So ps4 now will support xplay

So ive been seeing all week that ps4 will now support crossplay on platforms. Curious to know if the devs are gonna be able to do anything with this.

Little reason to outside ps4-xbox.

PC would have clear advantage on just running the game better. The current system doesnt seem like it would work, inless they have some form of back up for this.

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Can you heal, attack and apply poison to your weapon at the same time on consoles?

PC users always have advantages. Hence I play on PC.

The amount of time it takes me to open the wheel seconds difference not much since I can roll until all is applied

Cool. I just need to press 1 button thanks to macros.

Alone that I have to scroll >30 seconds in my crafting menu to craft a damn chest, is my main reason NOT to buy the season 2 pass.

And no one knows, why you cannot search/filter them at consoles… But you can search/filter your attribute feats!!!

Also PC has mods…

Maybe Xbox and PS4 can xplay or PvE with PC… But I would never do PvE-C or PvP with PC players…

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Crossplay between PS4 and PC works very well for FF14. But the PS4 game accepts the use of mouse and keyboard and the PC game accept the use of a gamepad controler. If such feature is enabled for CE on consoles, there is no reasons for crossplay to not work well.

im not a developer but wouldnt cross play need to be coded in the very beginning. Its not a switch you just flip on. I dont think cross play is coming to any games past or present.

its like saying i want my iphone theme to look like a samsung.

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Agree with you, probably new games could be made with crossplay in mind or entire overhauls like new destiny 2.
Sony accepting crossplay now is just fear of google stadia, but is too little too late in my opinion.

Controllers work really well on PC for getting your character around and fighting, tbh.

Tho yeah… I would NOT want to surf the rest of the interface without a mouse!

Don’t newer generation consoles like ps4 support bluetooth mice and what not though?

Personally I loathe “lock-on” though. Every time I accidentally hit Q it got me killed. I can’t think of why anyone would want that on.

Do consoles get larger hitboxes for ranged attacks? If so that should narrow that gap pretty easily.

A little input on my end for the ‘wants’ is that for this to become a thing for the sake of servers. I have a perfectly decent server hosting computer that I can’t use for my ps4 copy. I would love to host a server for the community that does not cost me a hundred and sum bucks a year to fill gportal pockets.

I would assume I could host a pc server and have my ps4 character join it. It would bring me back to the game for sure.

I don’t mind that pc players have an advantage, maybe just keep it in PVE and keep those pvp problem aside?

You can push 1 button for a whole 5 minute fight depending on software and mechanical keyboard. I know mine can save a sequence of keys and it timestamps them all. Just a matter of fine-tuning the time intervals to coincide with animation cancelling.

I’m just way too lazy.

I thought VAT or Battleye checked for those?

I think it would be good for the game to enable crossplay so all playforms can join popular servers, but how would it work with modded private servers? Im assuming it would be officials only.

I have a tournament-won custom Hori pad with macros that can do the same thing on the PS4. The console was meant to be played with a batwing; anything else is perceived as cheesy. The Hori is still in the box. :stuck_out_tongue:

For anyone wanting to read more on XPlay, here’s a good article:

Valve Anti Cheat is Steam’s software toolkit, system of governance, rules and penalties in place for cheaters or suspected cheaters. It uses a third-party app called BattlEye to prevent software from running that could compromise, inject code into or alter the game in any way. Inputs, such as key presses, are regulated outside of this bubble. With software that came with my mouse and keyboard, Razer grants me the ability to enter laborious key combos or repetitive strokes. This is great for disabled or one-handed players, but if an able-bodied player takes it too far, one can very easily diminish the fun in any game.

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Great link. I’d love to see the new Ghost Recon to be able to crossplay. It was frustrating to not be able to play GR Wildlands with my friends who play it on a PC while I played it on a PS4.
And since PS4 fully support mouse + keyboard since its beginning, why there’s so few game that use it ?

The main reason bought by Sony was server security, but nobody was convinced since every big publisher now has its own servers and insure security no matter the client plateform.

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