Any idea what this means..?

Any idea what this means and what caused it? It’s the first time it’s ever happened. I was trying to get into the game and it crashed…

Greetings Harperson!
Thank you for your report.

Situations like yours may require you to verify the files of the game, then log out from your account, restart your computer, log back in and attempt to start the game.

If this doesn’t work, we encourage you to uninstall the game, by making sure to delete all its folders manually and reinstall it.

If you ever used mods or you have them in your folders make sure to delete them as well, as they may be the cause of the error that you’re experiencing.

Please let us know if the issue persists after performing the suggested steps Harperson!

Oh wow. Thank you for the advice. I wasn’t expecting to hear from Customer Support. I was expecting to hear from one of the many other players, but I will certainly do as advised as I certainly don’t want to experience this crash again, especially with all of the Lost Connections that are happening.

Thanks again.

Another culprit if it continues to happen can be from your video card drivers. Usually thats “renderthread” which this sounds eerily close to the same thing… there is also an issue from amd processors where there is a bios setting (I could dig it up if it becomes necessary) that may or may not help. If validating doesnt do it, and driver updates dont do it, there is also a whole list of bizarre tests to do which I will find and link.

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