Any interest in story/event driven servers?

Was thinking of doing another story and event driven server, based around tribal war between Picts and Dafari factions within the Exiled Lands. Would mostly look to help facilitate light RP, community base building, and skirmish PvP. But is there much interest for such?


You are on pc?

Yes, on PC, PST time.

I’ve been itching to try my hand on a roleplay server for a while now so I would be interested…if my work schedule at all allowed me to get on at a time when anyone else is likely to be online most days.

…Though on the other hand playing a character who barely interacts with anyone would suit my IRL social anxiety…

Honestly, that is a vital part of RP for some like myself, at least in this medium. Playing solo a good bit, and getting immersed, does a lot to put you in a character’s head. So it is not an either or, they are very synergetic in the end.

But I am willing to give it a go. Will look over latest G-Portal packages.

That said, will likely do server config to best facilitate role play, over roll play, i.e., fairly forgiving PvE progress and survivability, while making PvP a consentual rather than competitive affair. And from there, gradually becoming hands off to let server pop, and in game events dictate things. Most I’ll likely do in game is just RP a hermit off somewhere on the map that likes to chat, and trade for human flesh to eat.


Not and advertisement at all but I am already doing this sort of thing in Lament & Desire. If you want to participate you are more than welcome. Play is defined as 100% RP, Long-Term and Enhanced Survival, with adult tools.

It is likely harsher than what you described but is designed to be more like a NWN1 RP PvE/PvP type server. Meaning more realistic but fully Immersive.


  • Server is freshly new PingPerfect hosted (was self hosted private invite only).
  • Full In Game Economy. Events define how the lands adapt.
  • 6 RP Hubs (Towns).
  • Enhanced Difficulty across entire Exile Lands. Especially in Caves and Dungeons.
  • Vanir are trying to take over the entire highlands. Asgardians and a few Vanir set up Fort Ravik for trade and defend against New Asagarth.
  • Some Cimmerians with Bragga’s help broke free of the mysterious hold in the Mounds. MacFinley was formed and built for trade and safety.
  • 6 NPC Warlords have made their claims on land and viciously carving up any standing in their way. These are like NPC dungeons that players can challenge and eventually siege to destroy. NPCs are DM/GM (Admin Rohi) defended and moderated while the players try to destroy.
  • Undead are coming out of the Black Keep in great numbers but are keeping to the frozen lake. Increased Spawns and Enhanced Difficulty.
  • And many more stories.
  • Player can also invent their own stories and work them into the land with coordination with Admin Rohi (me).

As always 100% up to you the player.

No points for guessing what sort of character I’d play.

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