Admin Panel on PS4 incomplete?

Been working and tinkering with the admin panel the last few days to make sure I understand how everything works, and while I have a good hand on most aspects there are a few things I have not been able to get working.

First big problem is I have been unable to figure out how to change/alter thrall stats. I know how to do this on PC, the issue is on console I can’t get the line at the bottom to come up to manually enter those commands. I’ve tried connecting a keyboard to my PS4 and it works for typing stuff into the search bar, but tapping the ` key doesn’t bring up the black line at the bottom.

Is there something else you are supposed to do, or does console only have access to part of the admin console commands?

Second issue, the bug report, for some reason Ladagara won’t spawn as a thrall using the admin command. I have been able to make other boss enemies spawn as thralls, like the Witch Queen, it’s just Ladagara that wont, she just doesn’t appear in inventory at all. Was there a change with her? I have seen plenty of people mention being able to spawn her in the past.

On the first point, consoles don’t have command line access (used to be a ps4 player myself). That’s a PC only feature (~ is the UE command line prompt, so it probably gets broken on port to console as the ps4 and xbone don’t run on windows). As to Ladagara spawning, I know she used to spawn for me back in my ps4 days, but that wouldn’t be a bug per se because she isn’t intended to be had as a thrall, so there isn’t anything to “fix”. If she no longer spawns that way as a converted thrall, the era must just be at an end.

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The thing about Ladagara though is, as I said, plenty of other ‘bosses’ still spawn as thralls just fine. A bunch can be spawned as thralls in your inventory but not placed. She is literally the only one who doesn’t even appear in your inventory.

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