Anybody planning to jump to console on launch

My rig isn’t dependable for gaming anymore and I don’t have the funds to upgrade at this time. So I was wondering how many people are waiting on the console release and how they think that’ll go.

I currently play on the Xbox and I gotta say it’s pretty good. Some issues but overall it’s a good platform.

Planning on getting the PS4 for single player, and use the PC version for multiplayer with my friends.

How is it on a controller only platform? on pc i use controller keyboard and mouse.

The controller is pretty good, will take some getting used to but it’s ok.

You can do both on the PC unless you plan on doing the two at the same time.

I know I can, but I’m on a low end laptop for PC so I’d rather use PS4. At the same time, all my friends are on PC, so that’s why that’s multiplayer.

Im just waiting for my friend to get his pc upgrade then we are going to steam. the xbox version is a hot mess

I’ve been playing on Xbox since January. I like it.

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