Any way to disable friendly fire with thralls?

Is there any way to disable friendly hits on thralls or by thralls? I lured a boss to my fort and with my army, we took it down. However many thralls were lost… by my own hands. And I was hit several times by them as well. It’s a little frustrating with the combat as it is. Quite hard to avoid friendly damage.

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I haven’t noticed that my strokes injured the Thrall that follows me around collecting stuff.
She alway seems to be in the way but she doesn’t die when I swing my axe.

If she is attacked by my buddy thought she takes damage, I thought it wasn’t supposed to work either way.

She doesn’t attack other players.

It may be different on PvP servers, I’m on PvE.

The thralls weren’t “following” me as I never gave them the order to. I just lured a hostile near them so they would engage. I would think that if you have one thrall follow you, maybe that thrall doesn’t get damaged by you? Who knows.

If the AI weren’t absolutely terrible, I’d be fine with friendly fire.

But as it is, I have to give my follower a bow and ‘hope’ she doesn’t run into my melee attacks and get herself killed. I use an axe and she still frequently gets in the way as if she’s trying to commit suicide. I hit her, she gets knocked away a bit and walks right into my next attack. Repeatedly.

So I either want better AI or friendly fire to be disabled; preferably the former, but that’s not going to happen.

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