappointing to discover this admin issue has been around for almost a month with no fix.

Any update since the last update 13 days ago saying there was no update?


Both of these work for me in SP. (heck I have kill xp down to 0.5 and still get way to much.>_>
#3. I think only issue is, slider drops from 0.5 to 0.0, which kinda sucks if you wanna speed it up, but not have it be cheating.

So you rush to repair the bug for chest keys. But leave us server owners hanging without a working admin panel! We’re losing a lot of our players because we can’t have events for them. Thanks funcom for helping us waste our money. Ark may be the better option atm at least their commands work


update today 09/28/2021, and still impossible to create NPC, in the ADM panel on PS4, so that it creates content, it becomes frustrating, because there is no way to tell if this or that NPC, or worker is better than the other, what to do.???