Cross play between consoles?

I feel like they should just reset all servers , fix up some optimizations and bugs then find away to make consoles cross play . That will make the game a little more populated for console players fr. Imagine Xbox clans against ps players . It would probably be fun

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Bad part about Microsoft and Sony crossplay is Sony constantly makes it take longer for updates with their system, so either PS players just accept that and be at a disadvantage some updates for a week or two or they force Xbox’s to wait when sony makes updates take another week or two. (Sonys way of doing this has always been a headache)

So both are not decent situations in my eyes, as much as I’d love console cross play (just consoles) they gotta kick sony in the head a bit to stop making everything a headache like small updates


Sony is a bit behind the times I think that they are out to protect themselves from litigation. If I was not technically challenged would consider PC. Still trying to figure out how to keep my keyboard on English USA instead of swapping to UK every time I login since having to upgrade to windows 10 and now looks like windows 11 soon console vs pc controls would be a disadvantage for consoles most likely. :thinking:


I know that feeling, lol. For what it’s worth, it does get easier (and if you ever have questions, I’m sure there’s plenty of folks here who would be glad to advise) :slight_smile:

That’s what I would have thought - I don’t think I could cope with the hotwheel system - but then there’s folks like Wak who apparently prefer a controller even on PC, so maybe the disadvantage wouldn’t be as bad as we think?

Whatever the case, I just hope they are able to figure it out somehow so that it’s good - it’d be great if the whole player base could have the opportunity to play together :slight_smile:


Sony is not a fan or cross play. They want that you have only friends on PlayStation and no other Plattform.

But there are games that works with cross play on all platforms.

And also there must be a solution for the synchronized update. Look at no mens sky. It works they have cross play and updates for all platforms in the same time

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Thanks :blush: I have to move it to a different room this weekend good time to do it.

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